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I came across an article today, written by my arch nemesis, and general rat fanatic Ed Leiber.  You know him as Ed Scarpo or whatever fictional last name he goes by these days.  In his article he discussed Gene Gotti, but I don't want to cover the basis of that story.  I wanted to talk about his "source," who is none other than Richie Olivieri.  Yes, the same Richard Olivieri from the Cocaine Cowboy crew.  They essentially robbed drug runners, kidnapped kingpins and held them for ransom all the while pretending to be police, and or swat members.  I know the story pretty well, because frankly Richie offered me the job of penning the screenplay adapted from his treatment, and court paperwork, which I still have, and which I can produce if people want to say I'm not telling the truth.

How I met Richie is a little weird, but it blends in with a narrative I am going to explode all over this page.  I'm not trying to dog Richie, because frankly he was nice to me, however, there are some major discrepancies in Ed's article, and what Richie actually told me.  First of all, Richie told me he "never met any of the Gotti's and had no axe to grind".   So for some reason now, he has?  Stinks like an Alite fairytale.  That's the first issue.  The second issue is, he wants to pretend like he's a stand up guy, never told on a soul, which is public record, yet hangs out with John Alite.  Makes zero sense. So how did that happen?

I don't know the circumstances of how they met.  They both said they heard of each other back in the day, which is bullshit in it's finest fashion.  In fact, look closely into the time Richie spent in the can, and the dates and times just frankly don't add up to many things.  All that being said....

I met Richie at the New York Film Academy.  This is where John Alite would go most weekdays prior and during and post the filming of "The Perfect Gangster."   We would walk in like we owned the NYFA much to Andy Deliana's shagrin.  It was also a meeting place for guys who were on parole and wanted to get into the film, but didn't want to risk being seen with 1) John Alite(publicly), or 2) Didn't want probation and or parole to find out.  That's how I met Richie Olivieri.

John introduced me to him, and said "Jeff you and Richie should talk outside after this."  I agreed, not really knowing who he was.  He looked the part, but I couldn't help but wonder why he was there.  Andy Deliana apparently was considering his story, for either another project or wanted to add Olivieri to the never ending cast of "the perfect gangster."  It was a revolving door sometimes in that office.  Andy was consistently worried about retribution from the Gotti's, and John would just tell him exactly what to do. 

In fact, I had multiple conversations with Andy Deliana, on the phone where I told him I would gladly fly back to New York and meet with him, and sit down with him and John Gotti Jr and John Gotti Jr's attorney if I needed to, as a platform to get a mutual understanding that the story should be told both ways, both perspectives, but Deliana was afraid.  He continued to say that he didn't "want his children hurt, or confronted", which was absurd. So any sort of talk about an olive branch to others went by the wayside.  I got the general impression it was the John Alite show, and that Andy just wanted to shoot his art, and just be left alone.  The reason why this is imperative, or at least important is because John continued to bring ex mobsters/associates/scum around to be in his film.  Steve Sergio was another one who wanted in.  The complexity of this was very basic.  John was making money and everyone wanted in.  Everyone wanted to say something because they thought it would propel them somehow.  I don't know if it will or won't, but that's the main reason why all of a sudden it looked like My Blue Heaven 2016-2017.

In any event, I met with Richie outside, and he was well spoken, and very cordial.  He was a little nervous being there for two reasons.  The first was that he was on parole, and being around Alite was bad news for him and for John's parole, but it didn't stop him from showing up multiple times.  The second reason was because John Alite is a rat.  But the idea of money and propulsion was the bottom line as it is with more former mobsters and associates.  Some are willing to take money over pride and morals and dignity.

Richie and I discussed his project.  He was looking for a screenwriter or author to write his story.  His story had it all to be honest, but we talked back and forth about it for a long time, and exchanged numbers.  We talked for a few weeks back and forth, and eventually he asked me to pen the screenplay.  He said he had an in with Armand Assante, that "Assante owes us for what we did for him when his estate was busted out and we bailed him out.  So he is interested in where we can go with this project, I will introduce you."  Whether those were lies or the truth I will never know.

Also at the time, John had a guy named Mike Matthews call me.  He was a former NYPD officer who wanted his story told as well.  The issue I had at the time, was that all these guys were coming out of the woodwork but none of them wanted to compensate me.  They wanted every single thing for free.  It wasn't something I was willing to do.  John then had a suggestion.  "SHAKE THEM DOWN."  These guys were his friends, and he suggested I shake them down for money.  If they wanted something written they were going to pay a lot of money up front, and down the line, and if they balked John would "talk to em, make them see the way."   I was unwilling to do that, and just figured I would try and work it out in another way.  Once John Alite went postal on me, all those projects left like a thief in the night.

Richie Olivieri, who seemed like a nice guy, was just another former associate who was trying the Alite circuit.  He wanted money, overvalued his story, over hyped his background, and just wanted a piece of the pie just like Alite.   The one point I want to make is this.  All of these guys, Russo, Calandra, Alite, Scars, Olivieri, Sergio, they are all the same.  They have one common thing going.  None are capable of working a regular job(except Olivieri, who is in a union) and they all want to piggyback off one another because if they combine stories, and help the other one out, with lies, then they can all get rich, at least that's what they think.  The sad part is, Alite made them all promises, and I would bet you anything, they are finding out now, that he lied to them.  If he could use them to propel his lies, and make his story at least on the outside look solid, then it was a win win for him.

It's all the game Alite plays.  What's good for Alite is good for business.  Anyone else gets any ideas of shining in any sort of way and he cuts them off immediately.  It's his m.o.  He doesn't care who he hurts, offends, or screws over, as long as he gets the bottom line......


I don't understand why anyone buys into anything John Alite says.  Not only does his story change like the wind, but he makes assertions, and then completely doubles down, making himself look much more ignorant than most people believe is is.  For example, just to show you the kind of human waste he is, I'm tossing a video here, because people refuse to believe he's who I and everyone else says he is.  Unike Leiber, I actually know John Alite.  I know what he's capable of, and what he's not capable of.  I'm not some mafia fan boy.  What was done to me, has been done to others, but they don't speak up for whatever reason.  No matter what I write, if anyone has a beef with me, I expect them to take it up with me, but as you listen and watch this video, ask yourself what kind of "mobster," or human being "would do or say these things."

As for his threats in this video, he followed through.  So his "I never did that, " falls on deaf ears.  He lies, NON STOP.  He makes up awful stories about people to attempt to ruin them, and there families. He tries to play the game, and usually wins because people are frankly, well, imbeciles.   The amusing part to me in all of this, if there was one, was that he tried to play me, and I play the game better than he does.  He has denied for the most part any lawsuit, even went so far as to write a letter to the New York bar making accusations about "thugs coming to my home and causing a disturbance so bad the police came."  Lies.  You know how I know that?  The entire event was videotaped because Alite lies.  He ran to Jerry Capeci with a bullshit story, and Jerry printed lies.  It would really suck if that video came out, because then what's gonna be the excuse?  If the tape shows none of those things happened, then what? Is Jerry gonna retract his story?  Nope.  You know why, because there is a narrative here.  The narrative is, GOTTI.  Always has been, always will be.    As long as he keeps popping off with that name, everyone will bite.  All his confederates have joined in the verbal orgy that is Gotti.  They will all lie, cheat and steal, and continue to do so, as long as they think someone will write about them.  It's pathetic, weak, soft and sad.  It's what dog's do, not men.

In final, believe what you want, but I have never once moved the story in any way I thought sounded better. I tell the full, brutal truth and Alite knows it, they all know it.  That's why I'm a danger to him. It's not because I'm tough, it's because he was stupid enough to talk.  I have long said, and will continue to say that this entire saga is NOT ABOUT ME.  It stopped being about me months ago, when he viciously and like a coward said some really atrocious shit about my friend, Angel Gotti.  Everyday I am somewhat reminded about those awful comments and I blame myself, even if I didn't utter those words or write them.

The problem is, there is no accountability for his actions. No empathy.  He wants to gripe about a story about a hooker and Atlantic City, but has no recourse for calling young adults junkies, whores, drug dealers, fat, ugly and etc.  It's okay for him to spew atrocities, but God forbid someone just tell a story.   Publicaly I have talked about this drama for too long, and privately I have taken a ton of heat. I have lost my family, over Alite.  The price has been steep, but you know what, it is what it is.  I will defend those who don't have a voice.  I don't hide, John knows well where I am.  If he wants to find me, he can. The absurdity here, is there is a whole host of people who just believe everything he says, and follow him into whatever cave he crawls into at night like a vampire.  Then they wonder why he bites them and leaves them for dead.  None, I mean none of these guys that call themselves "associates," because believe me nobody else does, they call themselves that, are men of quality or morals.  They are willing to compile the lie, push it further all for the sake of money like the whore's they are.  That's all they are.  Gutless, emotionless, heartless cowards.  Not a single one of them can stand on there own hind legs and take it upon themselves to do something for themselves.  They rely on John Alite to do for them.   Frankly, I've had it, and despite what people may think I stand up for myself and don't hide behind the FBI making faces and insults because I know they will "comfort" me when I need them. I don't need them, never have, and never will.  Where I come from you stand up and talk like a man, you don't leave threats and play games like a teenager with a crush.  That's what they do, and I won't have any of it anymore.

So-- believe what you want, think what you want, but know,  there are truths, you just have to actually look for them.  You have to stop believing the lies and drama.  Stop propelling and encouraging his lies, because whether you know it or not, you are engaging in helping him get across what he wants.  Don't be that person. Challenge him, and you will find, he backs off pretty quick.  He always has, always does, and always will.  Click below to see who JOHN ALITE really is.


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