Monday, April 9, 2018


In the first installment we talked briefly about Jennifer Rose, AKA Jennifer Snolis, Jennifer Prisco, Byanca Blaze, Brooklynz FinestSweetie, and hundreds of other aliases. You might be asking why does someone need aliases?

Well, she is one of the most loathed people on social media. Not just a scammer, but a complete liar in every sense of the word. I have come across hundreds of complaints, and scams run by Jennifer Snolis. She had claimed since at least 2011 that she was “dying, had cancer, has a blood clot disease,”, and hundreds of other fake medical issues in order to scam people out of their hard earned money. She even went as far as to fake her own death, telling people in a fake account that she had passed away to elicit attention and money.

Some background. I met Jennifer Rose through Amanda Devine. Amanda had met her through the various MOB WIVES Facebook pages she ran. Amanda was a MOB WIVES fan and found a common friendship in Jennifer. Amanda didn’t exactly have a fantastic home life, which is debatable at best, but pushing that aside, she was essentially promising to move Amanda to her home in Florida. She also claimed to own property on Long Island, New York, as was the niece of a famous mobster, who I will not name here. She would tote her mob ties but using those lies to put fear in other people.

I came into contact with her through Amanda, and John Alite. Where the story gets a tad strange is that John Alite had sent me to stay with Amanda to protect her from her father whom he said was a “drunk and abusive guy.” John was good friends with Jennifer Snolis. That’s a relationship we will explore further here in a bit. Amanda’s would talk to Jennifer for hours and hours everyday, but Jennifer would constantly fall asleep on the phone due to her drug use.

I eventually began to talk to her on the phone as well. I didn’t believe any of the stories I was hearing, especially when she would tell Amanda she was flying in, but would never show up for various reasons because either 1) She would lose her credit card 2) Her rare blood condition cause her not to be able to fly, 3) She fell and broke her leg. Her excuses for not coming back to New York to help Amanda were totally laughable, and I began to suspect she was not only a drug addict, but a scammer.

On several occasions she would be talking to me about some mafia stuff, which was all laughable, and she would begin to start snoring on the phone. She would fall asleep dozens of times, with slurred speech. She would ask some child in the background named “Gigi,” to get her, her pills. If she wants to debate that, I can easily put those recorded calls out. The one thing that truly bothered me, was that Amanda sent her money. Jennifer pretended to be some mob princess and used some excuse that she lost
her credit card. I explained to Amanda that she could go to the bank and easily withdraw money. Jennifer then told Amanda that she lost her ID too. This was almost believable because of her habit of slurring her words and more while on the phone, but I knew it was a scam.
Jennifer claimed that she owned a huge waterfront property. She was going to send Amanda photos. The funny thing is, she used stock photos directly from google. Another sign she was full of shit. To make this even more disgusting, I approached John Alite about this scam business, and he smirked and laughed. I then mentioned this mobsters name, and he turned white as a ghost. That told me he was in on whatever she was doing. Why would the daughter or niece of a huge mobster condone her hanging out with John Alite? He wouldn’t. The jig was up as far as I was concerned.

Jennifer would continue to lie to Amanda. I pleaded with her not to send her money. I even went so far to flat out tell her that Jennifer was a scammer and fake. Perhaps out of embarrassment or hurt feelings Amanda told me “I was just a mob fan boy, I didn’t know her.” Turns out I was exactly right. Not two months after I left Amanda’s she posted on Facebook telling the world that Jennifer Rose AKA Jennifer Snolis had robbed her of her money, and refused to give it back.

What makes this sort of thing even more disgusting is that John Alite, who portrays himself as a stand up guy and a person who cared about Amanda continues to be friends with her after she took advantage of Amanda. It’s wrong. But Amanda hasn’t been the only one taken advantage of by Jennifer Snolis.

It’s also worth mentioning that Jennifer Rose has repeatedly threatened as has John Alite, about Jennifer playing tapes of me talking. I guess they feel that’s some sort of threat. It’s not. I may have tapes of every conversation, and I’m sure she’d love the world to hear how she repeatedly threatened to “beat the shit out of Angel Gotti.” How she would “Slap that ***t.” How she would “Grab Victoria by her hair and slam her through a window.” How she was related to so in so. I’m sure that guy would be a little less than happy if that came out.

Tubby Hamm
Jennifer Snolis, with the help of Jarrett Hamm, broke federal laws, but posting my personal identification documents, which is 100% a federal crime. They have done this in an effort on behalf
of John Alite to appease his anger because he apparently has the inability to defend himself on any level. That’s what makes this sickening. It would be one thing if Jennifer Rose was on her own and just a pile of garbage on her own, but she is doing much of what she’s doing at the behest of John Alite and screenshots show that to be the case calling themselves “BONNIE AND CLYDE.” It’s long been my belief that John Alite was completely in line with Rose on everything. From the lies she told Amanda, and the lies she told me in an effort to control the situation.

She claims repeatedly that people “stalk her,” “make fake profiles,” and more. From this side of the fence she is the only one who has a history of that sort of action. I have complaints a mile long regarding her. She also employs fake photos of herself. One of her biggest alleged scams was that she was model and actress. At one point she allegedly scammed people saying she was a model scout and would take their money and run off with it. The photos she uses are google photos. In reality she is a frumpy 41 year old. Definitely NOT A MODEL. She stole other people’s photos, and they have been notified that she has done that. When she was called out about this, going back to 2011, she has reacted the same way. She would threaten to sue, or use the mafia threat. She used that against me. It’s hysterical.

Fake Photo She Uses
Below are a ton of screenshots, with a lot of different people talking about her. Now, to play devils advocate for one minute, because she will say I’m making it up. Most of these posts came from a time before I knew her and they are dated. So the idea that I
have a fake account and did this is laughable. She was well known for her scams way before I came along. What needs to happen is for her to be held accountable for everyone she has ripped off, and threatened. It’s a glaring picture of the types John Alite hangs out with. I could also talk about some really personal stuff, but I’m not going to. Let’s just say CPS knows her very very well. She can deny that as well, but those files are easy to get, and I’m sure her ex husband will be more than willing to set that record straight. She lives in Coral Springs, Florida. So Floridians look out.
Bonnie and Clyde

Recently on Facebook, someone she used to call a friend found out that she was a scammer, and has been posting relentlessly on his own page about her. She got caught in a lie, and blocked him immediately.

More Fake Photos

This is an Alite supporter to. At the end of the day, she’s a vile, repugnant human being, and these screenshots taken from all over the internet speak volumes about her. You don’t have to believe me, the photos speak for themselves. As well, consider that her and Alite call themselves “BONNIE AND CLYDE,” but she doesn’t even use her real photo. It’s sad. Truly sad. One person makes a claim, okay that’s one person. This is hundreds. To my knowledge the police will be notified about her scams. Seems like a lot of people have had it with her and want their money back. I wish them luck in that, and it’s my hope they get everything back and Jennifer goes to jail for what she’s done to so many people.

In final, no person shall be judged solely on merit. They shall be judged on those they surround themselves with. Once you understand that, and you see this group for whom they all are, the clearer it becomes.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Everyone knows there is a pending lawsuit against John Alite.  As much as I loathe regurgitating how despicable he is, I thought today I would glad put something out to show all of you how incredulous this has become.

For starters, here is some background.  The lawsuit was filed way over a year ago, and Alite made several attempts to lie and make up stories that didn't correlate to the actual validity of the case.  This is sort of a huge story, so let me see if I can easily organize it for you. I'm not going to go into how this all happened.  I have been over this a million times.  What is important is a few facts.

1.  The lawsuit paperwork was filed accurately, correctly and without incident,   However ALITE claims that "thugs showed up, destroyed his property and made a scene therefore the police were called."   Which is why he delayed going to court or responding for months.

That's not even close to reality.  The fact is the paperwork was delivered calmly, quietly and placed where it needed to be placed.  At no time did thugs show up, and at no time did the police show up while the team serving the papers were there.  ALITE made the story up to to avoid answering the claim.  The entire episode was video taped, and an off duty NYPD officer was present when the paperwork was served.

  Additionally, the only incident was with "Jimmy Cap," aka Sean Richard who is also a rat, (testified against his father in law John Riggi).  Sean didn't like people being at John's house and tore the paperwork off the door.  Rats living next door to each other and working together.  Additionally it is protocol when serving papers that the local police are notified.  They were.  A photo was taken and sent into the court proving the right address and paperwork were filed properly.

Also, his claims of that's "not my house" were lies.  In fact, a video was taken from his documentry where the filmmaker walked right up to his door, further proving to the court that he did in fact live at said address.

2. He Informed the Judge while in Federal Court, I was in the mafia as was my attorney.

What was especially amusing about this was Alite had to be pulled down by his attorney because he wouldn't stop talking to the judge making accusation after accusation.  This was a simple hearing to move the case along.  Alite couldn't contain himself.  He stood red faced and barked at the judge that "I was in the mafia, worked for John Gotti Jr as his soldier, and that my attorney who is well regarded and respected, and a former veteran of the Marines was on the take and also working at the behest of John Gotti Jr."  You cannot make this crap up.  Not only am I NOT in the mafia, but neither is my lawyer.  In fact, he only brought this up so he could mention John Gotti Jr.

3.  He claims, John Gotti Jr pays me, and I work for him. That this is some big scheme to hurt him.  He repeatedly says it on radio shows, (doesn't use my name however) and on his manic rantings on Facebook.  "Gotti pays people to file false lawsuits."

Not only I have I never met John Gotti, but I have never had a conversation with John Gotti.  I don't know him.  Whatever books or documentaries he is working on I am not privy to.  Whatever articles that show up in magazines regarding Mr. Gotti are his own work and I have nothing to do with that.  John Alite wants everyone to believe it's a conspiracy to go after him.  The Gotti narrative, is their own narrative.  The only similarities we have in common is that we don't like John Alite and that he has attacked every single one of us.

4. John Alite called and harassed my brother and used George Anastasia's name to induce threats.

He has never denied this for the record.  What he did do was send menacing threats to me via text messages exclaiming that he "talked to George, and would get a meeting with my brother."  Not only did he use that threat, but he ended up calling and harassing my brother repeatedly in an effort to stop me from telling the glowingly obvious truth about him.

In fact George Anastasia was sent a courtesy letter just explaining the issue, and he never bothered to respond, which further showed that Alite was either making a false threat in using George or George simply hid from the drama.

5. Alite made a threat in court, in front of my attorney that he "knew my friends, and I should be smart."  It was a threat that he would contact them, and try to get dirt on me.  He has fully gone ahead with that plan.  Not only did he contact a childhood friend I'm not really even close with, but they have also gone after me by contacting my ex-girlfriends ex husband, and they have put out notices looking for my phone number, address, and what type of car I drive.   I have screenshots of every single instance.  They also have contended I abused a single mother.  My ex-girlfriend has already spoken about these lies coming from Jarrett Hamm on behalf of John Alite.

6.  Alite contends he "fed me, clothed me, and let me stay with him I had no money and came there on the pretense that I beat my stepfather"

Not true, not true, not true.  Not only did I put $300 dollars in food into the fridge, but the only thing Alite did was buy me a bathing suit, and he did pay for the weekend in Atlantic City.  I mean I think because the room was in someone else's name not his.  I also need it to be known that at no time did I ask him for a dime, and constantly refused to let him buy me anything.  His son, will speak to the absolute truth to that.  I have that proof as well. I never beat my stepfather because I don't have a step father.  I never had a step father and Alite full well knows that.

7. Alite never denied any of the allegations in the lawsuit.

The judge asked, so you guys are not contending or denying that your client said and did these things?  His attorney's answer?  "No your honor we are not."  What they are contending is the monetary damages or proof thereof which they are in their right to certainly do.

8.  They claim in court paperwork that I went on my radio show, and said John Alite was a wife beater, which he isn't and that it damaged him.

He is a wife beater, I published those transcripts in several articles.  Those transcripts came from Christopher Kasparoza.  Not only have they been produced, but Alite has waffled on different shows.  On some shows he admits it, some shows he rebuffs it.  The truth is, it is the truth.

9. Alite claims I tried to have sex with and robbed a girl I lived with and the police were called.

Not true, none of it. This is what Alite does.  He makes up stories hoping they will stick and they don't.  I have texts from said girl acknowledging Alite told her to call the police and make up something.  In fact, I was there watching over her because Alite asked me to.  At no point did I take a dime from her.  In fact, I was paying for everything the entire time I was there because I felt bad for her. He claimed I tried to have sex with her.  I never touched this girl, didn't even sleep in the same part of the house as her.  Anytime the police actually did show up which was frequently is because this girls family hated John Alite, and didn't want her around him at all.

However he forgets to mention however, he sent his son Jimmy who was I believe 24 at the time over to the house to hang out with said girl.  Not only did he show up, but brought alcohol into the house, and was drunk.  Not only did I tell Jimmy he had to leave but I discussed it with said person about the danger of this.  I had witnessed Jimmy abuse a hooker in Atlantic City, and I was afraid the same would happen here.    The police were never called and in fact, months later I called the said person on the phone to retrieve my belongings and she was happy to see me, and helped me get my stuff.  I have those texts as well.

Anytime a case moves forward in civil litigation, you hand in names in regards to people who may have information regarding the lawsuit and could be used for a deposition.  You should see the names Alite handed in.  It's the entire Gotti family.  I don't know any of them, and none of them have anything to do with this case or his actions resulting in this case.  He hasn't seen any of these people in 30 years, and I speculate he knows any of them on any personal level. It's his way of getting the press involved and feeding his own delusions.
Jacobs and Alite

While I am tired of discussing this drama, I wanted it to be known because this little groupie thing he has going on, is derived from Alite.  They aren't doing it because they have an ax to grind. They are doing it because John Alite wants them to.  I don't know why a selection of grown adults sit at home all day making fake photos, making one egregious claim and lie after another and expect anyone to take them seriously.   Jennifer Snolis was the ring leader, but she got exposed as a scam artist and disappeared, and now it appears Mike Jacobs is the new ring leader.

Mike Jacobs according to Jimmy Alite(John's brother) was a nobody and a former junkie.  I don't know if that's accurate or not, but Jimmy swore up and down that Mike was definitely one of John's customers back in the day and more.  John told me Mike Jacobs was a mafia fan boy and nothing more.  He never said anything good about him when I first heard his name mentioned.  Seems to be the case because now Sean Richard is telling everyone all about Alite.

Mike repeatedly bullies people online, calls them awful names, tries to find family and friends of those against Alite, but he should really check his own closet space.  He has a criminal record.  Not only can he apparently not follow traffic laws, but he also likes to batter people.  He has a felony conviction  Nice to see Alite hanging out with "reformed characters."  In fact just to prove that at at least one of these individuals is not reformed, take a look at his response when he was outed for his record.  He literally says  "at least some of the above is accurate, 25 charges lol, 2 assault, id do it again"  Just keep scrolling down.

So in final, believe whatever you want, but these guys are not reformed, not changed.  They are bullies, liars, and about themselves.  With the all the time the actually spend on social media slandering and making up lies about people and posting photos of them, you'd think they'd put some effort and time into actually helping those less fortunate and standing by the mantra they claim they live by.  The only code they apparently live by, based on their actions is "selfish indulgence and immaturity."

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


In part one we discussed how informants have repeatedly gotten away with lies and committing atrocious crimes without being truly punished for what they have done.  In this second part I want to profile some lesser known rats you may not know, and some you may know.  While they are informants, what people need to see is some of the acts they committed against innocent people, against their wives or girlfriends.

It's not just as simple as deciding to testify against former friends and associates and those crimes.  Sometimes these vile miscreants did some really awful things and were not punished for them.

 Once again certain things the government just let go of, and sometimes they government even fought to keep these crimes out of direct testimony because it would make those rats look exactly as they were.  Nothing like hiding facts from the public to make that rat shine.

If you unaware if this scuzz bucket, let me inform you.  Rubeo is one of the two scumbags the government employed to testify against alleged crime boss Joey Merlino.  I could rant for hours about this guy and I have at times, but for the sake of your time, I will try and get to the major points.  First of all, the truth is Joey Merlino never really knew Rubeo that well.  In fact Rubeo was attached to alleged Genovese Capo Pasquale Parello.  It was through Parello and Rubeo that the "medical fraud scam" was designed.

Had nothing to do with Merlino.   Rubeo according to his testimony was under the direction of Parello, and went down to Florida to begin the medical fraud.  What did happen was Rubeo got caught moving drugs, and because he didn't want to do a day in jail, he in cooperation with the FBI agreed to go after Merlino.   The FBI had it's daggers set on Merlino and if Rubeo could somehow mix Joey Merlino into the mess, it would be good for Rubeo.

What I want to address here is this.  Rubeo didn't know Merlino.  He had little interactions with Merlino.  What Rubeo had was a plan to mix Merlino in, because if he could, it would essentially mean he could walk from whatever bullshit he got himself involved in.  Anytime you have a witness against you in any court hearing, your character can be judged.  It's sort of the point of a cross examination right?  In this case, the Government consistently alleged that Joey Merlino was the defacto head of the Philadelphia mafia.  An allegation not proven whatsoever.  It was what Rubeo assumed and heard.  The government had no problem tossing that phrase out to the jurors to further stack their case.  The problem is, when it came the other way around the government had a hissy fit.

You see, Rubeo not only robbed an off shore gambling company(stole some $350,000 plus) from them.  But he bought luxury cars with the money.  When this off shore gambling company had a fit about it and were willing to physically do something about it, he ran to Merlino for help.  He did this while under the supervision and paycheck of the FBI.

Rubeo had zero supervision while under the guise of the FBI.  Not only that, but tapes and evidence were all botched.  Parts were missing or absent.  An FBI agent was suspended for his actions in not overseeing Rubeo.   Rubeo admitted to beating his former wife.  He admitted to beating a man due to money owed, while he was ON THE FBI PAYROLL.

Then there are tapes.  Tapes that were inadmissible which would have really made Rubeo look awful.  The point I am making here, is that if we are allowed to make judgments about Joey Melino's character then why can't we make judgments about Rubeo?  The government fought tooth and nail to ensure that Rubeo's wife beating days were left out of the testimony.  Why?  The government knew they had a softball case with a terrible witness, but that evidence might force the jury to see Rubeo for what he truly was and is.  He beat women.  It's vile, disgusting and wrong.  Yet somehow, the FBI branched past that because he could provide information on someone else, that their star witness barely knew.   They were willing to let a known proven woman beater parade around because they wanted someone else. He was so awful on the stand, not only did he look like trash, but couldn't keep his story straight.  He wasn't believable in any sense, and thank God the jury was smart enough to see through it.  The entire time Rubeo was on the FBI payroll their were guidelines he was to follow.  Commit no crimes.  That's all this guy did the entire time.  Why is he still gonna get a deal?  The prosecution contends he was offered no deal, and all they could do is speak on his behalf to the judge.  Get real.  They say that and judges hand out deals like pimps.


This is another one, who has some similar traits to JR Rubeo.  Not only was Alite's testimony laughed at, but the jury even stated "nothing he said was believable."  John Alite admitted that he "tailored" his testimony and that all informants do that.  Isn't that an admission of a lie?  Alite was destroyed on cross examination repeatedly in Alite's attempts to pin murders and a slew of crimes on the lap of John Gotti Jr.  Not only was Alite never, ever, as high up in the food chain as he imagined, but he invented crimes and scenarios, which he still does to this day.

Alite was not a hit man.  He was a nickle and dime drug dealer who got his gusto from a name attached with people he was around.  This is another glowing example of someone who inserted a name because he couldn't do time.  He ratted on over 200 people, many of which he never knew.  He ratted on the Catalano brothers saying that they were "chopping up bodies," which was a complete lie.  For some reason George Catalano still associates with Alite which is sorta weird.

One of the Alite stories is how everyone in Florida was intimidated and scared of him. Not true.  I spoke at length with two of the co-defendants he ratted out, one of them being Jimmy Cadicamo.  Jimmy told me repeatedly that whenever there was tough stuff to go around, or whenever someone needed to be leaned on Alite was never around.  He would find excuses to not be around.  He wouldn't get physical and expected everyone else to do it.  The Tampa newspaper claimed Alite was a low level nobody. The sheer amount of lies Alite has told is likely one of the reasons the FBI never ever asked him to testify again.

Alite admitted under oath to repeatedly beating his ex wife.  This is a claim he seems to admit at times, and deny at others, but the proof is, he did.  Even now as we speak he is threatening and harassing a journalist and his mother because he has been exposed as the person he really is.  He claims that people wrote to his parole officer and to Judge Bucklew about his actions, yet the FBI never investigated him.  Why not?

The proof is that he has been issuing threats, harassing people, showing up at their homes and video taping himself there.  He has sent harassing messages to people's mothers, called people's family all in an effort to silence a journalist.(he did this to me too) He has sent text messages with the same mantra as well. The belief is that he is very much still an active informant and that's exactly why the FBI hasn't investigated him. Ted Otto, former FBI agent sent an simple email to an attorney but didn't feel like investigating claims made about Alite even with multiple people claiming the same thing.

Once again, the FBI has allowed another informant to not only lie on the stand and full well know it, but they also allowed a wife beater to take the stand against someone they had a hard on for.  Nothing Alite said on the stand was accurate in the eyes of the jury.  In fact, if you listen to his stories now they contradict his direct testimony back then.  This is what the FBI allows.  They allow the scourges of society to do this and simply pass it off as well at least we are getting so in so.  Alite to this day is still issuing threats online.  He's still sending texts.

You don't have to believe me.  Go to and you will see for yourself how every single thing Alite has ever said has been rebuffed.  Not by opinion, but by facts and court transcripts.  Find the transcripts on the site where Alite acknowledges beating a woman half his size to the point of knocking her to the ground.  This is what the FBI is willing to accept for an informant?  This is someone who is truthful?  Get the fuck out of here.


While this is an ongoing indictment, and some of the information I have is limited, I can confirm a few things.  For starters my source who I can guarantee you is telling me the truth told me all about Persiano.

 I don't want to get into specifics, because I am protecting this persons identity, but Anthony consistently verbally and physically abused this person for years.  This person stood by Anthony for years, and all he ever did was use this person, beat on this person, verbally abuse this person, and robbed this person of every penny this person had.

This person is petrified of him.  "You look at him and you see pure evil, I'm very scared of him."  Fear aside this person is not the only one who came forward.  Others have come forward who I will not name who explain that "Anthony came to my home to do some rehab on my house, got paid, and never came back to do the job,"   Anthony not only robbed people while under the protection and salary of the FBI, but was even called a liar by an FBI supervisor who took a look into the pawn shop armed robbery that got Persiano caught up in the first place.

Persiano has a long history of robbing people blind.  He has a long history of violence.  He was arrested and convicted for murder.  This is not a guy who just did a few simple fraud things and suddenly decided the criminal life was just not for him anymore.  Instead he realized he couldn't do a day in jail ever again, so he opened the doors and signed with TEAM AMERICA.  Not only is he putting names with faces apparently, but the FBI is apparently looking past his little indiscretions while on their payroll.  I have screenshots of a poor woman who was robbed of $100,000 dollars by Persiano  while he was ON THE FBI PAYROLL.    I thought informants were not allowed to break laws?  I could see if he sold a little drugs here and there to get others caught up, but this is a women who did nothing wrong.  She wants her money back from the FBI and I don't blame her.

This is another guy, the FBI is willing to put in front of a jury.  It's outrageous.  While I understand the role of an informant, and while I understand some will have less than considerable pasts, at some point some of the things they have done, especially abuse towards women should really be the cut off point.  How honest can someone be, or how changed can they be when they do this sort of thing?  How can Persiano, or Alite, or Rubeo suddenly have the indignation that people call them "rats, and "low lives," which is exactly what they are?  We are expected to believe they had a come to Jesus moment when all three and most of them break laws the entire time they are on a payroll, or possibly continue to break laws longer after they rat?

The point to this is, this is how the Government operates.  They allow the worst of the worst to get a pass because they believe someone else is higher and worth more.  I'm shocked they didn't offer Jeffrey Dahmer a deal as long as he told them about someone else who was murdering.  Why not Ted Bundy.  Hey Teddy, tell us about someone else and you can go about your life.  They don't do that because the state values morality and justice more than the federal government ever will.  That's the bottom line.



In the strange world I live in, I come across a lot of people. I have met some very interesting characters throughout the years. However, I never thought I would find myself in a position to be defending so many people who have been repeated victims of informants. Granted, before many of these so called “men” were informants they were in fact street guys for the most part through and through.

I have long said and I have always lived my life in defense of those who cannot defend themselves or who just can’t seem to speak out because of fear. Maybe that’s why I am meant to do this sort of thing. Maybe I’m nuts, maybe I have a death wish. I just have always stood by those who have been treated like garbage for no other reason that circumstance.

Take Joi Faraci for instance. Her brother Alan Kaiser was brutaly shot and killed at 17 years old by Salvatore Gravano and Louis Milito. Alan’s crime? He was walking down the street. Not only was Alan just a kid with his whole entire life ahead of him, but he was suckered into approaching a car where Salvatore Gravano executed him without a second thought. There was no reason for Gravano to kill Kaiser. It was a mistaken identity. How can the FBI explain to the Kaiser family justifying Gravano’s sweet deal? They can’t. Even under normal circumstances a murder like that, as vicious and disgusting as it was, usually gets someone a life sentence. Nevermind the 19 murders Gravano did admit to. How can the federal government allow someone like Gravano to get away with murdering a child? Easy. As long as you tell on someone else they don’t care. That’s the truth. Joi is not alone in this tradegy.

Anthony “Gaspipe” Casso did the same exact thing years later. He killed Nicholas Guido. The problem is, he contracted Louis Eppolito and Steven Carracappa to complete the job, but wasn’t patient enough to give them time to ensure it was the right Nicholas Guido. Turns out it was the wrong one, and so be it. The difference is, Casso is doing a life sentence and will never see the light of day ever again after the FBI tore up his cooperation agreement. Also worth mentioning is the city of New York is paying Guido’s family $5 million dollars as a result. A side note is Casso's agreement was also ripped up because he told the press about some of Gravano's other crimes he didn't admit to, which is a huge issue.  Casso would have made Gravano look just as he is and was. A scumbag, child killer.

The one thing that made me sick when Salvatore Gravano did his interview with Diane Sawyer was just the nochalance of not giving a shit about killing an innocent child. Louis Milito’s daughter was just as disgusting as she moaned and complained how her father was killed by Gravano, yet didn’t seem to have any issue that her father was on a hit of a 17 year old child with Gravano. It’s hypocracy in it’s rarest form. To further that Gravano’s daughter Karen has used her fathers reputation to make herself a bit of a C grade celebrity, and has never ever apologized for the things her father did, instead lamenting that it’s the “life,” and that everyone involved knew what the end game could be. What I would love to ask Karen is, what about ALAN? Where is the reasoning for that murder? Nope. Instead she glorifies that life, plays coy to notions that somehow she never knew about her father, and it’s just absolutely disgusting on every level.

We can talk about Greg Scarpa and the horrid shit he did for the next fifty years. The entire time he was getting a paycheck from the federal government he killed willingly and easily. You cannot tell me the FBI wasn’t aware. They were, but the ends justified the means. Scarpa killed an estimated 100 people. Serial killers don’t kill 100 people, while the FBI watched.

James Whitey Bulger, former Winter Hill gang boss, not only killed willingly while under the FBI’s watch, but was essentially allowed to do so for twenty some years. The bigger issue in his case was that higher ups in the FBI knew the entire time and tried to bury it out of embarrassment. Lots of agents and politicans were culpable in this, but yet when the shit hit the fan they all ran pointing fingers at each other.

That being said this leads to a much bigger question. The morality of the FBI. I can certainly understand that sometimes you have to allow people to commit certain crimes to entrap others. It’s long been the way it’s worked. They justify it by getting someone meaner, more severe off the streets. I understand the totality of that idea, but the problem I have with this is that there seems to be zero remorse on their behalf that there “clients,” did severe damage to tons of families.

Sit yourself down, play this scenario out. You have a brother, he’s a good kid. Never done anything wrong to anyone. He’s growing up, meeting girls, learning how to circumvent life as he’s coming into his own. He’s walking down the street minding his own business and is shotgunned to death for no other reason that two psychopaths are so hell bent on murder, that they mis-recognize your brother. His life is ended at 17. He will never have children. He will never get married. He will never know what it’s like to be an uncle. He will never know what it’s like to be a grandparent. He will never know what it’s like to fall in love, to breakup, to experience the every changing landscape of music, and trends. He will never see his sister get married. He will never experience loving his nieces and nephews. Taking that into consideration, how the hell can we allow the FBI and judges to give scumbags like Gravano five years in prison for that murder and 18 others?

The problem is, the FBI isn’t held accountable. Meanwhile lovely human beings who lost loved ones are broken forever with the tears never ending.  I will say for the record, because invariably people will say this to me. Murder though, this happens in the life. Absolutely it does. I’m never going to justify it either way, but I’m not speaking about others who kill. I’m speaking at those who did nothing wrong. NOTHING!!

People ask me why I hate informants, and why I fight like hell to go after them. Well, I fight for the Joi’s of the world whose voices have been duct taped shut. She can scream and she can complain but the very people who are responsible for letting the scumbag out of the cage are the ones who don’t seem to give a shit that Alan was murdered. Yet, I would bet you anything if someone killed Gravano tomorrow the FBI would be all over it. That’s just the sad reality of the tattle tale world we live in. As long as we keep making it easy and profitable for these scumbags to do this, then the families like the Kasiers will never get any justice. We have to stop allowing the government and judges to accept plea deals based on informing. At least make them serve a fair amount of time. How can any child be snuffed out like that, and the perp gets treated as a hero because he pointed at someone else?

We live in a lopsided country. We reward snitches, and punish those who refuse to tell. We give rapists and child molesters low prison time, but a gambler twenty years. Rapists get 2-5 years, child molestors get 2-5 years. Sammy Gravano who killed 19 people got 5. Explain that to me. Explain to me how someone whose a bookie get a ten year sentence and someone who rapes a child of their dignity and soul gets a year. At some point, we have to start looking at the reality of this self serve, tell me this and you go home bullshit. It makes me sick.

In final, I want to mention Witsec Mafia for a second. The reason is because no matter what you think of John Gotti Jr, he is putting stuff like this out there. Not only does he have a documentary coming out produced by Richard Stratton and Chris Kasparoza, but he also has a book where he will chronicle how informants get a pass based most of the time on lies, and go right back out and comit more crimes while under the watch of the FBI. You don’t have to like John Gotii Jr. You can have whatever feelings you want about him personally, but he’s standing up for people like Joi, and people who have been railed as a result of the FBI’S Pass Go and collect $200 dollar deal. 
 What you can do, is help change the way we as a society allow this to go on. I’m not saying everyone is innocent. Far from the truth, but we also cannot have a tell and reward system either. If I had it my way, scumbags like Gravano would be eating his own piss and shit in a cell in Iraq. Let the rats eat at his ghost colored skin for the rest of his miserable life. He’s not a hero, nor are any of these types. They are scum, and I beginning to believe the FBI is as well. Just because you have a badge don’t excuse this type of shit. Just because you take an oath and sit on a bench declaring penalties for those deemed guilty doesn’t make you any less morally culpable. That’s the bottom line.

Monday, March 26, 2018


With the indictments that came down last week in New Jersey, which included the following names Michael Gallicchio, Joe Servidio, and Carl Chianese, the true question became how deep and how far does this indictment go, and who else does it include? 

The documents unsealed March 14 the government charged Gallicchio, Chianse, and Servidio  "intent to distribute and conspiracy to distribute meth, heroin, fentanyl, tramadol, and marijuana. Allegedly the enterprise also involved a four figure transaction for bootlegged cigarettes as well.

The complaint also alleges that Servidio, that according to the FBI, is a made man or solider in the Philadelphia La Cosa Nostra.  Allegedly according to the FBI Servidio sold opioids, meth, cocaine and marijuana.

The complaint bases it's findings on a cooperator who is allegedly a man made in the Philadelphia mafia, and has been cooperating since 2015.  That man's name is Anthony Persiano. While the complaint is 60 plus pages of information, I wanted to focus not on the specific charges, at least not now.  I want to focus on the informant.  Throughout the paperwork he is noted as "CS-1"  There is also a CS-2, but I don't know who that is as of this writing.   "CS-1" is Anthony Persiano.   While reading the complaint, I couldn't believe some of the stuff I read.  I could focus on a million things, but I want to focus on two specific areas here.  It will be long winded but please bear with me.

In a section of the complaint there is section 7 which is entitled "Reliability Of  Information."  What this is, is how the government explains how they obtained the information and whether they deem it to be truthful in respect to the charges named in the complaint.  Not only is this portion of the complaint somewhat etched in bullshit, but it further proves what I have said all along about informants and how the FBI pardons behaviors for an end game.

".7 RELIABILITY OF INFORMATION"(taken from complaint)

"During the course of this investigation case agents received information from a confidential source(CS-1 aka Anthony Persiano) concerning the illegal activities of Joseph Servidio and other members and associates of the Philadelphia mafia, "La Cosa Nostra,"(LCN) regularly called the mafia or mob, which is a secret organization.  CS-1(Anthony Persiano) began providing information(based on personal dealings) to the FBI in 2015.  CS-1(Anthony Persiano) is a made member of the Philadelphia LCN, and is personally familiar with numerous other members and associates, and has provided detailed information as to the workings of the Philadelphia(LCN) including criminality of it's members.  CS-1 (Anthony Persiano) has proven to be credible.

See that credible part?  Keep reading.

CS-1(Anthony Persiano) agreed to enter into a cooperation agreement with the government and has been cooperating with special agents of the FBI in investigations for two years.  CS-1's(Anthony Persiano) agreement to enter into a cooperation plea agreement with the government is related to CS-1's(Anthony Persiano) participation in the staged robbery of a pawn shop, which was designed to deceive an insurance company. CS-1 (Anthony Persiano) has admitted to participating in the staged armed robbery and it is anticipated that he will plead guilty to fraud charges for that offense.

Anticipated or will?

It should be noted that an FBI supervisor not involved with the current investigation believed that CS-1(Anthony Persiano) was NOT TRUTHFUL about whether the robbery was staged.

In other words, and FBI supervisor thought Persiano lied.  Without looking to far into this, it would fully appear that Persiano got caught sticking up a pawn shop, and then decided as a result to inform on everyone else.  It's pretty clear cut in my opinion.   The problem, I have with this is that we have seen this kind of crap for a decade now.  These informants get caught nickle and diming some joint, refuse to do time, so they begin talking out their ass.  In this case, Persiano decided to drop a dime and begin giving up information, which apparently includes tapes and more.

What about his record though?  Assault, murder in the 3rd degree, fraud, firearms possession, contempt of court, and robbery by threats.   I pose a question here.  When JR Rubeo decided he was going to name Joey Merlino in all his problems, wasn't it because he got caught drug dealing? Did he name Merlino because he knew the only way to escape jail was to offer something to the government? 

Yes, Yes and hell yes.  In this case, it smells exactly the same.  If we accept that Persiano is a regular jerk off with a rap sheet with crap like robbery, and an FBI supervisor said he didn't buy his lies, why should we?  At what point do we stop allowing these swamp creatures to get a payday and a pat on the back because they can invent stories that put other people in the mix?  He had no problem robbing people his entire life.

Anthony Persiano mug shot.
He robbed someone(whose name I will redact) of $100,000 dollars while he was on the FBI'S payroll.  We aren't talking about some business deal between two criminals.  We are talking about him robbing a lady of $100,000 dollars.  Persiano has had an extensive history of offering to rehab homes, taking the money and never coming back. 

 Last check Newark, New Jersey was still investigating massive amounts of fraud cases against him, but suddenly dropped the investigation.  Why?  For starters it's because Persiano is a rat.  What about her money?  The FBI allowed this creep to rob people blind while he was collecting a paycheck from them.  Why? 

It's because the FBI has long turned a blind eye to cooperators.  They allow them to function in a way that allows them to commit various acts of crime as long as it's not deemed violent crime.  Wow.  Greg Scarpa ring any bells?  Whitey Bulger.  Both committed murder while collecting an FBI paycheck.  Was the FBI ever held responsible?  Maybe an agent or two, but the system is corrupt and long has been.  The problem in this situation is, this dunce got caught committing crimes, and because the FBI is willing to ignore those crimes for a few words about others, the whole thing just keeps on moving along.

To further that notion.  The PSP(Pennsylvania State Police) were investigating Persiano's businesses for fraud, the Newark branch of the FBI was doing the same.  The PSP closed the investigation, handed the files to the FBI, and suddenly according to my knowledge dropped the investigation in Persiano's fraud.  So what do you tell the woman who lost her $100,000, stolen by Persiano while he was working for the federal government?  Do you say "oops, I'm sorry?"  That's basically what she's being told without being told.  The fish are bigger in this pond, so sit tight.  It's ludicrous.  At some point this crap has to stop.

As for those named in this indictment.  Whatever "evidence," there is should be highly scrutinized.  It's more of the same, from a bottom feeder whom the FBI didn't even believe but somehow they gets bypassed and now he's an honest guy.  He was so honest he robbed people his entire life, and now that he finally got caught he wan't to point everyone else in the classroom. 

Whatever the end result is, or however this moves forward, the truth is, always will be, that cooperators lie.  Name me one cooperator who hasn't lied about several aspects of their testimony.  What has happened here is quite simple.  It's not enough to name three guys who he probably didn't know very well, but now he wants to indict everyone else he's ever heard of. That's how these guys get a smack on the wrist.  They get involved in dumb shit because they lack the intelligence to stay away from trouble, then they decide to put all the names they have ever heard in one basket and pick a few at random and hope it sticks. It's not because he's having a moment of clarity or this whole entire changed man bullshit we always hear.  It's simply because he lacks the courage to pay for his actions.  He lacks the guts to just accept his responsibility for his own stupidity, and it's time we stop allowing them to walk away for pointing the finger at someone else.  How sad it must be that your so irrelevant to this world that you have to name someone else who actually  is.  Pathetic.

I will continue to follow this case, and speak more about it at a later date.

Friday, March 23, 2018


1) Scott we first met online well over a year ago. We had common interests in crime
in general.  What specifically is it about crime that draws your attention?  Is it just crime in general or specific sorts of crimes?

I believe we have known each other for 2 years now, how the time has flown! And during that time we have become good friends and business partners too. To answer your question I have been interested in crime for as long as I can remember if I am honest. I recall watching horror films, gangster films and documentaries as a teenager and, I guess I have always had that curiously in the darker side of humanity, I think all of us do to some extent. I must admit I love the physiological side to crime, why these characters take the road they choose to take, what makes them tick, the crimes they commit and ultimately where they end up, I have always found the drama and the story around it all fascinating.

 2) I know you have a fascination with Ted Bundy. Can you tell us a little about Ted Bundy and what exactly it is that draws you into that character?

As a child the first time I ever encountered the word serial killer was when I saw something in a book about the Yorkshire Ripper, I remember asking my step mother who he was and what a serial killer was. I was probably about 10 years old at the time, I think that’s where my curiosity first started. Several years later in my teens I started watching documentaries on TV, started reading stuff in the tabloids and that’s where I first came across Ted Bundy. I just find him extremely interesting. Here’s a guy who on the surface looks and sounds pretty normal, intelligent, charming and likeable. He was probably the type of guy a lot of parents would be happy if their daughter brought him home to meet them. The fact that he had this other side to him, the side that likes to stalk, kidnap, rape and murder young women is terrifying. It’s not just the fact that he was a serial killer, it’s the types of victims he targeted and his M.O. Most serial killers tend to target the most vulnerable in society, not Bundy, he deliberately targeted intelligent, attractive young girls from middle class families, all American girls so to speak. He was also very daring in the way that he committed his crimes. I think his good looks and charm allowed him to get away with taking risks for quite a long time. Don’t get me wrong I certainly don’t admire people like Ted Bundy but in a macabre kind of way I find him and his crimes fascinating. Ted Bundy is for me the standard that other serial killers in America are compared too.

3) I’ve always said it’s not the mayhem I’m interested in, but the psycho-analysis of it all. In other words what actions or situations have to take place in order for a somewhat normal appearing person to go to the extent some have such as Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, etc. In those two cases they were both gay men, but both had different childhoods.  What is it about the most psychotic killers that interests you?

 I am on the same level of thinking as you when it comes to serial killers. The thing that interests me is what makes them tick. What happened in their childhood and adolescent that contributed to this deviant life they choose to take. I have always believed that it is a combination of things in most cases when you look at what creates a serial killer. Do I believe some people are just born bad? Sure! But I also think that a lot of the time it’s down to what happens to them in childhood, from the parenting they receive, how they are treated at school by their fellow students, traumatising life experiences and feelings of inadequacy, I also believe being exposed to inappropriate things at a young age can also contribute to feeding a deviant mind-set.

4) Across the pond can you maybe talk a little bit about The British Style of Gangsters? What are some of the differences?

We have and always have had a very rich history in organised crime over here in the UK.  We have had a lot of villains, characters and criminal groups and gangs over the years, some that have been well documented in books, documentaries and movies. They can be just as vicious as organised crime groups in America and make lots of money illegitimately just like their American counter parts.  The only things I could say that differs between British and American crime groups is, things in America tend to be on a bigger scale. There tends to be more people involved, more money involved and I would have to say probably better organised. The American mafia also, (especially in its heyday) was a lot more powerful than anything we have ever seen in the UK.

5) You are going to launch the True Crime Page on YouTube soon, what exactly are your plans for that and what can the listeners expect to hear? Is it all crime related or is it one particular genre over another?

I’m glad you asked me this because I’ve had a few questions from people about the show. I will be launching the show on April 4th and we will be kicking off the show with Ted Bundy. I am going to cover a wide range of subjects in the show, not just serial killers. I love anything about villains and gangsters, so my listeners can expect to hear some shows on British gangsters like the Kray twins and the Richardson brothers as well as other gangsters and notorious murderers. Although I am totally fascinated and slightly obsessed with anything to do with the American mafia I think I will leave that to you as you are the expert on that, maybe you can come on the show sometime and we can do a show together.

6) We have been working together for well over a year, and looking back what are some of
your favorite memories? What is the one thing you go back and look at and say wow?

It’s funny when I look at when we first got talking. I quickly realised that we have a lot of common and think that’s why we get on so well. We’ve both been through a lot recently in our personal lives, and I think being able to work on our blog, run our pages has been a great way to escape life’s bullshit and invest our energy into being creative. When I look back now the things that make me go wow are how good Mob Talk Radio is doing and how popular our blog page is, and of course the conversation we had last year about me doing my own show for The True Crime Page, which is now coming to fruition too.

7) You have recently discussed your creepy story from your past. Looking back now, do you think Darren Appleyard had all the earmarks of being or at least the propensity of being a serial killer? Also take us back to the moment when you realized you had a monster living with you. What was it like to wake up and realize this guy who slept under the same roof was a killer?

I was totally shocked at the revelations that he murdered his pregnant girlfriend, the same girl he went back to after living at my house for five weeks. Not much longer after the murder it started becoming known that he had a lot of previous with other women. Several women including his ex-wife spoke out against him about his violent, controlling and abusive personality. He had been accused of rape, assaults, threats to kill, keeping his wife prisoner in the house and not allowing her to see her friends and family. Did he propensity to be a serial killer? I’m not sure about that. Looking back at it now I believe he was a very angry man with a damaged ego, I believe he directed that anger at the women in his life, which ultimately ended with him committing the vile murder of his pregnant girlfriend, which I may add was done while his own children from a different relationship and his girlfriend’s (Lisa) daughter was also in the house. He got 17 years for that. I believe he was very lucky and doesn’t deserve to be free ever again. I look back at that time now and it gives me the creeps to know I shared my home and a small part of my life with a vile violent bully and murderer like him. I still had all his stuff in my house for months then decided to thrown everything away one day. I hope he’s having a difficult time in prison because he deserves it.

8) Being from The UK, what is your opinion on the way the justice system works in the U.S.?  What are the common differences between say a trial in England versus the United States.  Do killers do less time or more time over there?

The big difference is that the Justice system in America is far harsher than the UK. Over here in Britain you could murder someone and get 16 years in prison, that’s the average sentence for committing murder over here. I find it astounding really that we view life so cheaply! In comparison in America you tend to get much longer sentences, or you could even be sent away for life with no possibility of parole, to get a similar sentence in the UK you would have to do something really bad like murder a few people or commit serial murder. The other difference is a lot of states in America still have the death penalty, that’s something we abolished over here in 1965. I do believe that our justice system is too weak and that harsher punishments and sentences should be brought back similar to the American Justice system.

9) What do you want to accomplish from the true crime page? What’s the goal? To teach, to inform? Where do you see the page going and what are some things you’d like to do down the road?

I started the page several years ago with a friend. We just used it to share stuff that interested us about crime. My said friend is no longer involved with the page now but I carried on with it. It’s started to grow quite a lot over the last 18 months and we now have close to 3000 followers now which is brilliant. My main objective is to share with everyone my fascination and knowledge of crime through blogs, news and my upcoming new show. If people visit the page and enjoy what we do and learn something as well then that makes me happy. I haven’t really thought too much about the long term future but the ultimate for me would be to write a book and to make my new show a success.

10) Name three murderers (serial killers) or criminals that have most impacted you creatively.  Not in any order just three that captivate you enough to make you read more about them. Give us your nasty three.

Wow this is a difficult one! There’s some many to choose from. But if you put a gun to my head I think I would go with Ted Bundy, Fred West and the Yorkshire Ripper (Peter Sutcliffe).  Three very frightening, dangerous and violent individuals for sure!

11) Tell us about you. What makes Scott tick? What are your hobbies?  Where do you live in England?  What drew you to this genre in the first place?

Apart from running a crime page and being obsessed with true crime, I’m a pretty normal guy really. I was born in a small mining town called Leigh in Greater Manchester, North West England in 1978. I moved with my mother to Warrington, Cheshire also in the North West in the mid-80’s and grew up there. I now live in the Midlands in Stoke-on-Trent and I love it down there! I’m a very keen photographer, I love reading and watching movies. Love sports especially boxing, football, rugby league and F1 racing. In regards to what drew me to the genre of crime, I would have to say the first thing I can remember was seeing something about the Yorkshire Ripper in a book and asking my step mother about him, that’s where I first became intrigued about crime and it just grew from there. Books, films, documentaries and things I have seen on the news and papers all fed my fascination with the genre. I have been fascinated with it for as long as I can remember and think I always will be.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Since the breaking news came out of Philadelphia regarding the indictments handed down by the FBI, a lot of people have been scrambling to figure out who the snitch is in this.  The questions began with who was cooperating and how high up was he, and was he truly a credible source.
A lot of people have speculated that Anthony Nicodemo could have been someone the FEDS possibly could have turned.  Some of the coincidences I admit led me in the wrong direction like many others, but that's also why I said I didn't honestly believe that to be the case and it was circumstantial

The first tidbit people jumped on was the idea that Nicodemo was transferred from one prison to another.  The fact is Nicodemo was transferred because the level in his security went down, and he asked for a transfer to be closer to home and was granted that request.    Additionally when his lawyer spoke out it was likely because of the transfer and he knew what the media might suspect.

So who is the snitch in this indictment nicknamed CS-1?   According to my source, his name is Anthony Persiano.    Anthony Persiano, if your not familiar with Persiano he was caught up with Nicodemo Scarfo junior in the First Plus Financial scam, which included money laundering, bank fraud, extortion, interstate transportation of stolen goods and wire fraud.  This is the case that sent Nicky Scarfo jr away for a long time.

First Financial was a mortgage company based out of Texas which was infiltrated by Scarfo and co, and took the proceeds from the company and bought luxury cars, and boats.  They essentially walked in and "took over the company using threats."  Persiano was involved in that and has a long history of robbing people blind.  He is also a convicted murderer having admitted to killing Anthony Cavalieri in South Philadelphia in August of 1991. 

"This guy is a nothing.  He's the kind of guy who burns your house to the ground then comes back with his rehab business wanting to fix it."  an unnamed source told me.  "He's a con artist and lowlife." the source would continue.

The bottom line is, according to my source, he's a low level nothing, whose own past is marred with lies and deceit, and this this typical of men like Persiano.  This is another guy who didn't learn shit from past convictions gets caught and starts lying and "cooperating," to save his own skin.\

Story Developing.......