Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Normally, I try and keep my work as professional as possible.  I usually try to not attack anyone personally unless I have to.  In this case however, some terse words are needed.  Not because I hate both Salvatore "Baldy" Gravano or John "Pinocchio" Alite, but because one of these two is glowing inside and out at the prospects.   What we do know is that both Alite and Gravano share the same attorney/mgr.

It has long been John Alite who said "I put Gravano and the attorney together," which you can believe or choose not to.  Frankly, I don't know what to believe in that case, nor do I really care. The reason why Alite is so intent on putting himself with Gravano(he gets released next month)
has zero to do with respect.  It's all about the money Alite thinks he can make off of Salvatore Gravano, who while an informant, was closer to the real deal that Johnny "Aletto," could ever hope to be.

If you listen to Alite these days, he praises Sammy.  However, you don't have to go very far back to see what Alite really thought of Sammy "The Bull."  John Alite trashed him matter of factly, accusing him of not having "murdered 19 people."  He made accusations that Sammy wasn't that big of a businessman.  He told me in confidence he "wasn't a hit man, or a tough guy." Funny that he's singing a different tune now that he feels like there could be some earning potential for him to make money.

John's hope, is that Sammy will validate the garbage he's been spewing for a year now.  He hopes Sammy will validate his stories against the Gotti family, and reaffirm what's been laughable at best.  He wants to make money telling his same story.  In fact, if Sammy does validate him by following the path Alite has laid, all it will do is make Sammy look more pathetic than he already is.

Sammy is in his 70's, and I cannot imagine he's going to want to hang out with John Alite, and try to make money off the lies that have been perpetuated over the last year and a half.  Not that Sammy isn't a liar, because he is as well, but Alite plays the more deviant of those roles.  Alite has shown his willingness to attack children, women, cousins, nieces and nephews if it gets him attention.  Somehow I don't think Gravano as low as he is, would be willing to go to those depths.

Even if Sammy has designs on coming out and doing reality television, more books, and interviews, I just don't see him wanting to share his pot with an imposter. The Bull can make money on his own back, merits and shoulders, and doesn't need a pathological lying, never has been on his team.  Alite desperately hopes for the opposite, because all he needs in his own eyes is for Sammy to acknowledge him, and then the train goes off the rails and whatever media war is going on now, will be ten times what it is now.

My advice to The Bull, would be to stay away from the queen drama factory that is ALITE.  It's not going to bring you any satisfaction nor limelight.  That story has been told for a year, and it's getting old hearing about.  The story changes all the time, but it's always the same bullet points.  The bull would be better off enjoying whatever time he has left.  Time will tell.

For Alite, his worst nightmare is Sammy not wanting to be associated with him.  Alite knows his time in the light is coming to an end, and he's desperately trying for all he's worth to stay relevant when he isn't.  Being relevant means, you are known for something, and because of that your name never fades.  What is Alite known for?  Depends who you ask, but not for the things he wants you to believe.  Do yourself a favor, go to Wo
odhaven, mention his name, and listen to what people there say about him.  It's not good.  It's also followed by laughter.   Alite may believe he was some "sheriff" in the 80's, but the truth is, he wasn't seen that way.  From what I've heard, he would never man up with anyone, and would sucker punch and wait until someone's back was turned before he attacked. People only feared him because of the name GOTTI.  The name Alite held zero weight in Woodhaven, despite what is otherwise said.

Very soon, there will be a video of people who knew Alite in the 80's, and they have very opposite versions of events, and characterizations.  Some of them were friends, or foes, but not one single person I talked with had one good word to say to him.  He's not who he thinks he was.  Sure, it could be that they might not have said this back then, but somehow I doubt it.  People in Queens have a way of just speaking the truth, even if Alite has no idea what that is.

So--In final we shall see what comes of the Alite/Gravano relationship, but something tells me Alite is wishing on a star that doesn't exist.

Oh--and If Alite truly believes the truth can be bent as long as he keeps hitting the same points, then I have a very big shocker for him.  The truth is coming out in droves, and if you think for one second you can laugh it all off, think again and buckle in, because there are things coming, that will really educate the ones that believe you, and your "stories".  Things you won't be able to refute.

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