Monday, January 15, 2018

With Merlino Trial Delayed, Joey Has Some Other Things To Worry About

If you have been following the Merlino trial, it just seems to be getting stranger by the day.  At first it was the FBI misconduct, then it was the issues with mob rat John Rubeo, then issues with Peter Lovaglio, but now it seems there is another rat in the mix.

For starters Joey was offered a 48 month sentence if he plead guilty.  Some have reported 18 months but that's not accurate.  Joey for the record has never accepted any plea deal in his life and he's not about to start now.  However....

Where we need to begin is why the trial has been pushed back until Jan. 22.  According to various reports Joey was suffering from some chest pain and other issues and it was found out that he had to artery blockages in his heart.  Joey was in the hospital one would assume in Boca Raton, Florida while doctors were trying to correct the issue. The gap between the trial start and the new date is because Joey cannot fly under those circumstances.  All that being said I have been told Joey is doing great, and looks forward to defending himself in New York on the 22nd.

The reason why Joey has not accepted a plea deal in this case we have regurgitated like everyone else that last new months.  But if you are new let's update you.  John Rubeo is a former mob hanger on, who audio recorded and video recorded meetings with Joey Merlino.  Some 800 hours of tapes exist, but there is a problem with those tapes.  The first major issue was that some or parts of these tapes are not complete, deleted, or edited.  The issue there is that if certain parts of tapes are missing or gone, then the question becomes how and why, and what can you prove?  The second issue is how these tapes were handled in terms of evidence.  Any time you hand over recordings there is a chain of evidentiary command that must take place between the snitch and the FBI handler. To make matters more suspect, the evidence was handled badly.  So much so that one FBI supervisor was suspended, and another was tongue lashed by his superiors. 

The major question Merlino's attorneys have had is where the hell are the entire tapes, and with the misconduct of one FBI supervisor, it leaves them a lot of room to fight, and win.
Another issue which has been brought up is Peter Lovaglio.  It's not believed he has any hard information other than confirming extortion and gambling information against Merlino.  What makes both Rubeo and Lovaglio suspect in this situation is that both have past incidents of domestic violence against them.  The Government argued in court that those alleged incidents aren't and shouldn't be admissible, which Merlino's lawyers successfully argued, ultimately with the judge allowing that evidence to be admitted.  Why is that important?
It's important because in any criminal trial, you have character and morality issues.  Just because Lovaglio and Rubeo were "mob guys," isn't enough to turn a juries stomach.  However, if the defense can submit evidence they these two beat women, it changes how the jury will look at them and rightfully so.  That was a huge win for Merlino.  Sadly though another rat has stepped forward.

The new informant Wayne Kriesberg is likely to testify in regards to the paper trail of Medical Fraud. We are talking about $157 million dollars in medical fraud here.  What Kriesberg can do for the government is simply show them the map of the money trail and that can be a huge problem for Merlino if Kriesberg is a good witness.

Kriesberg is a Tampa, Florida guy who had a large money interest in the fraud case and has already plead guilty to all indictments against him.  Rubeo and Lovaglio may not be able to stick Joey with anything, but Kriesberg perhaps can.  If Joey gets convicted of these charges, he's probably looking at close to 20+ years in prison and at 55 that would render Joey effectively done.

The trial begins Jan. 22, in Manhattan and as we get closer to the trial more information will be coming.....


This is something I would have rather not written about but considering that there will be a lot of information coming out at some point concerning author George Anastasia, I just wanted to discuss something important.

For starters I was a George Anastasia fan for a long time.  I had read many of his books and prior to the last two years I really thought George was a great guy.  While he may be a good author prior to "GOTTI'S RULES," at this point I just don't think highly of him.

I'm not here to debate the book he wrote with an a former informant.  There are other webpages out there that truly dissect and destroy most of what Anastasia wrote, but as I said that's not my particular battle with him.

My issue with Anastasia is that the very mob mole that he wrote a book for used his name, to issue loose threats, and used his name to harass members of my family.  While I certainly cannot hold George Anastasia culpable for one man's actions, what I can do is hold him culpable for knowing about it and not acknowledging it, and acting as if it wasn't an issue.  The problem is, the loose threat that was made, was carried through.  I don't want to get into specifics because I honestly can't due to litigation however, JOHN ALITE did in fact call and harass my sibling at his place of employment multiple times.

Alite left a long voicemail and text via cell phone that stated "I talked to George and he's gonna or supposed to or is trying to get a meeting with your brother tomorrow, and your gonna have other problems."  While most wouldn't care about some face value venting, I did.  Not only because my family has zero to do with what I do, but Alite was trying to shut me up in an effort to get me to stop telling the truth about him and reporting facts that he felt would damage him.

Considering he used Anastasia's name, my attorney Elio Forcina sent Anastasia a letter informing him that Alite had used his name to harass and issue a loose threat.  My attorney told him he could contact him and listen to the voicemail himself.  Elio Forcina also just asked George to cease and desist and that it was our belief Alite was lying.  George not only never responded, but has played it out considering his silence that it was acceptable for Alite to act in that manner.

Some have claimed that I am expecting Anastasia to fight some battle against Alite.  Not true.  The issue is he is a highly respected author and for him to sit back and know of this event, and say nothing, to just slide it under the rug, not only makes him look awful, but it also makes him look like all he is concerned with is his book sales. 

I expect someone of his stature to stand up and say "look, this has nothing to do with me, and I never once told John Alite I would arrange anything."  Instead he sat on his hands and laurels.  Perhaps he is just too friendly with informants for his own good, but that's my opinion.

In final, I expected him to at least speak out and set the record straight and he hasn't.  In my book regardless of whether you like his writing style or not, makes him a chump in my book, and a coward for allowing Alite to spew garbage and sit back and say nothing, especially when his own name was used to issue those statements.



Tuesday, January 2, 2018


For those that have been following the "Skinny" Joey Merlino saga for months, you will finally begin to see movement as the opening day of trial begins January 16, 2018 in Manhattan Federal Court.  Barring any unforeseen surprises it looks at if Joey is going all-in against the United States government. 

What we do know is this.  This entire case from the perspective of the government has been shrouded in anarchy, and that's the best way to describe it.  The first major problem the government has in trying Merlino is the "substantiated claims," by two informants.  The first issue is Rubeo himself.  John Rubeo has been chided by the government and the defense attorney's which includes issues with the FBI.  The issue is that the chain of evidence such as "recordings and tapes."  If your a little lost here is an explanation.  Anytime evidence is collected, albeit it wiretaps, videos or audiotapes, they way the evidence is handled is a big issue.  Take Donnie Brasco the film for example.  You would often see Donnie Brasco AKA Joe Pistone make audio tapes and hand them in as he completed them.  In the case of Merlino, these tapes were either A)Altered   B) Inconclusive  and or   C) Parts were missing.  Those are three big issues compounding the governments case against Joey.

The chain of evidence really has to be clear cut and the defense would like to know why large portions of the tapes are either erased or deleted.  It helps Joey more so that the tapes were not complete versions and leads people to speculate that Rubeo liked Joey and was trying to mitigate the damage to him in court.  While many speculate that's the issue, I would rather believe it was Rubeo's own involvement in these alleged crimes which is why parts are missing.  It's like claiming someone stole the Mona Lisa and you "had a tape of it," but lost it.  It just doesn't make any sense on any level.

Another aspect to this is that since the government realized their case might not be very strong they then enlisted the help of Pete "Pug" Lovaglio.  Whether or not Lovaglio is a detriment to Merlino or not, he's just another voice to try and corroborate what Rubeo has to say.  To make matters more suspicious the government doesn't want Lovaglio's or Rubeo's past of domestic assault brought up in court.  Both sides have been arguing about this issue.  The defense wants that information out because they want  to prove that the morality or the character of these informants are at least unsavory at best, the government's stance is that is really has nothing to do with the trial at hand, which is bullshit.  This is simply another way the government totes their rats, and wants to stack the deck.

It's not just the informants that are the problem.  Two FBI agents were in trouble at one point.  One FBI supervisor overseeing Rubeo has been suspended, for his actions in the evidence collection and for his services.  The other agent in question was investigated and found not to have "committed any wrong doing."  Obviously the government will look to suppress that information.   So with all of these facts where does this leave Merlino?

Unless another informant comes forward Joey has a hell of a shot at walking away.  The problems for the government won't go away here, and believe me they haven't wanted Joey Merlino off the streets permanently for a long time, much in the same way the government repeatedly went after John A. Gotti. They don't offer 46 plea deals when a case is strong.  Had Joey taken the deal he would have done probably a decade or so dependent on how many of the indictments he plead guilty to.  What is known is that Joey is going to do a serious stretch if found guilty.  The one thing that is for certain is that the governments case is seriously flawed as is the witnesses.  Joey has a great chance to beat this case based on a ton of different factors.  As Jan. 16th approaches I'm sure the leaks will begin and more facts will be known, but for now Joey is all in.

Monday, December 18, 2017


For a lot of people, the last two weeks has been pretty much a joke in terms of information being reported about the film GOTTI.  Reports have surfaced and for some reason continue to keep surfacing that GOTTI isn't coming out, or has been cancelled, the mafia has forced them to drop it, and a million other absolutely bullshit stories.

Part of the reason for the hoopla is because many of the media outlets covering this story just simply refused to ask questions.  If anyone had bothered to ask they would have found out that back in November it was already known that the distribution and ownership rights were going back to the production company, and would be resold in order to not only secure more funding, but to release the film to a much wider audience, as well as a full release to Cannes, and the Venice Film Festival.

The volume of rumors has just been vile. Director Kevin Connolly twice explained the situation and John Travolta himself also explained the reasons, and yet the reports just continue to get more and more ludicrous.  From my perspective the only mistake that was made by those behind the GOTTI film are that they didn't get in front of the story.  Probably their biggest regret as well, but if you honestly look at the original date slated for theatres, they made a much wiser decision not to battle STAR WARS at the box office.  Believe it or not, this stuff happens all the time, but because of the all the drama surrounding the film from day one and the subject material could you really expect anything less then some sort of drama?  Simple answer which nobody can seem to accept.

According to Kevin Connolly, the film is slated to arrive sometime in April or May, which I would assume isn't a definitive date, but in either case the film is coming.  In the meantime A&E is launching the GOTTI family documentary, which is sure to be a really big hit with viewers.

For those who want all the up to date information on the film and more, please check out Shadow Of My Father Page over on Facebook.  Angel Gotti runs the page herself and can answer any questions you may have regarding that.


Thursday, December 14, 2017


For a few months we have been discussing the ongoing saga that is the "Skinny" Joey Merlino trial.  I have played out all the different scenarios over the last few weeks, even going so far as to predict that the FEDS last shot at pinning the alleged boss of the Philadelphia mafia in any sort of trial would be if they flipped another informant.  I predicted it, and earlier in the week, we found out this is such the case.

One of the biggest problems the FBI has had, is the testimony of mob mole John Rubeo, the evidence chain, and even the suspension of an FBI supervisor. The Government's case against Merlino was soft at best considering the majority of evidence against Merlino was based solely on the words of Rubeo.  Without anyone else corroborating evidence it appeared as if Merlino would play his hand and likely walk away without any time. 

Most of the defendants in this case have accepted plea agreements.  Now, Merlino's driver Brad Sirkin has seen the light and plead guilty to participation in a $157 million dollar insurance fraud scheme allegedly headed by Joey Merlino and others allegedly associated with the five families.  As a part of his deal he is looking at a 10 year sentence in Florida plus a 20 year sentence in New York for his actions. 

Peter "Pug" Lovaglio, whose currently serving an 8 year sentence for smashing a glass into someones face who worked at a sushi bar, is now the main mouthpiece for the government against Merlino.  How bad is this? I think it shows that the government is unrelenting in it's task to put Merlino behind bars.  It seems very familiar to me, because one may make some assertions here about how the government went after John A. Gotti Jr.  Just how much Lovaglio knows is anyone's guess, but the news isn't good for Merlino.  The problem with Lovaglio isn't so much what he knows about Merlino, but what he knows about others as well, which is sending a bit of a tremor through the underworld.  People are simply worried he's going to out everyone which is usually what these rats do, and it's exactly what Lovaglio is likely to do.

What bends me about the government in this particular case is that all the evidence they have seemed to have collected is marred with broken rules, misconduct and assertions.  They tried desperately to flip others to no avail, and now they throw the hail Mary, and you had better bet this is a last ditch effort for them to nail Merlino to the wall.  Whether the testimony of Lovaglio is fruitful or not remains to be seen, but it could very well have a schism effect on others which could produce new informants in a short amount of time, and that for Merlino is going to be a big problem.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


I would really like to put a disclaimer here, but I don't feel like one is necessary.  That being said, let me just begin by saying this.  I don't owe anyone anything.  I don't have to say positive things or negative things.  Their will be those, who are going to invariably say I am bought and paid for.  It seems to be the common excuse when I write anything Pro-Gotti.  It's usually one particular group that does this, and they are all pile-ons who adore rats.  That's the truth. 

What I do, simply stated is cover the mafia.  All avenues.  For some reason their is an expectation that because I don't trash one person over another that somehow I''m jaded or I'm afraid.  Neither are the case.  I simply like many of you have my own thoughts and opinions, and despite the rants from less then honorable people, and those that are begging for anyone to hear their rat tales, I just write how I want to write.  That's the truth, and the bottom line.  I don't need a name to propel my career unlike the majority of people that leech off of a name for clicks and reads.

When many people think of New York, many things come to mind.  Mulberry Street, Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, food, drinks, and John Gotti.  While John Gotti may not be the first thing people associate with New York, it's often the second thing they mention.  We don't have to go back too far into history to draw a correlation to another infamous name, Al Capone.

While their may be differences between both men respectively, you cannot mention Chicago without some Al Capone reference and the same can be said for John Gotti.  While this article is not about John Gotti's life, or what the media has covered the last twenty plus years, we do have to mention a few things.

Their is often two sides to the myth and lore of John Gotti.  There are those who either love him or loathe him.  Many of the reasons for both are stained in misrepresentations and innuendo.  What perhaps is glowingly obvious is that John Gotti may be gone, but his aura is very much still alive. He represents many things.  Some may agree to disagree with the rest of this article, and that's fine.  It's my just one man's opinion.

I love John Gotti.  I always have.  I may not totally agree with some of the things that went down, but when I make a mold of what a man is, he is in every sense the very definition of what a man should be.  Take away the glitz and glamour of american's obsession with mafia figures, and your still left with one of the toughest men this world has ever made.

Charismatic, charming, witty, good looking, kind, considerate, humble, and insanely tough.  While those words may be just words, it's everything that exuded from John Gotti as a man that entrances so many. It's not just the dapper looks, but the swagger.  The way he snubbed his nose at the Government in a way that said "You know who I am, you know what I do, but I also know who you are and what you do, so do what you gotta do."  Everyone at some point in their lives has wanted to be emboldened enough to stick there finger up and tell someone where to go without any fear.  That was John Gotti. 

Pundits will argue, that John Gotti should have reeled it in and stayed out of the way, but what people never seem to get is that he didn't call them ahead of time and tell them where he would be.  The media's obsession was immense and still is.   At some point you just have to live your life, and that comes with the territory unfortunately.   Should he have learned to duck a bit? Sure, but this is John Gotti we are taking about and John didn't duck for anyone, and never would.

John Gotti stood for things that these young men today could take a lesson from.  He never turned, never bucked, never changed who he was.  I am me, and that's that.  Too many times these days we see these "men," who quickly run from trouble and give in and give up.  They aren't dedicated to the cause.  You are either a gangster 24-7 or your not even close.  John Gotti made a choice in his life, one that would have repercussions for himself, his children and entire family.  Their is something insanely tough about making a choice, sticking to it, and saying to hell with everyone this is who I am and never wavering, not even in the end when he was dying.  He made sacrifices that most men could never ever comprehend. 

Many years ago when discussing with my dad, who very much married into a family very similar to the Gotti's, would talk at length about what a man truly was at his essence.  My father was sick with cancer and time was closing in on him.  He served in Vietnam, and was a bronze star and silver star recipient.  He would often talk what it was like when he first met my mothers side of the family.  They literally scared the shit out of him.  He knew very well who they were, what they did.  My father hadn't come from a very touchy feely family.  His parents  were socialites.  My father wasn't comfortable with affection at all.  He was reserved, that was until he met my mothers family.  You had no choice but to be kissers and huggers with them.    Stay with me please....there is a point to this.

Early in his marriage to my mother he was asked to take a ride with my grandfather.  My grandfather had a truck like those UPS trucks, which had one of those sliding doors.  He used the truck to move swag.  If you don't know what swag is, it's "borrowed things from other trucks with no intention of giving back, in order to sell it for 100% profit."  Get it?  My father and him were driving to meet some people on Federal Hill in Providence, Rhode Island.  They talked about normal things.  My grandfather sadly made a huge left turn too quick and boxes of coins began to fall on my fathers head from inside the roof of the truck.  Gold coins.  My father reached down and picked a few up.  He inspected them and they were Spanish dabloons.  Not exactly normal currency.  Their were thousands of them. My father looked up at my grandfather and my grandfather chuckled and said "you hit the jackpot son."  My grandfather pulled over, my dad helped him box them back up and store them away.  It was obvious they were being delivered to someone.  My grandfather handed my dad a dabloon and said this is for you, you see nothing.   My father not only saw nothing, but his entire marriage to my mother he never saw anything, never repeated anything.

I never saw my dad cry.  I was too young when my sister died at age ten, to see if he cried or not.  I'm sure he did.  When my grandfather died, I told him, and he sighed and told me to go take a shower and pack.  Even though my parents split up he still adored my mom's side of the family.  That affection never ended.  As I got out of the shower, I heard a soft crying coming from the back yard.  I looked out the window and saw my father with his face in his hands sobbing uncontrollably. 

Fast forward to a few months before my father died.  We spoke at length about my grandfather, and it was no secret who he was or what he did.  Worst kept secret in the world.  However something my father said to me the last day where we could literally walk down the street together before he was too sick to move really hits home.  He lamented about his mistakes, but wouldn't change them for the world.  The most important thing he told me that day was that, no matter what my grandfather did, he was a man, he lived as he died.  He never changed who he was, took care of his children and did whatever he had to to ensure they were safe and had what he didn't growing up.  "A man is not defined by the things he does for others but rather what he does for his own.  You don't need to look far to see who a man is at his core.  Look in the smiles of his children and grandchildren, and that's the mark of a man. He's succeeded."

The reason I told this story is because John Gotti was a lot like my grandfather.  He stood by his laurels and never batted an eye.  He chose a lifestyle for himself that came with many consequences. Like my grandfather he came up in a time period where their wasn't the internet, where their wasn't hand out after hand out.  You could  work till  fingers bled for nothing in return.  You could work your ass off for peanuts and barely make it, or you could ensure your family would never ever want for anything.  This is not to say there wasn't a share of issues, because we know their was. Nothing is ever easy.  Some will say that's an easy way out, but I disagree.  It's not an easy way out at all. He made a choice, and he lived by that choice his entire life.  He paid for those choices.

He stood for something.  He stood for what he believed in, and with all do respect, you have to admire that resolve.  John's story is many of our stories.  You come from nothing, and made yourself something.  Their are dreamers and doers and John was a doer.  You can argue the morality with me if you want, but I've said it many times, you don't join the boy scouts then complain about having to build a tent.

History will often look back on John Gotti the way it wants, but for me, taking everything that is John Gotti, I will always marvel at him, respect him, and see him as a man's man.  Victoria Gotti was right when she said "they don't make men like my father anymore," and she was 100% right.  The days of honor and respect are gone.  It's an echo in the wind.  It's old tales of another time and place.

John Gotti is beloved for a million reasons.  His anarchy, his rebellion, a modern day Robin Hood, and people love stories like that. We always cheer for the underdog.  John Gotti was the scrappy bulldog in the corner who took on everyone and won.  He didn't bat an eye, didn't give an inch, and stood for what he believed in, and that's exactly why John is beloved. 

In final, If I ever openly and publicly spoke about John Gotti, which I will never do other than this forum, I would have to say just a few things, many of which I already have said.  Father, Grandfather, Husband, Uncle, Cousin, Friend are the things he was.  His exterior may have been crass, bull headed, stubborn and tough, but what he stood for, what exuded from him, is something most men would give anything to be.  It's easy to say what one might do in giving situations, but that's the very difference between John and everyone else.  He did it, rather than talk about it.

A man is judged by many things.  What should be proof for many is in John Gotti Jr's book.  To write about your father in any sense, when he's bigger than life, when he was shared with the entire world, cannot be an easy task for anyone.  To indulge others with personal feelings and anecdotes, to lift the veil in anyway is difficult. Perhaps though, everything John Gotti achieved in life, the greatest thing he ever achieved comes in the form of his children and grandchildren.  They have a respect and love for their father and grandfather that cannot be bought, cannot be tainted by a story or a tale.  They love unconditionally and without reservation.  They fight and scratch with anyone who attempts to ridicule or lie about their father.  A fathers job to protect his children at all cost, and John did that his entire life, and the mark of the truest form of love and honor and respect is when his children speak for him because he no longer can for himself, with few exceptions.

John Gotti was a hero to so many.  He represents the struggle and perseverance it takes to get to where you want in life, holding nothing back, accepting life on lifes terms and making zero excuses for your actions. The ends justified the means in every sense for John Gotti.  Whereas so many before him have gone unmentioned and forgotten, John Gotti will always stand for three things, at least for me--  HONOR, RESPECT, AND LOYALTY, and if he's given me anything to hang my hat on, it's a road map for how to behave and how to act, like a MAN.  You can say what you want about John Gotti, lament him any way you so choose, but you cannot deny, he was one of a kind, and the essence of what it is, to be gangster in a world full of wannabees.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


If you are an MMA fan, surely you know who Connor McGregor is.  Like him or hate him, he's a star.  He may have embarrassed himself a bit in the boxing ring when
Floyd Mayweather beat the paint of his face, but perhaps his latest run in back in Crumlin, Ireland is a bigger problem for him.

Multiple reports have surfaced that the Irish Mob, the Kinahan Cartel have offered $900,000 to any man who kills McGregor.  Yes, you heard that right.  While a lot of reports have differing opinions and facts, I do believe I have tracked down what the real story is.  That being said what the hell happened?

One of the bigger issues that Connor McGregor has had, is his antics post drinking.  While fame and fortune put you into certain social groups I would assume it was a matter of time before he rubbed shoulders with some nefarious cats.  The problem is, he went too far this time, but there have  been many other instances where McGregor has gotten a little to big for his britches.

According to my source, who lives in Ireland and has more direct knowledge of the events that happened there a few days ago, is that McGregor has long been affiliated with smaller sub mob groups through childhood friendships.  As it was told to me, McGregor had a friend who was beaten up pretty badly by members of the Kinahan Cartel, one of Ireland's most ruthless mafia groups.  In response to this McGregor went to a bar, and a scuffle ensued over what happened to his friend.  The problem isn't that McGregor stood up for a friend, it's that he knocked the shit out of one of the Kinahan's members fathers, whose an elderly man.  It wasn't a one-off as they say, but more or less McGregor tuned this elderly man up big time.

Danny Kinahan-- Acting Boss
Christy Kinahan(Boss)
Daniel Kinahan(alleged boss) and Christy Kinahan(Dan's father and actual boss) were incensed at the incident, and officially put some sort of contract on his head valued at around $900,000.  Where this gets a little dicey is I have heard three stories all deal with the same amount, but I believe I have an opinion on what the truth is here.  I do believe they essentially told McGregor he had to pay a fine of $900,000 or else.  It would make more sense that way than to just put a contract directly out on the head of one of the most recognizable fighters around.  Where this does get interesting is that this is a group who will not relent and will not sit back.  They don't forget and won't, so if this entire story is accurate McGregor is in some real trouble.

The Kinahan's power doesn't just exploit Crumlin, as they have ties to the United States as well, as do many of these groups.  So the idea that McGregor can hide, just simply isn't going to be the case.  McGregor did aknowlege on social media he was as the said pub where all of this took place, and there is a lot of truth that has been backed up on social media in the form of photos and texts which further explain bits and pieces.

As far as police involvement, they are keeping an unofficial eye on it, but cannot really press the issue because McGregor won't speak to them about it, and nobody is willing to come forward.  What they have said however unofficially is that McGregor could very well be in danger, but without McGregor giving any information they can't specifically come out publicly and talk about the issue.

The Kinahan's have long been involved in boxing promotions, drug trafficking and other assorted crimes.  They have also been at war with the Hutch Crime Family,

The Hutch crime family has been run for decades by Gary Hutch, a long time murderer and racketeer who used his finances from massive narcotics operations to funnel money into legitimate businesses and real estate.  He has spent a ton of time in prison over his career.
He was murdered in 2015, and speculation is that the Kinahan's were responsible.  Gary Hutch was a high lieutenant of of Kinahan Cartel, who was rumored to be planning on killing his boss, Daniel Kinahan  before staging a robbery worth $1 million dollars.  The robbery was to take place at the villa owned by Kinahan but was foiled before it could happen.  As a result Hutch offered $200,000 to have his life spared.  The Kinahan's accepted it, then attempted to shake down Hutch again for the same amount.  He refused, and he was killed.    A month later Hutch's brother Eddie was killed so that there could be no real retribution.    Both sides have traded bodies and bullets since.

What also makes the Kinahan's entirely strong is their affiliations with the Mexican Mafia, Mexican cartels, the Sinaloa Cartel, the Medellin cartel and the Russian mafia.  They control the major of trafficking routes through the United Kingdom and Ireland.  The group is said to be worth over a billion dollars at his point.  There has been over ten murders in the last two years between these two groups with the Kinahans at the top of the heap.

What makes this story entirely crazy, is that if McGregor was actually stupid enough to do what he did he had to realize the price he would have to pay for his actions, and from everything I have heard this group's intent is to collect it's money or dispatch McGregor.  I think mainstream American media doesn't understand how Irish gangs work ,and they probably suspected this was just some small subgroup with five or six guys, and the truth is, this is a monstrous group.  American's don't understand how Irish clans work, and sadly there isn't enough reporting on these groups here, but I can tell you from everything I know, these groups are not to be fucked with on any level.  The Irish mob is more organized and ruthless then say over here to the extent that our mafia doesn't commit terrorist type of activities.  In Ireland all bets are off.  It's car bombs, grenades and high powered machine guns.  There is a huge difference in the demeanor's between these groups in comparison to the Italian mafia here.
In final, if any of this is 100% accurate, which I believe it to be closer to 75%, then this is some serious stuff McGregor has landed on.  You can have all the Irish brogue you want, but at the end of the day I've never met a boxer who can stop bullets.  That's the truth.