Wednesday, January 4, 2017


by Jeff Canarsie


The New York Post back on November 7th, published a NY POST ARTICLE, .

The said article was supposed to be about my lawsuit which was pending against John Alite. Instead of writing the article about the lawsuit, the author decided to pick certain parts of the interview apart and add there own "operatic" spin to it.

The crux of the article should have been what I had been through with John Alite, and why he was coming after me via social media, and through my family, but sadly they chose once sentence in the lawsuit and capitalized on it, making myself and my friend Angel Gotti look sleazy.

The fact is this:  At no time did I or Angel exchange graphic pics. Unless you consider puppies and ASPCA posters graphic it never happened.  The last name GOTTI was the name in bold print.  The author also claimed I was "running and hiding from the mafia,"  which is not true and wasn't even mentioned by myself or my attorney Elio Forcina.  In fact we went to lengths to explain to the author that I was NOT in hiding, and that my location could not be divulged just for my safety.  How you can take that and spin it as if I am petrified of John Alite or the mob, is hilarious.

What was a decent interview, turned out to be a huge mistake on my part, because I had no idea they would run with GOTTI in bold print, even if GOTTI makes them sell papers, and always has. Instead of being able to sit back and say to myself and to the readers that "Alite is a scumbag," it had the reverse effect and all of a sudden I was inundated with "You did what with Angel Gotti?"

The article also claimed that Angel Gotti refused to comment.  That's not true.  She was never called or consulted about the article's premise because to my knowledge and hers, the article was supposed to be about John Alite, and a lawsuit, not what the delusional informant was telling anyone who would listen.

They essentially took some really good news, and botched it up, and made John Alite look like the hero in so many ways.  She didn't even cover the fact that this ape called my family.  We asked the author repeatedly who handed her the story to begin with, and she refused to tell us citing "anonymous source", and we are still trying to figure out where that came from considering the paperwork hadn't even been turned in into the Federal Courts.

The post can make me look stupid all day, I could care less, but what bothered me was the embarrassment it caused my family, my friends, and Angel and others. It was nonsense and I can assure you that I won't ever speak to those bottom feeders again.  I couldn't walk into a coffee shop without people staring and asking me stupid questions.  All of a sudden I went from a radio show host, to someone who was exchanging lurid photos with someone I consider a friend.  The post is wreck less but knows how to cover it's ass repeatedly.  What is ironic is that without the Gotti name the newspaper couldn't sell shit without it's sports coverage.  It's more of a exploit newspaper than anything.  While I'm glad that the lawsuit got some coverage, it was also totally wrong and the author knew what she did.  We asked her to make amendments, which she did online, only to flip it back around a day after the election on page 2. So much for having standards.

I don't have to deny anything and I never really have, but the idea to sell a paper you inflate  story not giving two shits how it will affect someone's personal life is something bottom feeders and slugs do. Now I know why Sinatra used to slug reporters. In any event, I just wanted to let those know who saw that disgusting headline that is was all  lies and drama meant to help sell the paper.

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