Saturday, March 10, 2018


Written by Scott Williams-Collier

Life for the most part for me is pretty normal. I work a normal job and try to keep a low profile. I have had my moments through the years though, made a few silly decisions, and met a few characters (good and bad) along the way. I'm sure most of us can relate to that in some way at some point in our lives.

We probably all have a disturbing or frightening tale to tell about the things that have happened to us, I should know I have had more than a few occurrences in my lifetime. I think this is all part and parcel of our journey in life, shit happens (so to speak).
Darren Appleyard

One that really sticks in my mind and gives me the creeps whenever I think about it dates back over eleven years now. That is the time I met Darren Appleyard. Darren and I worked for the same company in the telecoms industry. At the time he was a trainee manager and sometimes managed my team. I never saw anything bad in him, he seemed like a normal run-of-the-mill kinda guy.

It was around this time that Darren asked me a favour. He knew that I had my own place and asked if he could rent the spare room in my house. According to him he had been asked to leave the house he was staying in by his landlady. He was renting a room off her, but she apparently just asked him to leave, completely out of the blue. He seemed bamboozled by it all and stressed out because he had nowhere else to go. After thinking about it for a minute I agree on the basis that he would speak to the owners of the house first.

At the time the house I was renting belonged to my mother, the house I grew up in, in my home town of Warrington, Cheshire. My mother had moved out out years earier after remarrying but I stayed behind and rented it off her. It was ideal for me really, I liked the area and it was close to work too. 

After speaking to my folks they agreed to come down to meet Darren, to check him out and discuss rent. So the day after they drove up to the house to meet him. As my mother and stepfather entered the house, Darren offered both of them a hand-sake and a smile. I always remember the first thing he said to them, he remarked on how tall they both were. Darren was an ex marine, while he was physically fit and strong, he wasn't blessed with height. He was probably around 5 feet 7.  It's funny how people can make comments during conversations and you don't think much about it at the time. Later after certain events take place, after you get to know them more, you look back at that moment and it becomes apparent that maybe that comment had some meaning in it, you get a look into their mindset. When I look back at that now it reminds me of a man who had a damaged ego.

Darren moved in that week, and to be fair he was no trouble. It was nice having someone else in the house for a change. We had a few crazy nights drinking and he told me about his time in the Marines and the training he was put through to become one. We also went into town on a couple of occasions for a drink. I recall him meeting a girl one night who was quite a bit younger than he was, and him going off with her. On another occasion at the weekend we went into town during the day, we started playing pool in one of the bars in Warrington town centre. While playing pool we ended up playing a few other guys for money. I was on form that day and wasn't missing anything. I remember taking quite a bit of money of them that day. I recall them starting to get quite irritated about our winning streak and each time we played the money kept going up, their desperate attempt to win back the money we had taken off them already. We were going to have one more game but after going to the toilet, Darren told me he had heard one of them say they were going to jump us outside with their friends. Needless to say we decided to sneak out and leave with our winnings.

I didn't really see anything that concerned me about Darren, not to any great extent anyway. The only two things that I could say about him during the five weeks or so that he lived with me, was the young girl he had a short term relationship with. To me she was way too young for him, he was in his mid 30's and she if i can remember correctly was in her late teens or early 20's. The other thing I noticed was when pushed he had a temper.

While walking through town one evening we crossed paths with a group of youths, the oldest one looked like he was about 18 or 19. This kid was cocky and barged past me, so I stopped and asked him what his problem was. I decided that he wasn't worth the hassle and just laughed and carried on walking. The group were shouting abuse at us as we walked on. Darren then swung round, and in a fit of rage screamed over at them to come back and we will sort this out now. They didn't take him up on the offer and carried on walking. That's the only time I ever saw real anger from him.

I also recall him making a few comments about his ex girlfriend Lisa. I didn't know Lisa but she worked for the same company as Darren and I. He didn't speak about her in great detail but did say that she had treated him badly.

After staying at my home for about five weeks, he just stopped coming back. I asked him at work what he was doing. He informed me that he had got back together with his girlfriend Lisa and had moved back in with her. I must of asked him about seven or eight times for the keys back I had cut for him for my front door, but he kept putting me off. I got bored of asking for them in the end and assumed he must have lost them or thrown them away. He didn't even come back to the house to collect his belongings he'd left behind.

That was more or less the end of my brief friendship with Darren Appleyard. He didn't bother speaking to me in work again and kept his distance. So I just left him to it.

About six months later my friend at work Paul rang me and told me on the phone that he thought Darren had murdered someone. My initial reaction was to laugh as I seriously thought he was making some sick joke. I remember saying in disbelief, "no you must have that wrong he wouldn't do that." I honestly thought that it was someone else.

As the day progress and I heard more it turned out that what was in the news was indeed about Darren. He had murdered his pregnant girlfriend Lisa in front of her five year old daughter with his
Lisa Collins
own children from a previous relationship downstairs. Newspaper and online articles said that Lisa's young daughter had ran downstairs upset and said to Darren's nine year old daughter and eight year old son, "your daddy is going to kill my mummy." Darren had beaten Lisa and strangled her upstairs in their bedroom. She was 22 weeks pregnant with his child.

When Darren went to trial for Lisa's murder it came to light that he had a long history of being violent and abusive towards women. His ex wife Natalie Appleyard had said he had beaten her, strangled her and stopped her from leaving the house. He had also made threats to kill her on numerous occasions. Another ex girlfriend Zoe Evans said Appleyard had assaulted her on numerous occasions, and he had on one occasion covered her mouth and pinched her nose so she couldn't breath. He told her if she did not shut up he would kill her. As he removed his hand she shouted out, Appleyard placed his had back over her mouth and nose again cutting off her air supply until she conformed. This is something he liked to do to exert his control and authority over them during arguments.

Life term for brutal killer
Father warned murdered Lisa
Lisa murder sparks plea to abuse victims
Lisa killer loses sentence appeal

Darren Appleyard also faced charges of rape, indecent assault, two assaults and threats to kill, but they were ordered to lie on file.

In July 2007 at his trial, Darren changed his plea to guilty of murder at the last minute, he had denied murder at first only admitting to manslaughter. In addition he also pleaded guilty to assaulting his ex wife Natalie and ex girlfriend Zoe. The Judge Gerald Clifton told Appleyard, "you are a highly dangerous bully when it comes to your women folk." Darren Appleyard was sentence to life in prison and has to serve at least 17 years before he is eligible for parole.

If there is one thing I took away from my brief encounter with Darren, it was to remind myself that you can never truly know who the people are that come and go out of your life.

I always think back to that moment when he met my parents, when he looked up at them and remarked on how tall they were, and think of him as an angry little man with a massive chip on his shoulders! Abusers and bully's like Appleyard never change, they feel the need to bully, hurt, control and manipulate those around them to make up for the inadequacies they feel.

My final thoughts looking back on all this, is I sincerely hope that the children involved, Lisa's daughter and Darren's children have been able to move on from this horrible incident and live a positive and fulfilling life.

In my opinion Darren Appleyard is lucky the laws in the UK are so lenient. He doesn't deserve freedom! He will be eligible for parole in 2024.

Thursday, March 8, 2018


The reason why this is titled part 2, is because I thought we had fully digested this a week back.  Then this morning Jerry Capeci "dean of mob writers," put out an article filled with assertions and generalizations not based or grounded in facts, but what others "told him."  Once again his "sources," are the same sources that have fed him his entire career.  They are called the FBI.

This is not an article to knock Jerry Capeci, however in reading two of his articles, it's amazing how those jury numbers keep changing.  To begin with, we have to step back for a second.  The first thing is I saw Jerry Capeci at the trial two days.  The first day he stayed for ten minutes, gossiped with other reporters and left.  The second day he was humiliated by the judge for not standing up as the jury left the court room.   Jerry has been around mob trials his entire life, and the fact that he didn't stand showed utter disrespect towards the jury and Judge Sullivan tongue-lashed him for it.

I honestly don't know how Jerry kept writing articles about this trial considering he wasn't there for any of it.  So where does he get his information from?  Sources.  Ah em, the FBI.  As the Merlino trial was moving towards a mistrial he reported after the fact that the jury numbers for conviction were closer than he reported this morning.  Which one is it?  He once again cited his "sources".

Philadelphia whack-a-doodle Dave Schratwieser got most of the trial wrong too.  He also came out a week and a half ago stating that Joey Merlino was essentially looking to make a deal.  I will be honest,  I reached out to Joey, and his direct response to me asking him if any of that garbage was true was to say the following.  "HE'S NUTS!"  

So what do you believe?  Surely most of the gossip really began with Schratwieser who couldn't tell a mobster from Mickey Mouse with the blind guy leading him.  The second thing is, they need filler.  So they guess and lean an article one way to lead you down a path of bullshit.  Anastasia does it, Schratwieser does it, Capeci does it.  The difference is if I don't know I will say so.   What also compiles all of this nonsense is that Eugene "Rooster" O'Nofrio has recently plead guilty to charges stemming from the East Coast Racketeering case.  The deal that O'Nofrio got this time around pales in comparison to the last one.  He will do likely two years, when given the option prior was around four plus.  A smart move for an aging alleged mobster.

That fact probably started the circus which Schratwieser started over a week ago.  No facts, just gossip, and Jerry Capeci pretty much piggybacked off Schratwieser, but added the O'Nofrio stuff as some sort of proof that Merlino was in discussions with the government.  As of this writing, Joey Merlino is NOT talking about any DEALS.  In fact, Judge Sullivan was going to render a decision last Monday, but both sides asked for more time to consider trial dates and more.  Judge Sullivan has pushed off the date to April 9th, and one of two things will happen.  Either the government will let this go, or they will elect to retry Joey Merlino.

The naysayers will say this to me and I'm prepared for this, so let's play devils advocate for a second.  What if Joey took a plea?  What if that happens?  Well, it won't happen, and if by some weird crap happens, ultimately he will do what he has to do for himself.  As I have stated many times, I have no dog in this fight, I just support a friend.  That simple.  I believe he's innocent, I went to the trial about everyday so I know what the government has and didn't have.  You should take my word for it because unlike all those others I mentioned, I was there.  Anastasia, Schratwieser, Capeci never really came.  So what do they know other than what they hear?  But for arguments sake, look Joey is 55.  A full conviction for these set of crimes is some monster time.  Who the hell wants to sit in the clink for twenty years?

My point is, of 49 defendants, all but two took plea deals.  Joey is the last one standing.  He fought the government and won.  Whether or not they decide to double down is on them.  Whether Merlino decides to just accept a deal is on him.  I don't think Joey would have ever come this far if he was just going to sign paperwork.  So you had better believe in this case, he's not going to accept anything other than see ya, thanks as he walks out the door and goes home.  If the opposite happens, then who could blame him?  I couldn't.

Put away the bravado shit for one second.  Me personally, I don't care whether a plea was reached or tossed out.  Joey is a man's man, an honest man.   He can take an Alford plea if he wanted to.  An Alford plea essentially denies guilt of any wrong doing,  but admits the government has substantial evidence that likely would sway a jury or judge to convict.  To me, there is nothing wrong with accepting any sort of plea, but in Joey's case I get it.  He did nothing wrong.  They couldn't convict him.  He's out of the life.  You gotta make the government prove it, and they couldn't.

The bottom line is, regardless of what happens, Joey won.  I don't care what anyone says.  They used bottom feeding loser junkie rats to try and put Joey in crimes he NOT only DIDN'T take part in, but accused him of actions of others.  You show me one shred of evidence that proves otherwise.  I was there.  They had NOTHING!  Just JR Rubeo lying non stop.  Wayne Kriesberg looking like he ate too many whoppers before testifying.

We shall see what becomes of this entire saga, but for now, and until further notice, stop listening to the three stooges.(Capeci, Schratweiser, Anastasia).  NO DEAL, NO PLEA.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


It's one thing to claim your an "Anti-Bullying" expert. What exactly is an "Anti-Bullying Expert?" An "Anti-Bullying" expert is someone who speaks out against those who bully.  They stand up for the little guy right?  So If I told you, or I was to describe myself as an "Anti-Bullying" expert then you would expect me fully to act accordingly correct?  I wouldn't be on social media bad mouthing people and calling them names correct?  I wouldn't made comments about someone "looking like they are a child molester."  I certainly wouldn't be on a pedestal telling the world how I'm an Anti-Bullying expert when the one thing I am an "expert on," is actually bullying.

John Alite may want you to believe he's an expert.  He wants you to believe he cares about people.  He wants you to believe he fights for the little guy who doesn't have a voice right?  Sure.  But what If I told you all he does on social media for the most part is slander, defame, and actually bully those who do not agree with him?  What If I showed you screenshots of his behavior?  Would you then want your child to sit in a room and listen to this guy spew good tidings and cheer, when secretly online he tells people to "suck his dick, or uses phrases like I fucked your mom, that fat slob, then she blew me?"  Is this the kind of reformed human you want lecturing someone whose really been bullied at the hands of other kids?

If you're going to preach it, live it.  In fact, Alite has a whole entire supporting cast of bullies alongside him.  If he can't have his way with you on social media they will.  John Alite will stop at nothing to hurt you on social media.  This is the example he wants to set right here.  I simply won't tell you, I will show you.  These are his own words.  Judge him by his own deeds, words and actions.  These are few of the thousand examples of his antics that I have seen.  You wouldn't believe the disgusting things he has said about me, and so many others and he doesn't stop.    These are HIS WORDS.  Judge him on that merit.  Judge the people that call him a friend and support this nonsense.

We have enough children in society who suffer from depression, ptsd, divorce, abuse and more.  We have seen in schools what has happened as a result to endless bullying.  We have sadly seen young children take their own lives over the non-stop bullying and harassment online from those who are despicable.  Instead of living what he preaches, he instead bullies.  This is NOT a man who cares about you or your situation as much as he does about "getting even." Save lives don't destroy them.  Reformation means you change out of something bad you become truly something good.  Is this the words of a decent non-bullying man?  Or a bully?

As you see in all these screenshots, taken by multiple people, the kind of person John Alite really is.  This isn't about anything other than standing up for what you believe in, and I frankly don't think someone saying these things should be calling themselves an Anti-Bully.  We have to put a stop to bullying in this country, and it begins right here, with an adult, a 50 something year old adult whose bullying people.  Age shouldn't matter, because it's the action of bullying, the distortion of lies and smears to hurt others that's actually bullying.  You cannot honestly tell me this guy isn't doing that?

I personally could care less what him or his minions have to say about me.  They have launched into me non stop.  What I'm trying to stop is from them attacking everyone else only because they question him or don't believe him.  We have to put a stop to this sort of behavior. Nobody should be assailed with words like "whore, blow job, cunt, rapist."  These are all words Alite has used(I can provide screenshots) to try and hurt others.  Accusing someone of rape is awful.  I know, he accused me of it to or at least attempted to imply it.  If you believe in Anti-Bullying then report everything you see him do like this.  That's how you put a stop to it.  What happens if a kid angers him?  Then what?  You think he'd somehow draw a magic line?  What if that kid lies about his age and uses an older photo?  You think Alite won't hesitate?  Think again.

All she did was speak against him, and that's his reaction

Sunday, March 4, 2018


By Scott Williams-Collier

Mafia hits are all part and parcel of being in the mob. But few are rarely more spectacular or provide more shock and awe than the execution of a mob boss. These hits go down in gangland folklore and their legend is told for years to come. Mob informant Joe Valachi once said to the McClellan Committee, "You live by the gun and the knife and you die by the gun and by the knife." Here The True Crime Page gives it's top 3 mob boss hits of the 20th century.

Joe The Boss Masseria
#1 Joe the Boss Masseria born January 17th 1886 in Menfi, Sicily,Italy was a Mob boss of what is now known as the Genovese crime family. He was the most powerful mob boss in New York in the early 1920's. An old school gangster and a part of the Mustache Pete era; he did not approve of working with none Italian's and did not like his underlings doing business with none Italian's either.

Joe arrived in America in 1902 and soon became a member of the Morello crime family. He would eventually take control of the Morello crime family with Giuseppe Morello deciding to take a number two roll.

During the early years of prohibition Joe was the most powerful mob boss in America. That was of course until the arrival of another powerful mafioso came to America in 1925. Salvatore Maranzano came from the notorious mafia town of Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily. On arriving in New York, he set his sights on taking over all the rackets in the city and becoming the Boss of Bosses (Cappo di tutt'i capi). In February 1930 when tensions mounted between the two leaders, the killings started and war broke out between the two factions of Joe the Boss and Salvatore Maranzano.

The younger, and more Americanised generation of mob guys like Charles Lucky Luciano knew that the war was bad for business. People were dying, they weren't making the money they could, and bodies in the street attract attention from the authorities. The old guard had to go!

Joe The Boss and the death card clutched in his hand
Charles Luciano decided the war needed to end, so he went against his boss Masseria and made a deal with the enemy , Salvatore Maranzano. Luciano would have Masseria killed, in return he wanted to take over Masseria's gang and be an equal power with Maranzano in New York. Maranzano accepted and the deal was made.

On April 15th, Coney Island New York, Masseria was eating at the Nuova Villa Tammaro restaurant. Gangland legend has it that he was invited their by Luciano. After eating they played cards while Luciano's hitmen waited outside. After excusing himself to the bathroom the hitmen entered the restaurant and opened fire on Masseria. Masseria was hit four times in the back and once in the head killing him outright. Clutched in his bloody hand was the death card, the ace of spades. This hit would mark the end of the Castellammarese War and the beginning of a new era for the mob. The American Mafia would soon go on to be one of the most powerful and profitable crime groups in the world.

Joe the Boss lies dead in the Nuova Villa Tammaro Restaurant

Salvatore Maranzano
#2 Salvatore Maranzano was born in the notorious mafia town of Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily, Italy in 1886. More educated and cultured than his gruff counterpart Masseria; Maranzano arrived in New York in 1925. Upon arriving in the city he immediately set his sights on taking full control of all the rackets and the Mafia, becoming the Boss of Bosses ( capo di tutti capi).

Although more educated and cultured than Masseria, Maranzano did have two things in common with his rival. He was greedy and wanted to be the Boss and Bosses, he also did not do any business with none Italian's. This was something that riled the younger generation like Charles Lucky Luciano.

Guys like Maranzano and Masseria came from an older generation, they didn't speak English as well as the younger guys, they did not trust or do business with none Italian's and weren't Americanised like the younger breed of gangster's who had grown up in New York.

Luciano understood that it was good for business to build relationships with Jewish and Irish gangsters. It would give the mafia access to their networks and they could make money together, lots of money.

After Making a deal with Luciano to get rid of Masseria, Maranzano went against his original deal. Instead of equality as promised he declared that all the gangs would be split up into five families, each would control rackets in one of the five boroughs of New York. Each family would have a boss and above all of them would sit Maranzano; the Boss of Bosses. This did not sit well with gangsters like Luciano!

Maranzano knew that Charles Luciano was a threat to his power over the mafia, so he arranged to have him  killed. He acquired the services of a young notorious murderer call Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll. Luciano would be called to Maranzano's offices and upon entering the office, Luciano would be shot and killed by Mad Dog Coll.

Luciano learned about this attempted hit on his life and knew now was the time to strike, kill or be killed. So he employed the help of his good friend Meyer Lansky to help him get to Maranzano.

Maranzano was hard to get to, he always had armed body guards and was driven around in an armored car. The best way to reach him would be through his office at the Helmsley Building on 230 Park Avenue.

Maranzano lies dead in his office
Luciano was called to Maranzano's office on September 10th 1931. Instead Jewish gangsters were sent, arranged by his friend Meyer Lansky and posing as tax men. Under the guise of tax men the hitmen entered the Helmsley building unsuspected by Maranzano and his men. Upon entering Maranzano's office his men were relieved of their weapons and the Boss of Bosses was attacked, viciously! Stabbed multiple times, throat slit and then finished off  with guns. A slower and much brutal murder than his predecessor Masseria, this murder was to spell the beginning of a new era for the mafia in America, a golden age and the rise of the biggest gangster of them all, Charles Lucky Luciano.

Charles Luciano would go on to keep the five family structure put in place by Maranzano, but abolished the the Boss of Bosses title. Instead in it's place he created the Mafia Commission with the
Maranzano death scene photo in his office.
committee consisting of the five bosses of the New York Five Families and the bosses of the Chicago Outfit and Buffalo crime family. This structure would organise the mafia and turn it into the most powerful criminal organisation in the country, which would rule America for the next 60 years.

#3 Albert Anastasia born 26th September 1902 in Tropea, Calabria, Italy. Anastasia came to America in 1919 after deserting a freighter he was working on with his brothers as soon as it reached New York. Here Anastasia got a job working as a longshoreman on the Brooklyn waterfront. It was here that Albert got himself into serious trouble. After getting into an argument with a fellow
Albert Anastasia
longshoreman he lost his temper and killed the man in a viscous fight. He was sent to Sing Sing prison to await execution in the electric chair. 

Albert's tough fearless attitude soon caught the eye of mob connected guys in prison. Here was a guy that could be useful to the mob, ruthless, tough and nerves of steel. Anastasia won a retrial. Miraculously before Anastasia would stand trial again, 3 of the witnesses in his case were found dead and the 4th one disappeared. Anastasia was again a free man.

In the coming years Anastasia now aligned with mobsters like Charles Lucky Luciano and Frank Costello would become one of the most feared and ruthless gangsters in the Mafia, so feared that he earned the nick names The Mad Hatter and the Lord High Executioner. He is alleged to have been one of the shooters in the execution of Joe the Boss Masseria.

In the 1930's and 1940's Anastasia ran the notorious enforcement arm of the crime syndicate, "Murder Incorporated. " He ran this group of hit-men with fellow mob boss, Jewish gangster Lepke Buchalter. Murder Inc was responsible for hundreds of murders across the United States of America. Anastasia participated in many of them. During this period Anastasia also served as the underboss in
Albert Anastasia Lies dead 
the Mangano crime family. This relationship was a strained one, Mangano did not like the fact that Anastasia was close to Frank Costello and Charles Lucky Luciano. 

During April 1951 mob boss Vincent Mangano and his brother Philip went missing. Mangano family Consigliere, Philip was found dead in marshland by a women fishing there. He had been shot three times, once in the neck and one in each cheek. His brother and boss of the family Vincent was never found. The brothers were whacked on the orders of Anastasia  who took control of the family. Backed by Frank Costello that Anastasia had acted in self defense because Mangano had planed to kill his underboss, the commission accepted this story and Anastasia was now the Boss of his own family. The family would be named after him, the Anastasia crime family. 

This was the first time that doubts were cast on Anastasia, that he was a law unto himself, trigger happy and volatile. This was a man to be both feared and concerned about! 

The end of Anastasia 
During the early 1950's leading up to 1957 two gangsters conspired to get rid of Anastasia and his friend and ally, boss of the Luciano crime family, Frank Costello.  Capo and one time underboss of the Luciano crime family Vito Genovese was hungry for power and wanted to take control of the family from Costello. He colluded with Anastasia crime family underboss Carlo Gambino to also remove Anastasia. In return Gambino would become the boss of Anastasia family. 

On May 2nd 1957 while entering the the lobby of his apartment building Frank Costello was shot in the head. Mobster Vincent Gigante stepped into the lobby and fired a shot at Costello then left the scene.  The shot did not kill the mob boss but grazed his head. However the failed hit had the desired effect, and the ageing mob boss decided to step down as the boss of the family and retire. 

Just over 5 months later, on the morning of October 25th, Albert Anastasia visited the Park Sheraton Hotel barber shop, at 56th Street and 7th Avenue, Midtown Manhattan  . While inside, relaxing in the barber's chair with a hot towel wrapped around his face, two gunmen entered the building and fired shots into Anastasia. The mob boss apparently lunged forward towards the mirror in front of him at the reflections of the gunmen, eventually falling backwards onto the floor where he died. This murder was extremely big news back in 1957. One of the most violent, dangerous and feared gangsters to ever run the streets of New York was dead. This also marked the rise to power of Carlo Gambino. Carlo Gambino would go onto be the most powerful mob boss since Charles Lucky Luciano. The family he took control of still bears his name to this day.

Saturday, March 3, 2018


It's been very quiet since the Joey Merlino trial ended in a mistrial.  There has been wide speculation on whether the Government would retry the case or now.  As I have stated on the radio and over on twitter @realmobtalk7,  until I got complete confirmation on a few things I would just guess at what I thought it was.  I now have 100% confirmation.

Dave Schratweiser has been all over social media for Fox News 29 in Philly claiming that Merlino and his attorneys were "negotiating some sort of terms, or dialogue to reach an agreement in the case versus Merlino."  None of that is true, via someone who knows exactly what the situation is.  This person said "he's crazy."

In Schratweiser's own way he was tongue-in-cheeking some sort of half dribbled gossip, to lead people in a few different directions.  News day must be slow in South Philly.  What is factual, is that if their are discussions it certainly has nothing to do with a plea, arrangement or agreement in any sense.

In most cases, dependent on the jury count, which I don't believe the numbers Jerry Capeci and George Anastasia put out, it would lead one to believe that the Feds may likely retry the case.  The issue will be the same thing they had in the first trial.  No evidence.  To me numbers don't matter.  I was there almost every single day of that trial and I never heard one audio tape, saw one text or transcript that pointed in the direction of guilt on behalf of Joey Merlino.  This is simply rats doing what they do best and thank God the jury had enough sense to see through the lies and distortion the Government was trying and failed to prove.

What happens from here likely is two scenarios for Joey.  Either the Government tries this again, and wastes God knows how much money on bullshit charges, and relies once again on rats who couldn't keep their stories straight, or they let Joey walk away.  I would think 46 of 49 defendants taking plea deals would be enough for them to brag, but apparently it isn't.  Judge Sullivan will likely hear arguments(was scheduled for March 6th. but not sure if that's changed) but right now that's sort of up in the air.  If there are arguments it will likely be on two fronts.  Edwin Jacobs asking for the judge not to waste more money on trumped up bullshit
charges, and the government will argue based on the jury count they want to retry the case.  It's left up to Judge Sullivan to make that decision, and we will await to hear that answer.

In my opinion, I feel the same way I did two weeks ago.  Joey did nothing wrong.


A lot of people ask me why I'm suing John Alite.  The truth is, I'm suing him for many reasons.  His lies, his defamation and the fact that he has gone out of his way to try and ruin my life and my ties to my family which he successfully did.  All that aside, I have seen some disturbing things from him in person and online, but I came across something so utterly disgusting and intolerably cruel, I had to speak out.  You just don't do what he did.

This is not about me.  This is about Karina Vetrano.  If you don't know who this beautiful girl was, let's back track.  Karina Vetrano was jogging in Spring Creek Park, in Howard Beach, Queens on August 6, 2016.   She was less than a block away from here home when she was attacked, strangled and sexually assaulted.   She was found at 11 pm August 2nd by her father fifteen feet off the trail.

The murder brought national news attention and shocked and saddened not just those in Howard Beach, but all over America.  The search for the killer was on.  It took six months, but the police announced they had made an arrest.  Chanel R. Lewis was arrested for the murder of Vetrano. Not only did the DNA match the crime scene evidence but Lewis under questioning gave self-incriminating statements.  Eventually Lewis would confess to the crime.

Karina by all accounts was vivacious, beautiful, intelligent and incredibly loved by all who came into contact with her.  Her family has been through hell and back, and I am certainly glad the police were able to get this pile of sewage off the streets.

John Alite, took it upon himself, when this first happened to truly show what type of person he really is, by inserting his name into this horrid tragedy.  Not just by posting on social media, but by sickeningly allowing someone to post that the spirit of "Karina could only speak through John Alite."  John Alite has a psychic friend, Jay Donegan.  Not only did Donegan lie, and get it completely wrong in trying to assert blame on three "Russians,"  but had the nerve to suggest that ONLY JOHN ALITE could help solve this.

John Alite on a Facebook post said "Let anyone who knows Karina Vetrano or any information to help this family get help finding the garbage or animals that took her life lets get some justice for her and her parents.  Contact any law enforcement. Please help if there is anything at all you can contribute whether you think it's significant or not."

On face value here, it's a nice statement.  He's asking for everyone to pitch in to help find a killer.  However, it doesn't take long for Alite to distort and perversely try and insert himself is some sort of psychic super hero.

Jay Donegan then puts the following message on Facebook.

"Karina and I spoke, I, Jason Donegan, give JOHN ALITE(tagged) permission to speak on my behalf on Karin Vetrano on my clairvoyant professionalism.  John can speak on my behalf and I can "only" be contacted through John Alite.  Karina's spirit stated I was taken down by two young men. One, I did recognize through a DJ set up that was at a venue at my job.  I asked Karina, can you give me anything more?  She said ethnic, maybe Russian."

"At the present time Karina is traveling and is not aware she is dead or out of her body. Her spirit is in shock and suspended in the universal cosmic dimension.  Her communication is very succinct that she was fighting aggressively. Two men. The description of of penetrating her was by both and strangled by man who was the husky type and well built."

"These were no vagrants these were strong men, 6'1-2 and the other 5'9. Both men's hair was dark and both physically fit.  My parents, I love my parents please just tell my father daddy I love you, it was not your fault I'm with the blessed mother."

"John Alite will be my spokes person, justice will be served."

This incident is not about John Alite.  It's about a girl who was murdered.  Not only was this "psychic's" guesses completely wrong and off based but at no time does Alite stop this guy from posting nonsense and likely encouraged it.   It was an African American who committed these crimes, not three different Russians.  Now, some may blame the psychic for just being a louse and saying inaccurate things, but the idea that he says that Karina said "John Alite will be my spokes- person," is about as disgusting as it gets.

This is nothing more, nothing less, of an attempt for John Alite to get his name in the papers.  He doesn't care about the crime, he cares about his name getting mentioned.  I cannot 100% factually prove that Alite cohesively agreed with Donegan to make up this story, however I can tell you this.  It reeks of Alite.  How?   I was around John Alite.  I spent a ton of time with him, and wherever he can get his name mention, however he can, he will do it.

 Look at his Facebook from just the last few days, with half naked men, with John Travolta's face and John Gotti' Jr's face super imposed on them, giving the insinuation that he and whomever had slept together.  He has even made comments regarding "Fucking so in so in the ass."  I could go on and on and on, but the point is, this is outrageous, disgusting and vile.  Anyone would plant themselves into something so horrid to try and get their name out there for the sake of hits or likes or fame is absolutely nothing short of demonic and revolting on every level.  It's not even human.

  I would have been less apt to launch into an attack had he never allowed a psychic to collude with him in a likely(but not totally proven) scheme to attract attention to himself in one of the most awful crimes Howard Beach has ever seen.  It's not about helping and lifting up the parents, it's about getting attention.  Why allow someone to tag you in that garbage, and not take it down?  Attention.

I'm not on a crusade, however maybe I am.  I will not allow this type of thing to happen.  This family suffered a horrendous tragedy that is life altering.  Instead of lending support, or speaking out besides once, he goes right to the psychic drama who includes him in these sickening posts, which Alite doesn't take down.  In fact, they weren't removed to my knowledge. It brought Alite attention.  He wanted attention and didn't care about Karina's dignity.

I cannot think of anyone I have ever met who would use the murder of a young girl to draw attention to their own selfish and hellish ego.  It's vile, and this is the guy people continue to support.  Shame on all of you.  You want to support someone, support the Vetrano's.  Support the memory of Karina, not the bullshit and morbid attention Alite wants. It's sad his psychic friend can't get in touch with Johnny Gebert or George Grosso who Alite killed, to see what they have to say.

Friday, March 2, 2018


John Alite, former mafia informant, and cronie Mike Jacobs recently announced on Facebook that "sometime next year" they hope to open a club down in Tampa.  While I personally don't care what they do financially there are a few things to ponder here.

Photos Property of John Alites Facts
1. John Alite according to is on welfare and committing welfare fraud.  A photo of his welfare card can be seen here.Welfare Fraud.

2.  How Alite expects to attain a liquor license is beyond me because felons cannot get those types of licenses most times.

To makes things even more interesting let's ponder this.  Why would Tampa want Alite back?  They don't.  Why shouldn't they?

John Alite has a checkered past of making threats to women, and hitting them. According to court transcripts and Bruce Golding who wrote in October 8, 2009 in the New York Post, that John Alite bragged in court "I'm a lying woman beater," However on multiple radio shows he denied ever doing anything of the sort, and told me in person he had in fact beat his exes.  In his counterclaim lawsuit there are claims he never ever hit women.  Yeah right.

In court he admitted to "punching and slapping at least five women including his ex wife, prior to the marriage and during the marriage.   He then left a scathing voicemail message on his former business partners phone saying that he vowed to make his wife blow him, while his partner watched.  This was a result of Alite's delusions that his ex partner owed him money.  But there is more...

In the Tampa Bay Times, written in 2005, Alite was involved in a lawsuit that Prestige filed in 2001, that basically accused Mike Maladin of stealing their business plan and clients, however in a stated deposition Maladin said that Alite "called him and threatened to kill him and rape his wife and slit her throat." But there is more.,..

In the Tampa Bay Times, in 2006, Lorraine Lemendola answered the phone when John Alite called. He made threats to her and her children, and claimed he knew where her children went to school.

John Alite has a history of abuse towards women, and when he doesn't get what he wants, he threatens then physically assaults them.

Photos Property of John Alites Facts
John Alite has admitted that a pedophile named Michael Blutrich(who Alite says is his friend) wrote the first draft to John Alite's book. He was also Alite's bunkie in the clink.

Taking those things into consideration, why on earth does Tampa want him back? I bet they don't.  One also has to ponder why a guy like Mike Jacobs would be a cronie of a guy whose an admitted woman beater, and a guy who is friends with a pedophile.  I guess business wise it makes sense for Jacobs to play off Alite's name, but what about his character?  Anyone whose character allows them to hang around a guy who calls pedophiles friends, and who smacks and knocks out women, is lower than garbage.  It shows the character of Jacobs completely.

But can we really believe that they will open a club?  Probably not.  For starters all the photos Alite takes of these cars are fakes.  The maserati didn't belong to him.  It belonged to an attorney who finds Alite revolting, and why he allowed Alite to sit in it and play pretend is beyond me.  John Alite doesn't own a Jaguar either.  I can tell you from personal experience most of the photos are taken to make him look wealthy.  He doesn't own a boat.  Never rented a boat to go crusing.  It's all to make people think he's something he's not.  He often told me, and I can reproduce those tapes, that he does it because he thinks "it's will anger them."  Who I would ask.  "The Gotti's," was his response.

You judge a man not by his words, but actions.  Anyone who could possibly, call themselves a friend of a pedophile is lower than scum.  Anyone who could be friends with someone who has admitted to beating women has no character at all.  They can continue to spew I'm garbage but last time I checked I didn't hang with pedophile or wife beaters.  That shows everyone who you are.


John Alite is NOT a changed man. Here is proof.  If you have any doubts if John Alite is reformed, please look at these messages he wrote himself on Facebook.

If you want to judge character see for yourself.  Mike Jacobs calls this guy his friend and is bashing people all over social media.  In the end, sometimes people deserve one another.