Wednesday, May 24, 2017


One thing is perfectly clear to me these days.  There are a whole lot of keyboard cowboys and girls, and a lot of people who talk tough all over social media, and have no idea what they are talking about.  Everything aside, the ALITE/GOTTI wars have been going on for far too long.  What is perhaps most amusing to me, is the ones who take John Alite's side in this fiasco apparently don't know how to read, much less ascertain evidence.  It's okay though, I can forgive inherited stupidity, but what I cannot forgive is people just running there mouths like crazy people just for the sake of their own amusement.

This is not a defensive stance, more or less the undeniable truth, whether people actually believe it or take time to understand it is up to them.  I have seen it all in a year in a half.  Lie after lie after lie, and people eat it up.  The one thing I will say, and I have been on both sides of the fence throughout this ordeal, is that those who are team Alite don't seem to 1) Read  2) Ask Questions  or my personal favorite 3) Take an informants words as gospel, when logic and facts counteract every single thing that comes out of his mouth and still fawn over him.  Yes, I know you are sick of this topic, and even more sick of seeing the back and forth of it all.

What normal, average people don't see or understand or fathom, is that behind the facade of a name, there are genuine people involved.  Take away John Gotti Jr for a second.  What does
Angel Gotti, Peter Gotti, Victoria Gotti and others have to do with this?  Nothing.  Yet it doesn't stop every single pinhead on the internet from issuing death threats, insults, and whatever else to get there Alite view across.  You think Alite cares what you do or say? No.  Sure, he will give ya an "atta boy, or girl," but the end result is HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU.  You only befriend him because you believe him to be either the second coming of CHRIST, or you buy into the notion that he's some tough, mafiaoso.  Neither is accurate or true.

For instance, Johnny Gotti, who was arrested months ago.  People were quick to use words like "junkie," and etc, but what nobody seems to say is that regardless of his name or relations he's a kid with some problems.  Instead of lifting him up, or asking how one might help, or to show concern, many dog-pile on top of him and use slurs and insults all to make John Alite smile.  John Alite himself ran his mouth repeatedly.  The point I'm making is, at NO TIME have the Gotti's ever uttered a word about nieces, nephews, cousins or children of John Alite.  They may not like Alite, but they keep it in perspective, and John can't, and his minions only do it to try and gain some headway into his chaotic life.

I don't have to defend anyone.  The Gotti family does that on their own, the way they chose.  You think John Gotti Jr sits up at night and worries about what you have to say? Do you think he stays up pacing over John Alite?  Nope.  While John Alite whores it up on social media for attention because he lacks empathy and control, the Gotti's are doing family things, preparing for a huge movie, shooting a documentary because the world is fascinated by them.  Alite on the other hand is like the carnival side show that people are tired of seeing, but can't help themselves because they don't know any better or what half based craziness he will utter next.  

Mob Rat John Alite
The side many people don't know, is that behind it all, they are good people. They care about friends, family and those less fortunate.  They don't need to stand outside a hospital for a publicity shot, or to announce how they are helping so and so.  People who are genuine, don't need those accolades.  They do it out of the goodness of who they are, not because shooting from the left makes them look better than a shot from the right.  Sitting on the outside all you see is headlines, marred by innuendo and gossip.  You take Growing Up Gotti as gospel, you believe everything you see on television and everything that's printed as the stone cold truth.  You believe that John Gotti Sr was some sort of big mouthed imbecile who brought down the entire mafia, yet you don't point the finger at Salvatore Gravano at all.   You are entitled to your opinion all day long, but the truth is-- your wrong.

If you believe that it's just the media that has lopsided coverage you're wrong.  Bloggers who consider themselves journalists have repeated insulted, and used the GOTTI name to perpetuate ratings, numbers, and hits.  The second you begin to worry about hits and numbers, you are no longer a writer but a schmuck.  Sure, care about your content, but when you begin to use people, and publicly are assailed for it, you get what's coming to you.   What amuses me, is that this same blogger said that "I used the Gotti name to get on page six."   What this person was mentioning was that there was a story about some sexting lies John Alite made. Page six covered the story, and printed bullshit.

What is true is yes, when you type GOTTI you get reads, but I was making huge numbers without even talking about them, my base is not made or broken by using GOTTI or not.  The difference is, for whatever the case, this particular guy seems to think I need to write about them.  I don't.  I choose to.  The guy who wrote this is bitter, cowardly and boring.  He piggybacks off everyone else because he fails to have the natural ability to cover anything in his own way.  He used Chris K, to get to Angel only to turn around and write awful things about them in print.  He has taken the words of rats and morons and used it to propel himself into some sort of imaginary popularity.  I have said it once and I will say it again, I would rather have ten readers who respect me, than a million who don't.  In this genre, you have to be a man of your word, and frankly he's not, and never will be. 

Sigmund The Sea Monster
The hit home point of this article, or diatribe is this.  Consider that away from all of the limelight and drama the Gotti's are people. Just like you and me, with a past marred and checked by media, the government and informants.  I'm not saying there isn't a past there folks, I'm saying that "was,"  not present. Who a man is or isn't should be defined by the courage and acts he bestows unto them around him now, not what may have happened in the past. 

You think walking away from everything you ever knew in your life was easy?  What is easy is telling on everyone so you don't have to spend a day in a cell.  That's a coward.  A man does his time, takes his medicine, and moves on.  You can all cheer on the Albanian dwarf all day long, but the truth is, he's the exact opposite of what the mafia is or was.  You call yourselves mob fans, well mob 101, rats are not respected, yet people continue to fawn over a half-assed, lunatic because of what?  He's not called A-Flight for no reason.  He's a bottom dweller in a sea of "Sigmund the Sea Monsters." 

In final, you don't have to take my word for it, I never asked you to. All I ask is that you just read and see it for yourself. Don't ever forget that outside the drama the Gotti's are a family, incredibly loyal to one another, who will stand united against anyone or anything that attempts to hurt them.  Your words mean very little to them, they have been through more turbulent times than most, so don't think your threats and piss-ant words do anything but make them laugh.  However, all that being said, stop believing the characterizations about them.  They are loving, intelligent, caring, unshakable people who are doing a hell of a lot more good in this world than Alite has ever done or will do.  I wish that those on the outside saw a glimpse of that, because it would change the narrative in a second.  They aren't "do gooders for the public's consumption."  They go out of there way to help others, and do it silently because that's how your supposed to do it.  Those that look for a camera when out doing good deeds, not only are full of shit, but they are doing it for there own PR and ego. 

but don't just take my word for it.....

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