Wednesday, January 4, 2017


by Jeff Canarsie

John Alite
It's been an ongoing saga for months now, but the dust has settled a bit, and the one thing that's resounding is the fact that former self-described "Gambino Crime Family Hitman" John Alite is finally being seen as the liar and lowlife he really is.

Depending on how much you believe, and there are those who are "fan girls, and fan boys" of John Alite, he would have you believe he's almost saintly.  In fact, if you just simply take the time to do a bit of research you will see just how full of shit John Alite truly is.

Perhaps the biggest lie he tells is that he was a "Gambino Family Hitman."  This is perhaps one of the more laughable lies he tells.  John was never a hitman, and I would love to tell you how many notches he has on his belt, but the plain truth is you won't ever know because he keeps changing count  On my radio show it was nine.  On another radio show it was six.  Then he adds in predicates like "involved in, set up, arranged."   To my knowledge he likely has two, but these were NOT mob hits.  They were simply nickle and dime drug dealing murders.  They were of little consequence when it came to the streets.

There is a website out there dedicated to proving that John Alite is a liar,  but they do what they do, and this page will do what it wants. I don't want to mix the pages together or piggy back off what another page does.  What's different  than any other page, is that I spent a lot of time with John Alite on a personal level.  I could stack court documents all over this page but what's the point.  I can speak from personal experience and not try to connect the dots from an outside angle.

Not to knock what any other page does, but you can stack up documents, which proves a lot, but personal experience trumps documents in my opinion.  Always will.  Seeing it on paper is great for the perception that "proof, right here, look," but I tend to overlook documents and deal with people on a street level, which I did with John Alite.

John is on a crusade of sorts, with his laughable "Anti-Bullying" campaign.  I say laughable because he at the end of the day could truly not give one shit about anyone or there problems.  What this simply is, is a way for a former mafia hanger-on to keep himself in the limelight.  Without press clippings and without notoriety he's dead in the water and knows it.


This is another huge lie John Alite tells.  He never met John Gotti Sr.  He never stayed at the Gotti's house.  This is just the way John weaves his story to keep it interesting.  You could ask fifty people on the street who John Gotti was, and they will tell you. They will be able to assimilate words with a face. You ask them who John Alite was, and they looked confused?  Doubt it?  Wait till I publish the video.


If you haven't seen or heard about these, you need to.  It was really the one document that changed my perspective months ago. Alite would have you believe that Junior kept this letter for purposes of using it against him in some sort of "rat session,"  Junior has stated someone else found the letter in a box of junk in a cellar.  The contents read truly like someone whose "lonely, dejected, and in love" with John Gotti Jr.   John Alite at the time was somewhere in Jersey, just a bit away from Philadelphia.  He was attempting to gain inroads with the Philadelphia boys, and they sent a call back to Gotti asking about Alite, because Alite was using the Gotti name to propel himself into circles. Gotti was having none of it, and told the boys in Philly that Alite was "bad," simply meaning not to be trusted.  Alite had in fact already been chased from the Gambino's, which he's denied from day one.

If you read that letter, it proves Juniors stance more than Alite's.  Alite was complaining about not having work, not being able to do the simplest of  construction jobs like nailing a nail into a wall. A hilarious side note to that is John owns a small rehab construction company, yet has no idea how to use a hammer.  Also included in the letter is his desire for Junior to "read the whole letter please, before you throw it away."  It was desperate letter from a guy who no longer had any friends and no longer a player in the streets.  He was begging for Junior to talk to him.  This is not the letter of a guy still in the streets "making millions," but rather a lonely guy looking for some attention from the only person he thought he could make a plea to.


 John claims he was asked to "whack" Joey Merlino.  This is one of the funnier lies he tells.  First of all, if John Alite didn't realize Marion Federal Prison was in Illinois, then I seriously doubt he knew who was in charge of Philadelphia back when this lie began. Maybe it began in prison when he was eating subway and offer massages to other inmates. Who knows.

In any event, Alite never had the standing in the mob like say, Salvatore Gravano. He didn't have that type of power or respect, so how anyone would go to Alite for that sort of job is completely baseless and profoundly stupid.  Philadelphia has a tendency to handle there own issues, except in the case of Angelo Bruno, where Vincent "the chin" Gigante played Caesar.  So any idea they went to him is a flat out lie.


Spend enough time with Alite and you will find out he has a pretty big tell. Sure, he can say Junior squints when he lies, and that's all good, but Alite's tell? He opens his mouth.  Literally I don't think anything he told me personally, or in confidence was truthful. Is was always about spinning the narrative in his direction to maximize attention. If you listen to any of the atrocious voicemails he has left for me, it always goes the same way.  He swears non stop, and it always ends with "enjoy the Gotti's, or enjpy the team your playing on," as if somehow I have slighted him by being loyal to the ones who helped me out when nobody else would.  He has to interject the name Gotti anywhere he can because the depth of his lies, I don't know where they begin and end.

He needs the Gotti's.  They are the only ones who can verify his very existence.  It's not to take away from whatever lifestyle he led in the streets, but the bottom line is, are you this or that? You can't be both.  He loathed John Gotti Sr, yet oddly would compliment him to me non stop.  He would say how "John Gotti Sr wanted to kill his own son," then turn around and say "He was a tough guy, a great guy," then turn around and say "but he had a big fucking mouth."  So you can see how one gets lost in those three statements, sorta all over the place, just like his stories.


What has John Alite done for the Government?  Who'd he take down?  What testimony did he give that resulted in someone big getting taken off the streets?  How much information did he provide? How much of that information was accurate?

I don't like to compare one informant to another, but sadly we have to in this case.  Salvatore Gravano was perhaps the biggest rat to ever live, and if you think he didn't lie or with hold information you'd be foolishly wrong.  It's a game they all play. Joe Valachi played that game as has Henry Hill, and countless others.  They add when necessary, reduce when necessary(but usually only when they are trying to hide there own guilt.)  The game is, the more you give, the more you tell, the better the results in the end for you.

In the old days, you'd never be able to testify. You'd not only likely be killed before that even happened, but the old guys had morals and respect for themselves. It was not about some single form of survival. It was about the respect for all, not one.  Guys like Gravano, Hill, Valachi, and Alite are all about one thing and one thing only. Themselves.  So is it any shock that he stand on his own bullshit soapbox shouting anything he can so the circus crowd will listen? I know I did for almost a year, and after a while you really start to see someone for who they are.  So just who is John Alite? Well, for a lack of better terms a fucking miscreant scumbag.  There is a million reasons why, you just have to find out why for yourself.  The answers are there, just open your eyes, and stop listening to his bullshit.

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