Monday, November 13, 2017


As the trial of Joey Merlino inches closer and closer(Jan. trial date) it seems like the FBI is releasing more and more information.  Maybe it's disinformation, but the truth is, the foundation of their racketeering/medicaid fraud case in the EAST COAST ENTERPRISE case versus Joey Merlino is fading and fast. 

There is an ongoing internal investigation on federal witness handling, and just how exactly the evidence was handled by mob rat John Rubeo.  This isn't the first time we have seen gross misconduct on behalf of the FBI and their ghouls.  If we go back to Whitey Bulger days and those lack of 302's on behalf of disgraced FBI agent John Connolly is fairly commonplace for the FBI.  This has happened a million times before, the difference is the FBI has been sloppy and are finally being called on the carpet about it.

In the case of John Rubeo, how the tapes were made, when, the full bulk of them, why some of them were half recorded are all questions being asked right now.  What we also know is that the FBI offered plea deals to all 46 defendants, and the four are left but the main two being  Joey Merlino and Eugene D'Nofrio, who asked to have his trial desperate from Merlino.

 What has come out recently is that John Rubeo has been recording everyone for five years now, with hundreds of hours of conversations and even video surveillance.  Making matters worse two FBI agents involved with Rubeo have been under investigation, one being cleared of any wrong doing and the other has been suspended by the FBI, and yet another is now under investigation and this one is an FBI supervisor.

Rubeo's bail has been revoked and he sits in a jail cell as we speak.  His bail was revoked due to his illegal behavior during the investigation.   This further adds problems for the FBI's main witness in Rubeo.

I don't believe that Nicodemo(former mobster now serving 30 years for murder)is willing to become an informant.  In the many people I have talked to say the same thing. "He's a stand up guy, old school."  If we take that as gospel, then the only thing that can sidetrack us here is the mere fact that the FBI moved Nicodemo from one prison, to another prison very close to Philadelphia.  The Breau of Prisons said the move was made to accomodate Nicodemo so he could be closer to his family, and he had been a model prisoner. 

For starters I don't believe any of that.  The truth is the FBI never "accommodates," anyone.  This move was made for two reasons.   The first reason is to make it appear as if Nicodemo had offered up something in order to move closer.  It sends nervous thoughts to Merlino and company and gives the appearance that Nicodemo may be talking.  The second reason is in hopes that Nicodemo can be turned.  Nicodemo if he became an informant could put a lot of people away for the rest of their lives, including Joey Merlino.   With John Rubeo being an epic failure in every sense, the FBI may be hedging bets on Nicodemo to decided 30 years is too much and he can change his life by talking.

I doubt seriously Nicodemo will go that route, but one has to wonder why this move happened.  I think the reality is, it was done as a move to show versus actual action.  It puts doubt in the mind of those indicted.  Its really a dangerous move for Nicodemo too, just because it makes the move look highly suspicious.  However, if Nicodemo does turn informant, Merlino will be in a ton of shit.  That's just the truth.

The FBI desperately needs someone to step forward because the evidence they have currently at best is tainted and the words of Rubeo will fall on deaf ears especially with two internal investigations under way.  I would expect Joey to push towards trial regardless.  It may be too late in the game at this point for the FBI to corral another snitch, but the FBI always seems to have a stacked deck, even if in this case they look effectively lost .

Saturday, November 4, 2017


I seem to get this question on all the time.  Who was the most powerful gangster or mob boss ever.  It's a difficult question because the parameters are so wide.  Do we base it on longevity? Political power? Wealth? Staying off the radar?  Which one would you go by?  I have a tendency to like those who have been able to stay on the streets, out of jail, and help everyone prosper.  Sadly their are very few who were able to attain that status, but when researching this article, I know the five I wanted to pick, and only on of them would spent his life in prison, for being the "boss of a family," according to the FBI when in fact he wasn't.  That's a gripe I will share for another day, but here we go.  These are the five wealthiest mob guys to ever have lived.  While the dollar amounts are staggering, also taking into consideration inflation and the time periods they were active.

The Godfather of shylocking and Vegas and Gambling rackets, he came up in a time with Lucky Luciano and so many others.  He was called the "mob's accountant," for a reason.  He made them all incredibly wealthy with his schemes and money making ability.  He had power where others didn't.  He was able to call for murders of made members of the Mafia, when he was Jewish.  He had money maker Benny Seigel whacked without hesitation and had know Benny his entire childhood.  If not for his money making abilities the mob would have no use for Lansky.  Lansky's abilities took him far and wide and was the genius behind the Cuban casinos.

In contract, Russell had massive power.  Not just political, but also had his hand in some of history's most notorious events.  John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Hoffa, CIA plot to kill Castro, just to name three.  Russell was a diplomat of the mob's bygone era, and was able to delegate and had the respect of the entire commission(including a seat on the commission.)  He was able to settle disputes and stay off the radar for the majority of his life.  Russell just didn't run rackets, but he was able to legitimize his profits into the steel and coal business.  He was powerful, and acted as a liaison in many regards with the Government when dealing with the mafia on covert operations.

Al Capone is well known throughout the world.  Call him the John Gotti of the 20's,  He was ruthless, smart and deadly.  Under Johnny Torrio, he learned the rackets, and was able to take it to the Irish gangs in Chicago to ultimately take over.  While his political power was not necessarily strong, he relied on police payoffs to keep the heat away but he couldn't stay out of sight and refused to infiltrate himself and eventually would be arrested for tax evasion, and die from complications of syphilis. He will always be known in the press as the first AMERICAN GANGSTER, but what many people don't discuss is that Al Capone was very much controlled by New York.

He wasn't just boss and namesake of the Gambino Crime Family.  He was deadly, off the radar, and an incredible earner before he clipped Anastasia to take over.  Carlo Gambino was a man with insane initiative and didn't hesitate dispatching whomever got in his way.  He was respected and feared.  It was through his intelligence the Gambino's took over construction rackets, the entire eastern seaboard and the garment district without much hesitation.  He maintained a quiet life, while delegating to his underlings and only spent one day in jail in his entire life.  He would die at home watching his beloved New York Yankee's, without a care in the world.

Anthony Salerno was perhaps one of the brightest of this bunch.  Not only did he control every single piece of the racket business in Harlem, but it was actually one hell of a move.  While whites and other Italians were moving the hell out of Harlem, he realized that the market was potentially greater for him financially. He could have moved from Harlem, but he refused.  He would end up running all the numbers(multi-million dollar racket alone) as well as loan shark, gambling, extortion and construction.  He not only cornered every single market in his area, but expanded into Manhattan taking over massive construction rackets, which he would share with other mob families.  Tony Salerno had a literal piece of everything going on in New York it seems.  He ultimately took the fall for his boss Vincent Gigante as Salerno was charged in the Commission Trial.  Salerno wasn't the boss, and the FBI realized it shortly after his indictment but weren't about to utter a peep because they didn't want to lose the case.  Never hesitating Tony didn't utter a word, and took his 100 year sentence like a man. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


 Philadelphia has never been a city, especially mob wise that forgets the past.  Grudges are held, even if olive branches are extended.  We have discussed at length the various scenarios that could happen in the Philly underworld, depending on the outcome of the Joey Merlino case. 

That being said, there is something sort of new to discuss.  You can call this a conspiracy theory if you wish, but from my perspective it's a powder keg just waiting to explode.

We know the players but in case you don't know let's recap a bit.  Right now Philadelphia is using a three man panel.  Joey is sitting back while preparing for trial.  In the meantime the day to do day operations have fallen onto three people.  Philip Narducci, Joe Pungitore, and Joe Ligambi.   On the outside looking in is George Borgesi.  What makes this even more interesting now is that Frank Narducci is back on the streets after being released from prison. Why?

What many people may or may not know is this.  From grumblings I have heard that if Joey goes away Narducci is likely to take over, which is going to create a bit of havoc.  I say that because we have talked at length about a power vacuum.  That's still going to happen, but perhaps more so now than ever.

Joey Merlino
When Joey essentially allowed Philip Narducci to join the chaotic family, it was seen by others in that circle as an insulting move.  Insulting because Borgesi, Angelina and others who battled Nicky Scarfo Sr and John Stanfa didn't like anybody associated with Scarfo.  It's been an ongoing issue for over two decades.  What sparked that to begin with was Joey's father Salvatore "Chuckie" Merlino, had essentially been bumped from underboss to solider.  It infuriated Merlino and company, and from that day on it was Merlino vs. Scarfo.  There also was a split over leadership, and that's exactly why we saw it go from Scarfo vs. Merlino to Stanfa vs. Natale. 

Frank "Chickie" Narducci Sr.
So as Merlino "extended an olive branch" to Narducci, it upset the apple cart more than enough for Borgesi to begin his bellyaching.  We have talked at length about that, and there is no need to rehash that here.  The reason why Frank Narducci getting out could signal some issues is that it's long been rumored that Joe Pungitore had some involvement in  Frank and Philips father "Chickie Narducci," getting killed.  Ultimately it was Salvie Testa who killed Frank Narducci, but since Salvie was murdered himself, eyes could be on Pungitore.

Frank, who was a capo in the Philadelphia Crime Family, was responsible for the death of Philip Testa along with Peter Casella and Rocco Marinucci.  A nail bomb was placed underneath of Testa's front porch, and the rest as they say is history.  In 1
982, as Narducci was arriving home, he was shot and killed.  Neither Frank nor Philip have forgotten it, EVER.

Philip Narducci
Knowing all this, it makes it interesting to see how well things will play out in the leadership aspect of Philadelphia.  As stated a million times, if Merlino goes away, all hell could break loose in Philadelphia.  Off the record I was told that "Handsome" Steve Mazzone(current underboss) isn't going to stand in anybody's way.  "If others want to stand out in front, go right ahead."  None of those comments are earth shattering in any sense, because it's widely assumed at this point, that control of the family will directly go to Narducci.  His power base is big, and he likely has the support of those around him.

 We have played it out enough that Ligambi is likely going to want to stay away from anything leadership wise, and if he takes a role at all, it will likely be in a quasi-consigliere type of position as he has held for a while now.  Where the problem become visible is in Borgesi and Pungitore.  Naturally Joey can run things from behind the wall but I don't see it happening for very long.

 By all accounts, from what I hear, is that Narducci will likely not sit back if Joey goes away and will take over.  Add his brother Frank to that mix, and Pungitore will be out back.  Borgesi? Who knows, but it's really going to come down to Narducci vs. Borgesi vs. Pungitore.  Of the three Narducci is the ivy league gangster, and the other two are more or less supporting cast at least at this point. 

Joe Pungitore
One other scenario here could be if Pungitore and Narducci can let the past be the past, but once again by all account they don't like each other very much, and Borgesi isn't liked by many in Philadelphia, so what we could see is some Machiavellian moves coming.  What could happen is Pungitore and Narducci band together to take a run at the top, while essentially pushing Boregesi's mouth in the lake.  Their are a million different scenarios here, but if I had to truly guide you down a lit path here I would tell you to watch Narducci.  He's the guy, whether you want to believe it or not, but everything hinges on Merlino's trial. 

Friday, October 27, 2017


For months now, the main question for Joey Merlino was, would he accept  plea deal, or fight it out against the Federal Government.  Of the many defendants in this case, Joey Merlino is the only one left besides Eugene O'Nofrio has obviously moved to separate himself from Merlino, and wants a separate trial.

It's been back and forth from all aspects as far as whether Joey would or wouldn't.  At this point Joey Merlino is all in, and from my expertise, the scale is tipped in Joey's favor.  The only thing that can unhinge Joey's defense at this point, will be if someone steps up instead of John Rubeo.  At this point Rubeo is suspect at best.   Perhaps the main issue with the Government's case is Rubeo himself, who apparently has a lot more respect and like for Merlino than the Government
is comfortable with.

The evidence collected, the evidence handed in, is missing in many parts, and one of the problems is, Rubeo either intentionally removed parts of those "recorded conversations," or made sure that certain aspects were removed in an effort to lessen the blow for Merlino.  In either case, from what I have been told is that the FBI is putting pressure on other informants to come forward because the evidence they have against Merlino is fleeting at best.  They want a slam dunk, and at this point it really looks like Merlino could possibly walk from a 15-20 year sentence.  Whereas Rubeo might have been enough initially, it's looking more and more like he's become a liability, and in fact Rubeo is jailed as we speak, and not in some safe-house awaiting trial.  That perhaps speaks more about Rubeo than anything.


Simply, the honus is on the Government to present a clear cut case.  They just don't have it.  Ruebo is going to create a problem for the Government.  The other option the Government has is to force or co-hearse another informant to come into play.  That seems to be the monster in the closet at this point.  The FBI has gone to lengths to try and turn some Merlino associates and it hasn't worked.  It truly boils down to two things.  Either Rubeo falls flat on his ass and Merlino walks, or the Government finds another snitch who can corroborate facts.


Whether or not the FBI wants this out, or whether it's fully in operation at this point, it's my belief based on facts and what I've heard that the FBI and the Organized Crime Task Force has been monitoring the Philadelphia mafia for a while now.  They are looking into unsolved murders, racketeering and more.  From what I have heard, there are a lot of guys on the street taking to the FBI, but are refusing to testify.  They are simply supplying information and the FBI is taking note.  How long before indictments come down is anyone's guess, but it's an ongoing investigation and I speculated this almost a year ago.  It doesn't take rocket science to see why.

For some reason, Georgie Borgesi thought it was a bright move opening a social club on 11th and Jackson It's like planting a god damned flag in the middle of a corn field and expecting nobody to notice.  Within a month Borgesi was seen in a FOX 29 video sitting at a desk inside the social club.  Associates and made men were videotaped going in and out of the social club.  It's absolutely a stupid and absurd move to make.


There are a million different scenarios here.  We have discussed them at length.  I believe at this point we have a few real scenarios playing out in Philly, and with the many different mob genre writers speculating let's get a few things factual here and now. Philadelphia was  split into four factions, at least prior to the indictment of Merlino.  Merlino, Ligambi, Narducci and Pungitore rounded out the leadership.  However now, I believe Merlino has insulted himself a bit, and what is probably more realistic at this point is a three headed leadership.  Joey is still de-facto boss, while Ligambi, Narducci and Pungitore operate the day to day operations.  Each one has a crew underneath of them.

What is going to be the end all for Philadelphia is this.  If Joey gets convicted, I don't think he will hold onto the family for very long.  He may delegate much like his predecessors and form an official three headed structure where Ligambi, Narducci and Pungitore rule together, but I don't think there is any way Ligambi will take over by himself.  It's just not going to happen.   So what you could see is this power vacuum we have talked about.


Not all is as simple as it seems.  You have some characters in Philadelphia, and not everyone is exactly happy with the way things are looking.  We can get into the petty stuff, but there is no point.  We all know the past between Borgesi and Merlino and Marty Angelina, and I don't want to rehash all that.  More importantly if Joey goes away, you will have two Scarfo era guys in leadership along with Joe Ligambi, who is a Merlino surrogate.  If Pungitore or Narducci see this as an opportunity to take over it won't be difficult.  If Borgesi steps up to create issues, you could see a war.  It's no secret Borgesi wants to be a leader, but how far is he willing to go?  Simply, it could be chaos in Philadelphia if a line is drawn in the sand between the players.   You have around 70 guys in Philadelphia all fighting over the same ten rackets.  They have been forced to go into legitimate housing rehab jobs to make ends meet.  At some point, one guy is going to want it all for himself, and it's going to create some massive friction. Greed breeds discontent, and it's a film coming to a movie near you very soon.


The bottom line is this, if Joey walks, all will be quiet but not for very long, especially if you realize indictments are coming.  If Joey goes away, indictments will still come but there won't be such a great emphasis on behalf of the FBI to move quick on that.  They will allow time for this guys to realign and take stock of their surroundings.

What I do believe will happen, and you can mark this down, is that Joey likely will skate from the charges, but probably will be re indicted for something else down the road.  The odds are pretty good there.   I also believe Philadelphia is in big trouble.  Indictments aside could wipe them off the face of the earth if they aren't careful.  An indictment on say twenty guys doesn't and won't destroy a family especially when they have a membership of  200.  In the case of Philadelphia however you're talking 70 members here, and effectively done, every single one could be arrested.  I don't believe that will happen, but don't be surprised when 20 or so do get arrested.

I also think the split between factions could get bigger and lines will be drawn into the sand. I'm not saying there will be shootouts and murders, but it's not too far off when you consider the small amount of rackets and the personalities involved here.  Philadelphia has always had problems and they don't seem the learn from the past.  

Monday, October 23, 2017


Under most circumstances, the life and times of Salvatore "Sammy The Bull" Gravano don't concern me.  I pretty much swept him under the rug 25 years ago as a complete and utter disgrace to the mob, his friends, and just in general.

Just recently, there was a photo posted by TMZ, showing Sammy in one of his favorite spots in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He was picking up food to take home and he looks every bit of 72 and then some. 

I honestly, don't care about him or anything he's selling, and believe me if any of the rumors are true, you will be seeing Gravano on television at some point in the venue of "reality television."  While that is pretty amusing in every sense, their is something else I wanted to discuss.

We can make arguments all day long.  Salvatore Gravano at one point, was a feared man, and for good reason.

 We can talk about his construction rackets, his intimidation, his lore, but those days are behind him. 

Rather, I want to discuss what a disgusting individual he is.  It's not only because he ratted out half the mob, or put John Gotti behind bars for the rest of his life. 

Those things are well noted, but one thing that doesn't seem to echo from journalists is the fact that he murdered 19 people. Did I say 19?  Maybe in fact many many more.

Gravano was caught telling several inmates while in Arizona that it was closer to 60 people that he murdered.  Their can be an oft used line by myself, that in the life you will murder as a means to an end.  I have also said I don't know if you could ever justify murder in any sense, but in this case we will take the stance that murder was a device, a means to an end.  One of the other things often spewed by his daughter Karen is that, "they only kill each other."  Tongue in cheek explaining that everyone knows the deal.  They signed up for it.  While that is true in some senses, you have to look at who Gravano killed and why.

Gravano not only killed people, he killed his best friend Louis Milito.  Why?  He says he was told to.  Yet he soon took over some of his rackets.  Robert DiBernardo?  Same thing.  He was quick to take over porn rackets and construction rackets, but not because he was some genius,  but because if you had something the bull wanted, he'd kill you for it, and take it.

John Gotti can be heard on wiretaps bellyaching about Gravano lying non stop about things.  Not only could Sammy not stop stealing rackets, but used his position to lie to John Gotti to force his hand.  "I took his word, his word that he was talkin' subversive about me," is perhaps one of the biggest things I ever took from John Gotti being caught on wiretaps.  It's proof that Gravano would lie to not only enhance his business portfolio but the majority of the time he would quickly move in and take whatever business he wanted.

This is also a man who killed his own brother in law Pete Scibetta.  His wife's brother.  There is no justification for that.  None that I could find, other than some rumors, which I won't divulge here.  If you are in the same circles as me, you know those rumors well.  But....there is more.

Gravano killed an innocent child.  Not some associate, not some knock-around guy.  No.  An innocent 16  year old named Alan Kaiser.  I loosely know his sister Joi, and while I am very protective of her feelings, you need to understand those circumstances, not because the details I want to share, but because you need to understand for yourself what a pile of demonic shit Gravano truly is.

August 5, 1977 at 10:30 p.m. Alan was walking down Kings Hwy in Brooklyn,  minding his own business.  He wasn't bothering anyone.  Louis Milito and Salvatore Gravano are driving by.  They pulled up alongside Kaiser, and waved him over to the car.  As Kaiser approached the car, he was shotgunned in the head and chest by Milito and finished off by Gravano.  Why?  Mistaken identity.  This young man, who was innocent, beloved by his family was stolen by two psychopaths for absolutely no reason.  The Kaiser family has had to endure looking at this pile of vomit since then.

To make matters worse, it should have been a capital offense.  The problem is the Government continues to accept this type of behavior as long as they tell on someone they feel is of more importance.  Their is absolutely zero reason for the Government to accept that sort of thing.  If Anthony Casso can do a life sentence for killing an innocent child, despite testifying, then the same should be used in Gravano's case.  Not only did Gravano kill an innocent child, he snuffed out at the minimum 19 others.  Those families have to endure knowing what he did too.

Gravano in exchange for his testimony, gets 5 years.  That's it.  Jeffery Dahmer didn't get 5 years.  Richard Ramirez didn't get 5 years, John Wayne Gacy didn't get five years.  They got put away for the rest of their lives and they are serial killers.  That's what Salvatore Gravano is. 

He gets out of prison, and tries to live a normal life, then is caught selling drugs to children.  We aren't talking small scale here.  31,000 ecstasy pills, $500,000 a week profit.  His daughter, his wife, his son, all were involved.  How Karen Gravano can sit on any high end moral compass is beyond me.  She is a drug dealer.  She may not have sold them herself, but she helped hide the money.  Wire fraud and bank fraud and more are not just happenstance crimes.  Gravano ends up getting ratted on by his co-defendants and gets hammered with 20 years.  How did he not violate his parole from the FBI's case against him?  How when he was sentenced was that not brought up?  How did someone with multiple convictions and murders not get a life sentence?  How is that supposed to make the Kaiser family feel safe?  How does that make society safe?

While we can go around in circles about this matter for hours, the truth is, Salvatore Gravano has ruined hundred of lives and has continued to get pass after pass after pass.  It's not right, and certainly an acceptable by all accounts when it comes to how the Government rewards people like Gravano then doesn't hammer them when the truth about who they are comes out.  It's the tattle tale that gets the lollipop as usual and the victims get treated as they are cancer ridden lepers.  What has to change is the way in which the Government handles itself and it's moral compass.  Until then human trash like Gravano will continue to haunt those who've lost loved ones.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


The large question surrounding "Skinny" Joey Merlino, is two fold.  Will he or won't he?  If you are confused about that, what I mean is, will Joey settle out and take a plea, or will he continue to push forward against the federal government?

The latest in this soap opera is the government confirming in a round about way, that mob stoolie John Rubeo has evidence on Joey Merlino not just audibly, but in the form of visually as well.  One of the things the government has done in the past and I have to mention here that it's usually not a good sign when the government tosses out information publicly, but usually it's a scare tactic.  According to sources, John Rubeo was using sunglasses that had a hidden video camera in the lens.  Apparently the FBI has gone super-spy!!!

Of the 48 or so defendants all have taken plea deals accept Merlino and Eugene D'Nofrio.  D'Nofrio has asked not to be tried with Merlino in an effort to sort of move himself away from the charismatic mob boss from south Philly.  All that aside however.....

 The biggest question is the chain of evidentiary command here.  Simply stated, how the evidence was captured, when, how, why, and more specifically why were parts added and deleted?  Anytime you have evidence there is very strict guidelines for turning it in.  The problem here is that Rubeo has handed in evidence way after the fact, with parts missing and deleted which causes a lot of concern on the behalf of Merlino.  When Ron Previte was taping Merlino and Natale, or even when Joe Pistone was handing in taped conversations there was a strict guideline for that.  According to multiple sources the FBI has mishandled Rubeo and the entire case.  There is also no sense in information sharing.  The Tampa branch of the FBI was furious that the Eastern State of New York didn't share information, especially when some of these activities were taking place in Tampa, Florida.  It's common for two jurisdictions to fight over stuff like this because each side wants that indictment.

Add to this that Rubeo also taped many other Philadelphia mob members yet the only member indicted from Philadelphia was Joey Merlino.  It's not to say that sweeping indictments won't flow down the river at some point, but it's highly suspicious.  It reminds me very much of how the FBI was relentless in going after John Gotti Sr and John A. Gotti Jr.  It's the same tactic, but with an informant who at best is a notorious liar.

One of the side facets to this is that Rubeo really liked Joey Merlino by all accounts and one of the more interesting theories here is that Rubeo essentially deleted some information intentionally as not to put Joey in more trouble.  In either case, the government is going to have a difficult time with this case.  Believe me the government doesn't offer a plea when they have all their ducks in a row.  The only question now is, will Joey push it to trial as it appears, or will the federal government bring in a better deal?

The best option here in my opinion is for Joey to fight the charges.  Granted he is looking at some hefty time here, but if all that is coming out publicly about this case is 100% accurate, Joey would be a fool not to fight.  With Rubeo being a less an apt informant, the odds are heavily stacked in Joey's favor here. 

The evidence alone is subject to a lot of questions and the longer this plays out, the better the chances that Merlino will walk, but you also better believe that more is coming down the pipeline for Philadelphia. 

Friday, September 29, 2017


I come across a lot of trash on the internet obviously.  Sometimes it's laughable, sometimes it's completely reckless.  It's one thing if you have a theory, which sometimes can be backed up by facts, but the plain truth is I came across a complete pile of trash, so much so, it just made me sick.

It's easy to take a conspiracy theory and twist it in a million ways to make your st
ory have plausibility, but this one was so filled with holes and lies I just couldn't believe it was even written.  To begin with, I'm not going to discuss who this blogger is because I don't want to give him any press whatsoever.  Secondly, this blogger repeatedly lies, and just doesn't state factual information.  That being said...

His theory was Roy DeMeo was an informant.  He basis this information on something another writer said, which came from word of mouth.  Rumor had it when Roy DeMeo was found in the trunk of his car there was a tape recorder attached to the top of his trunk with a wire running between the seats and whatever tape might have been in the recorder was gone.  Their are a ton of problems with this statement.

 Roy DeMeo wasn't killed because it was feared that he was a rat. There are a million reasons why Roy was killed, but perhaps the biggest reason was because he was out of control and killing whomever he wanted without the permission of Paul Castellano. Then there was the high profile murder of an innocent vacuum cleaner salesman, who Roy believed was a cartel member. Why? Well Chris Rosenberg whacked a cartel member and stole the drugs and money in that hotel. The cartel wanted revenge and Roy was told to kill Rosenberg.  He bucked.  He took his time.  It infuriated and scared Castellano.  Roy was also responsible for overseeing Jimmy Coonan and the Westies and failed to keep a close choke hold on them.  As well Roy got sloppy with murder and had allowed the car theft ring to get out of control.   Roy might as well have been a new version of Murder Inc.  Roy brought too much heat and directly got Paul Castellano indicted.

The argument could be made, however loosely that perhaps DeMeo thought there was a back door option he could use.  I can certainly entertain that notion, but everything Roy did after the heat started points in another direction.  For starters, Roy was old school.  He wouldn't inform on his friends.  He repeatedly dodged the FBI and the police.  In his final months he grew a beard, and was in an out of New York City.  He was playing cat and mouse with the FBI.

Anthony Senter
Roy had to be killed for a million reasons, but specifically Castellano had been indicted and he wanted all loose ends taken care of. Then it was found out that Dominick Montiglio had become a rat.  Everything was caving in. 

So what happened to Roy DeMeo?  He was told to go to a meeting in Brooklyn.  It was at a Gambino owned garage.  He pulled in, and saw Anthony Senter, Joey Testa, and Anthony Gaggi.  As he got out of the car he was shot repeatedly by all three men.  There has been so much bullshit going around about this, but the truth is Gaggi was told to kill DeMeo himself because he fucked up by allowing DeMeo in so close. 

The defensive wounds on DeMeo also shows(bullet holes in h
Joey Testa
is hands) that he put his hands up in front of his face to try and deflect the gunshots but it didn't work as DeMeo was killed.  They tied his hands behind his back, then tied him to a chandelier in the back of his trunk, and drove the car and parked it so he could rot in the back.

Shortly after Albert DeMeo, Roy's son, was forced off the road by Anthony Senter and Joey Testa.  Albert's car careened off the highway and down an embankment.  Anthony and Joey wanted Roy's black book, which contained Roy's loanshark business names and financials.  Senter and Testa wanted it badly, as did Anthony Casso, who Anthony and Joey were now trying to align themselves with.  They were willing to kill Roy's son for his money.  It's that simple.

Nobody knows, until now what the deal was with that recording device.  You're hearing it here first.  A device was in the trunk, but it wasn't even hooked up right.  It was not put in the car by Roy DeMeo.  It was installed by Anthony Senter and Joey Testa.  Why?  They wanted to throw the police and the FBI off the scent of the murder.  They knew that they would likely be accused because they were so close to Roy and they also needed to send a message to anyone who might think twice about avenging the death of Roy DeMeo.  The best way to do that, was to make it look like he was an informant.  Years ago, and I have been saying this for a long time I did a FOIA request about Roy DeMeo.  There was nothing about him being an informant, or ever even talking to an agent in any capacity other than when they informed him he could be murdered.  In fact, Roy was vitriolic to agents every time they attempted to make contact with him.

The truth is, Roy DeMeo never would have gone to that meeting if he was an informant.  The FBI knew he had problems, tried to make contact regarding things they were hearing and he told the FBI to "fuck off."  He realized he was in trouble, but he still went to the sit down.  He left his wallet, money and id's on his dresser.  He knew he was going to be killed.  A man whose informing doesn't go to a meeting like that.  Not only that, but if Roy was an informant how come the information he provided didn't help convict anyone?  It's because he never did.  It was a scam by Senter and Testa too fool a lot of people.  They felt there needed to be over-justification, and frankly it worked. 

There was no tape.  There was no device attached.  It's simply a rumor that began based on whispers with zero evidence.  Anthony Senter's background was in stealing cars and radios from cars.  He had an expertise in that field, and he was the one who came up with the recording device in the trunk idea.  It was a giant ruse, that prolific writers have bought hook, line and sinker.  None of it is accurate in the sense other than appearances aside.

This blogger, didn't do his homework nor does he know Anthony Senter like I did.  He simply ran on a story he heard somewhere else, and didn't stop to think about what the story was.  I'm not saying Roy DeMeo was a saint folks, I'm simply saying that DeMeo even as he was, well, he just wasn't an informant in any sense.  This same blogger said Neil Dellacroce was an informant too.  I won't even dignify that crap whatsoever.....

When you get all your information from rats, what do you expect?