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George Anastasia
I want to say for the record, I never had any personal issues with famed author George Anastasia. In fact up until a year ago, I would have called myself a huge fan.  His genre mob books I always felt were the best of the bunch, well written, well documented, and read like a wild wild west story.  George had a way of conveying a story that was well thought out and just a great read from beginning to end.  I always felt he had a street pulse about "the life," that others just couldn't grasp.

When I entered this genre myself, I tried to tell stories and convey the truth from the street perspective because the average reader will never fully understand why certain things happen. It's easy to write about blood and guts and murder and mayhem, but you have to convey the reasons. It's not always because "someone stepped out of line, or did the wrong thing." So I have always tried to mold myself to that pattern.  Give them the story, but also give them the reasons behind it, and teach those who don't know about street life.

What separates myself from George is he is a famed writer, I'm not.  No ego involved here, but I report things nobody does or has access to and I do it in  a way that's 100% factual, and from a street perspective.  I'm better at the street perspective than he is, and I'm proud of that.  He is better about A-Z but I cut to the chase.  I also refuse to work with informants(all though that was not  rule in my past.)

George recently wrote an article about former mob boss Ralph Natale, whose always been more blowhard then blow soft.  I don't disagree with Anastasia's assertions that Natale made things up or "embellished."  Ralph has always been the type to make himself more than what he actually was.  The fact is, Natale was  pawn in a bigger game, and Joey Merlino used Natale in a way that helped him more than it hurt him.  Joey outsmarted the fox.  It burned Natale and we know those results.  I'd also like to point out that most informants who put pen to paper lie. They always make themselves out to be bigger and more treacherous than they were, because it sells.  My disagreement here isn't about who Natale was or is, or even what he's saying because I could care less about Ralph Natale.

Where I take issue is that Anastasia effectively slams Natale's book as being a work of fiction not fact.  I don't care if Anastasia likes Natale's book, but for him to come out in an article saying Natale is lying and not telling a story based in fact, is beyond the scope of being a hypocrite.  George's book "Gotti's Rules," is one of the more fictionalized stories I have ever read.  It was filled with huge lies based on the words of John Alite, and not based on court transcripts or actual facts.  One of the more entertaining facets of that book is that Anastasia claims that he saw all the transcripts of John Alite's court testimony, then goes back to well, "according to John Alite."  You can tell by reading the book that George didn't do his background work on the book.

It's one thing to take into account you are writing the story of an informant.  It's another to sell a story that has gaping holes and can be proven at every turn to be absolutely 100% false.  If you have any doubts about that, visit     It's all there, easy to find, and the website does an incredible job poking gaping holes into Anastasia's book.  I read Gotti's Rules, and at first it read well, but after a while even the simplest of things didn't make and sense.

I've said it before, to believe the book, or Alite's story in any sense, you have to hinge that belief on that "302", which not only did George Anastasia NOT SEE, but he put sort of a mock up of it in the book. You have to believe that John Alite somehow got a version of that 302 in Brazil.  NOT TRUE. What is true, is that there was a moment where John Gotti Jr did speak to the FBI, but nothing he said led to any arrests or indictments.  Both Alite and Anastasia need you to believe John Gotti Jr said "something," because without it, Alite's excuse of "he ratted first, so I ratted," doesn't hold water.  That's really the crux of the entire book, Alite didn't want to become an informant, but because "John Gotti Jr talked, I had no choice,"  It's his excuse and he will hold on to that for dear life as long as anyone else buys into that load of crap, because that's what it is.

The other facet that George Anastasia doesn't allude to is the "Dear Johnny," letters that Alite wrote. They prove he was already chased from Queens and was begging for some attention from anyone, especially John Gotti Jr. I believe, and I could be wrong the only mention of this, is Alite's stance that John Gotti Jr held those letters only to use them against him if he needed to.  If you believe that, I also have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

Simple court documents, tell a different story, and you can tell Anastasia took Alite's word for it, which saddens me as a former fan. You cannot take someone's word and not back it up factually, and Anastasia dropped the ball, and the book is not accurate whatsoever, and yet, Anastasia has the gall to call out Ralph Natale and his "work of fiction, or fake news?"

Take what you want from this, but when facts are presented as they have been for over a year now, you have to begin to wonder how it is a famed, critically acclaimed author has sat by on his hands saying nothing about his own inaccuracies, yet wants to point out someone else's.  A side note to this is that when John Alite made threats towards me, on voicemails, and via text he used George Anastasia's name as a way to get a meeting with family members of mine.  My attorney sent Mr. Anastasia a letter explaining what happened and that he was being advised to cease and desist if Alite were to ask him for any favors.  Anastasia's reply?  Nothing.  For all his morals, and standing, he had zero words in reply after I was threatened by the very creep he wrote a book about. He didn't care then about those threats using his name, just as he didn't care about writing a book filled with half-truths.  That's the bottom line.

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