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It's been  long winding saga to say the least.  The one fact that remains in everything Alite says, is his morbid yet almost perverse obsession with John Gotti Jr, and the Gotti family.  In the amount of time I spent with John Alite on a personal level, it was almost impossible to draw a line between fiction and reality.

John Alite
The point of the entire Alite speaking points, (that 302) which neither George Anastasia or John Alite has been able to produce is the pink elephant in the room. If you listen and watch close enough you can see gaping holes in everything John Alite talks about.  His talking points are always the same. John Gotti Jr was a rat, I slept with Victoria Gotti(Victoria took a lie detector test and passed attesting that the event never took place), I was handed that 302 when I was in a cell in Brazil.

The issue is, I heard a lot about this 302 daily.  The interesting part is, everyday included some new story about that 302.  I tend to believe what I see and not what I hear, and the fact is, John Alite never saw a copy of that 302.  He made the story up to facilitate his reasons for becoming an informant.  His entire basis is concocted on his version of finding out about that 302.  In fact on several occasions he told me personally three different names who gave him that 302.  The story kept changing.  I personally believe the FBI  told him about the said 302.  No lawyer, no mob guy would ever hand him that type of paperwork ever.  It's bullshit.

John Gotti Jr
If we are to believe that all he had was some basic information, then of course he's going to use that as an excuse to become an informant because he has a hard time being called a "rat."  One of the other interesting facets of John's talking points are about him "not being chased out of Queens."  Another lie he likes to tell.  Listen it doesn't take a magic wand to make sense of this entire saga.  John Alite was no longer trusted by those in that circle, especially John Gotti Jr.   He was chased out of Queens.  What proves that, besides word of mouth, is the letters that John Alite penned to John Gotti Jr.

 I keep bringing those up because Alite's own sentimental begging in those letters tell a bigger story than anything.  Alite tried desperately to intertwine himself into the mob in New Jersey and in Philadelphia by using John Gotti Jr's name.  They didn't trust him, and so as the facts go, they would have nothing to do with him.  He no longer had an outlet, which is why he went to Florida to begin with.  Alite would want you to believe that for some reason John Gotti Jr kept those letters because he was in "love" with Alite, but most importantly it lends itself to his own fantasies that "John Gotti Jr would become an informant."  All lies, just happenstance more than anything.  If John Gotti Jr wanted to get away from the Government hounding him, it would have been easier for him to just sit down and spill his soul.  He didn't do that.  He instead, fought and fought and fought and spent a ton of time behind the wall. A man whose weak, talks.  A man whose tough, takes his time and responsibility for his actions.  John Gotti Jr no matter what you think of him, took his medicine like a man.

Where this entire thing gets beyond disgusting is that John Alite has to survive by mentioning Gotti at every given opportunity.  While I was in John's company, he talked about the Gotti's 24-7.  It was like having your own version of GOTTI CNN. The problem is, it was the same story, with different parts 24-7.  He would go so far as to joke about sleeping with John Gotti Jr.  He'd say "call Junior and ask him what we were doing in bed together," then he'd crack that smirk and laugh.  I would ask him why he would want to say something like that and his reply was always the same. "I'm gonna get em', drive them crazy. What do I care what people think about me?"  The problem is, John Alite cares very deeply about the public's perception of him.  He would talk at length about the murder of a girl, who he said was "raped, and killed, by Vincent Gotti."  The fact is, there is no truth to that.  The story would get pretty brutal at times, and he would play it out like a detective.  "They was partyin, doin' drugs, it got out of hand, he strangled her and left her under the mattress." The problem with that story is the said victim wasn't raped, nor did Vincent Gotti have anything to do with it.  It was another way for Alite to try and make the Gotti's look like something out of a Jeffrey Dahmer or Hannibal Lecter novel.

Everyday was something new about the Gotti's.  He was and is  obsessed and for probably multiple reasons.  He enjoyed tormenting them on social media and getting a rise out of them.  The sad part is, for any reaction the Gotti's did give while I was there, was based on facts, not on opinion.  Anytime John Alite mentioned his past, he also dropped the name Gotti.  The thing that always bothered me about John Alite's "stories" was that they rarely included dates, times, and places.  He readily admitted to getting transvestite hookers, but he always included John Gotti Sr, and Junior to that story.  He would say "We all did it. It was at one of those gay clubs. Junior hated going in there, but everyone did it in the mob, it was common. A blow job is a blow job no matter who gives it."

John Alite has to have the Gotti's.  Without them, he's just another guy who was on the fringes who couldn't do a day in jail for anything.  He has to use that 302 because without it there is no basis for his excuse for telling on his friends.  He will back anyone who buys in his fantasies.  As far as Sammy Gravano goes, that's another story.

John Gotti Sr
Salvatore Gravano.  I would ask John about him a lot.  He'd always tell me, "Sammy didn't kill 19 guys. Those are lies."
  He would say that Sammy Gravano wasn't as "tough," as people think.  He'd say that while Sammy was a gangster, he wasn't nearly as prolific as he was.  I don't think it was necessarily that Sammy wasn't a tough guy, rather than John Alite could not be upstaged by anyone.  He didn't want me, or anyone thinking he wasn't tough, or that he wasn't some sort of stone cold killer, and a high earner.  No matter what you think of Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano, the guy could earn money and was deadly. He was a gangster.

 The end result is that of an informant of epic proportions, but in the grand scheme of things, Sammy is the gangster and John wasn't close to Sammy in that regard.  All this is leading to revelations that John Alite wants to work with Sammy.  They share the same agent/lawyer.  John told me that he is the one who put his attorney/agent together with Sammy.  He was the guy who got it done.  What Alite wants, it to put his hooks into Sammy because when Sammy gets out, there will be all sorts of money going around on various projects.  If he can somehow hook into Sammy, not only does he believe he will make money, but he also believes that Sammy is likely to give him more credibility.  Something tells me, he's wishing on a star at this point.  He doesn't like Sammy, his opinion wasn't great on Sammy then, but it's amazing how that narrative has changed now.   The bottom line in all of this, has always been, always will be, how can John Alite sustain the money train?  The truth is, the likelihood that Sammy Gravano will want to share in monies with Alite is pretty humorous. In fact, I give that relationship a month.  John Alite's story is coming to a close, and he's clinging to the notion that he and Sammy can make bank together.  In some ways that's fitting to be honest.  Two rats, nestled in together talking about the same drama, but somehow I don't think Sammy is going to want to sit next to Alite very long when he starts his tirade of kinky sex three ways.  It's just not how gangsters role.   In fact, I can't think of any gangster, albeit an informant or not, who has been willing to make up sexual stories about another alleged mafioso for attention on social media.

In the end, take from this what you want.  The point was, opinion aside, and factual statements aside, Alite can't let the Gotti thing go, and for good reason.  Without them, or without mentioning them, who the hell is going to keep listening to his long winded, lie filled stories?

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