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There is a reason for this article.  This is not a part of a smear campaign.  It's the truth.  The simple yet plain fact, which is leading to something much bigger, which will be out soon, is going to be left for you to come up with your own suggestions here.

First off, there are a few Alite fans out there who still continue to believe, that there was nothing wrong with John Alite continuing to associate with known felons, and former confederates.  First of all it was against his parole.  Per John Alite's parole:

"Three of the Standard Conditions of Supervision restricting Alite's movement are: 1) the defendant shall not leave the judicial district without the permission of the court or probation officer and; 9) the defendant shall not associate with any persons engaged in criminal activity and shall not associate with any person convicted of a felony, unless granted permission to do so by the probation officer. 13) as directed by the probation officer, the defendant shall notify third parties of risks that may be occasioned by the defendant's criminal record or personal history or characteristics and shall permit the probation officer to make such notifications and to confirm the defendant's compliance with such notifications. Further one of the Special Conditions of Supervision is that: X. The defendant is prohibited from associating with specific groups, such as organized crime figures or families."

1) "The defendant shall not leave the judicial district without permission"

-He broke this repeatedly by going to New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

2) "The defendant shall not associate with any persons engaged in criminal activity and shall not associate with any person convicted of a felony(unless granted permission)

- Not only did he break this multiple times, I can prove ever single instance.  He hung with me, and whereas I would rather not discuss my past or my present, he knew I was a felon, knew I hung around people.  He hung out with Richie Olivieri, Sean Richard, Jimmy Calandra, Patsy Andriano, Steve Sergio, and many others.  You don't have to believe me, just look at all the photos he posted on his own Facebook account.

3)" As directed by the probation officer, the defendant shall notify third parties of risks that may be occasioned by the defendant's criminal record or personal history or characteristics and shall permit the probation officer to make such notifications and to confirm the defendant's compliance with such notifications."

- John was at a circus in Carteret, New Jersey.  The events surrounding this example are pretty amusing.  At the time John was "mentoring" a girl a named Amanda.  He had driven down to Carteret with his son.  They asked us to go to the circus, which was being held a few blocks away from Amanda's house.  The biggest issue was, Amanda's family didn't like John Alite, and her uncle especially loathed him.  Her uncle was the former Fire Chief, and the entire time I was there, the police effectively harassed her, and me.   We could not go down a block without being tailed or questioned.  Her uncle wanted to protect her, and had every right to.  The bigger problem was Amanda would use John's name to make threats to anyone who came near here.  She bragged to her uncle about bringing John to the circus and she "dared anyone to fuck with her."  Her uncle made some calls and I knew what was coming.  So when John arrived and asked me to go to the circus I told him I would not go.  He asked why and I just smirked.  He should have known why.  I wasn't about to get seen with him, and was NOT about to get into some sort of cop showdown over some lame ass circus.  John left with Amanda and his son, and within a twenty minutes they were back.  John was angry, but laughing.  Apparently as they entered the circus the police knew who he was, and pulled him aside and gave him some grief.  They entered the circus tent area and within minutes police showed up telling Alite he had "to leave immediately, that he wasn't wanted at the circus."  John walked out, and from what he told me, he received a call from his FBI handler asking questions as to what was going on.  I was led to believe that the FBI(either Ted Otto, or Gentile) had called him telling him to leave to avoid any issues.  So at the time John was very in touch with the FBI.

The other issue here is Sean "Jimmy Gap" Richard.  When I met him, he was living next door to John Alite.  Not only was I told his name was "Jimmy," but I truly had no clue of who he was.  Believe me had I known he was a bigger rat in some ways than John Alite, I would have really asked some questions.  "Jimmy," was in the construction business, but he essentially from what it appeared was that he was the "decision" maker when it came to John Alite.  They had the rehab/construction business together with an office in Jersey.  Jimmy and John would leave every morning, and be gone all day, but never seemed to take any construction equipment with them.  The frequently went to the Poconos in Pennsylvania.   Jimmy didn't say a lot and my interaction with him was for the most part minuscule and for probably good reason.

How could the FBI let two known informants live next door to one another, own a business together, and hang out together every single day?  It doesn't make any sense to me.  Not only would it be considered dangerous, but they went everywhere together.  "Jimmy" was supposed to go with us to Atlantic City, but declined at the last second because I would find out later he and Steve Sergio almost got into a fight the last time they were together and frankly didn't like each other one bit.  Steve had said "Jimmy has a big mouth," and Jimmy said "I almost killed him on the boardwalk."  The real reason for the issue is that both were "jealous" of one another according to Alite.  "They fight over who gets to hang with me," he told me numerous times.

John Riggi
Sean Richards, AKA JIMMY CAP, was an informant.  He was married to John Riggi's daughter Sara Riggi.  John Riggi was the boss of New Jersey's Decavalcante crime family.  Once Sean married Sara he was essentially given the keys to the construction rackets in Jersey, and took over contact points with the other organized crime families in New York in regards to the construction unions and rackets.  Why John Riggi would allow his son in law to drive the Porsche is beyond me, but it would be his undoing as Sean Richard would return the favor by saving his own ass repeatedly and ratting out just not his father in law Riggi, but a host of other guys.  In fact, if you truly look at it in perspective Sean was more of a gangster than Alite was, and his ties were stronger and more pronounced.  Richard may not have had a murder attached to his resume, but he was a money maker, which Alite has been proven to NOT BE.

So perhaps the reason for the friendship was one of money.  According to my sources, Sean and John had a nasty dust up over money.  What else?  My source told me that John stiffed Richard on about $60,000 grand in a construction project.   I cannot verify this information other than to say, it came from a very close ally to John Alite, and that as a result Sean Richard moved away from the complex that he and Alite shared.  I guess in the end, money is always going to be the root of all issues when it comes to John Alite and others.  Remember his own brother Jimmy Alite at one point had a lawsuit against John as a result of John taking money out of Jimmy's pocket. It was Jimmy's stance that they had arranged some construction deals, and John essentially screwed his brother out of money that was owed, at least that is Jimmy's version of events.

According to Jimmy Alite, John Alite is on disability.  John Alite has claimed he has PTSD, and if what Jimmy Alite is saying is true, John is on disability.  Furthering that, what inside sources are saying, that  John is on food stamps as well.  I don't know if that is 100% true, but that's the rumor being told all over the place.  According to Jimmy Alite, John showed him a check for disability which was began two years ago, and is receiving a check per month for a disability.  We can argue the validity of that, but the question is, with the money that is going around with his film projects how is that not counted against his debt to the federal government, and how is that not applied to WELFARE?  There are a lot of questions here.  He has since taken that post off FB.  So either he owns a Maserati, or it's just another Alite ploy to make himself look like someone he isn't, which he has done numerous times on Facebook.

I personally know of a few letters which were penned to the Parole Division and to the judges that oversaw John Alite.  These letters were sent first to the judge, then to the parole division, then were forwarded to the FBI.  Outlined in these letters were parole violations, threats, harassment, and some tidbits on crimes possibly being committed.

John A. Gotti
Ted Otto, sent an email to an attorney saying that the letters were received and an investigation was ongoing.  In other words he was "looking into it."  The issue is in one of these letters, there was a very credible death threat against John Gotti Jr.  I have experience the FBI on occasions, and have gone on record about that many times.  What is amazing to me, is that Ted Otto didn't want to discuss the matter with the person reporting the credible threat.  Even if the threat itself was considered "not enough," how the FBI didn't want to talk to those involved is absolutely wrong on every level.  I make one comment to Jerry Capeci, and the FBI comes in droves.  A threat is made on the life of John Gotti Jr and they don't even want to discuss it.  The bottom line is, they still have a target on the name GOTTI, and you cannot prove otherwise to me at this point.

If we tally everything up into one book of crap, it all begins to point to something a lot more suspicious going on here.  If you break parole, letters go to judges, threats are made, and the FBI does absolutely nothing about it, doesn't even want to hear it, then there is only one reason for it.  If someone means more to you than the things you are getting caught doing, then what does that say? Nothing personal but that's some Greg Scarpa shit right there.  There is a reason why this stuff is getting buried.

Johnny Gotti
I don't know Johnny Gotti, but I'm going to tell you something. I may not be able to certifiably prove this, but I can tell you about a conversation I had months prior to Johnny Gotti's first arrest.  To begin with I was in New Jersey at the time with John Alite.  John's stance was always that the Gotti's were all drug dealers.  "They all sell drugs, Genie, Peter, Senior, all of them are junkies."  That was his go to rant most times.  However, this particular night I heard some pretty interesting stuff.

His sons were over, and I won't go into details surrounding that night other than what was discussed.  Alite had told me Johnny Gotti was selling pills "all over Howard Beach."  His sons brought the topic up and said that everyone knew "Johnny Gotti was a junkie, selling pills all over Queens.

Howard Beach was his territory, but he was a fucking idiot. Oxy's, perks, you name it that kid is selling it."  John would go on to say that "Someone should drop a dime on that junkie pos."  then sorta smirked in a way that told me, in uncertain terms he was gonna snitch or that someone should.  Doesn't mean he did, but there are those telling me there is proof he did.  I wouldn't doubt it, not for a second, but unless I have the paper in front of me saying he did, then it's speculation with a serious stench attached.  I do know not two months later Johnny was arrested for the first time, and Alite took to Facebook to chide him calling him a "junkie," and making assertions that John A. Gotti Jr didn't give "two shits," about his own nephew, which wasn't even close to being true.

Also-- if it's proven that Alite is the one who supplied the FBI with that information that Johnny Gotti was doing what is ALLEGED, then perhaps we should take pause, because Alite isn't good at telling the truth at all, under any circumstances.

In front of me, I have a paper.  It's from court.  You know, court in Tampa.  It more or less lays out Alite's terms, but there is an interesting paragraph in this paperwork dated "Jan 3, 2012"

" Defendant John Alite has remained available to law enforcement in the Middle  and Southern Districts of Florida,  the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and other New York State jurisdictions."

This was after Alite had gotten out of prison.  If you read those words, what do you think it says?  If you read those words carefully, and you take all the information I have provided up above, then what conclusion could you come to?   Most cooperators, in the real sense, testify at trials and move on through WITSEC.  I haven't seen many court records acknowledging that they "remain available." The FBI never once asked Alite to testify again in court, so what the fuck does that paragraph mean?

In final, take what you want from all of this.  I live this 24-7.  Legal issues aside, this is beyond that now.  It's what's right vs. what's wrong.  A murder threat, accusations of crimes, parole violations, letters from others, including Peter Lance, and all Ted Otto does is sit on it?  He doesn't ask to speak to those who have written letters, instead just buries it?  It just doesn't make sense.  None of it, unless of course, you are like me, and can totally read between the lines.  For all this "don't call me a rat shit," it totally gives the appearance when you chalk it all up, that Alite is in fact still an active informant.  I could be totally wrong, but I also laugh when I try to fool myself into believing otherwise because nothing makes any sense.  There's no single reason why Alite wasn't violated on his parole.  Zero reasons why the FBI didn't investigate said death threats.  No rhyme or reason how he and Sean Richard lived next door to one another, had businesses together.  None of it makes any sense.  Or does it?  You decide.

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