Saturday, July 22, 2017


If anyone has followed this page, or the twitter page or the radio shows of MOB TALK RADIO, you will notice a few things.  In the beginning, there were a dozen or so shows that had huge numbers.  Then everything went a bit haywire, and all shows ceased.

I feel like there should have been an explanation, for many of you, just didn't know why.  My inbox was filled with threats, complaints, and questions, and I just didn't answer many of them because at the time the reasoning would have seemed lethargic and just wouldn't have made sense.  However, I believe this is the time to give a short explanation and let you know what's planned.

First of all, many know, many may not know, but I was represented at a time by WILDFIRE RADIO.  Without going into all those details suffice to say they allowed John Alite a platform. That was the first issue.  The second issue was that John Alite's claims that he got me WILDFIRE RADIO is simply a lie, and not even close to the reality of that.  The third issue was that John Alite went on WILDFIRE RADIO, on a particular show, and pretty much said "He saw me come in the front door, but never saw me leave," which was very tongue in cheek about me getting killed, whacked, murdered, whatever you want to paraphrase it with.  The fourth issue was I am suing John Alite. The fifth issue was I was totally killing it downloads and listener wise, and was not getting anything in return.  Combined with that, and the lawsuit, it was suggested by my legal team that I suspend the show for a while, which I did.  I also was working on other projects that I cannot divulge at this time.

What I can also say is this.  MOB TALK RADIO is coming back very shortly, and I can confirm that Michael Bell, and Angel Gotti will be guests on the show.  How soon, those details haven't been completely worked out, but they both will appear at some point.  What you can expect, is some new stuff, along with the history of the mob, and many other things.  What I will not do, is give a platform for anyone whose a rat.  I will not interview anyone who has turned to the police for protection in return for a light sentence.  I did it initially because I needed a start, and despite certain informants beliefs, they were the lowest rated shows I did, so they DID NOT make me who I was.  I had more hits off of the history and Philadelphia more then he ever got.  So let that just be the truth right there.

When will the shows begin?  In the new few weeks.  We will cover everything you are used to, with some slight changes here and there.  I also want it to be known if I speak highly of someone, it's because they deserve it.  I am not a lapdog of anyone and never will be.  Those who treat me with respect and loyalty get it back from me because of who they are at their core and not because they have a past.  I also will no longer cross promote unless it's someone I like.  There is a guy out in Vegas who couldn't book a single person without me doing it for him.  This is not me being crass or egocentric, this is me owning my own show, my own abilities, and I'm no longer passing the buck so to speak. 

So all that being said, MOB TALK will be back shortly, and rest assured its back to business.

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