Monday, July 24, 2017


It's been a bad few months for the Patriarca Crime family, which is nestled in the Federal Hill section of Providence Rhode Island. Last month former boss Peter Limone, died then came news that longtime solider Alfie Scivola passed away a few days ago.  Scivola, 76 was inducted officially into the Patriarca Crime family back in 1996, by Luigi "baby-shacks" Manocchio.

It's widely believed that Carmen DiNunzio has taken over the leadership flanked by Matthew Guglielmetti, and Joseph(the bishop)Achille.  DiNunzio has also moved the transfer of power back to Boston, Massachussetts, while leaving a large crew in place in Providence.

Raymond L.S. Patriarca

What  many may not realize is how powerful Providence was at one time.  Just as a reference point, Ray Patriarca at one time was one of the most powerful bosses around, and even had a seat on the commission.  He was an old school gangster and was not shy about leaving bodies in the streets.  Federal Hill was his base of oper
ations, and he was beloved by everyone in the neighborhood.  Old ladies who saw police cars, or unmarked cars would call over to the Coin-o-Matic over on Atwells Avenue and let Ray know.   He insulted himself, and everyone protected him.

Joseph "Bam-Bam" Badway
After Ray passed away his son Ray Junior took over, and as my grandfather would say years later, "Sr was bright, tough and meant everything to everyone, the son was a dunce."  He didn't have much love for Ray Jr, even if my cousin(Joe "Bam Bam" Badway), was Ray's body guard, driver, and best man at his wedding.  He just didn't have what it took to be a leader, and everyone familiar with Providence knows how an induction ceremony was caught on audio tape.  It not only forced Raymond Patriarca to head to prison, but stripped him of any power, and any resemblance of the Patriarca Cr
ime family was gone.

The reason why I say they cannot make up their minds, is because they keep transfering balance of power back and forth from Boston to Providence.  Every ten years the base moves back and forth, and the reasons can be understood, but it's just a sign that the Patriarca's are in more dissaray than bonded.  It hasn't been a powerhouse since Ray Sr died.

What many don't understand about Providence, is everything comes for a price.  Under former Mayor Buddy Cianci, if you wanted to be a cop, you had to pay.  If you wanted a city job, a stack of bills was the requirement.  Rhode Island has always been one of the most corrupt states.  Always has been. Always will be.  In many ways, Providence reminds me of Philadelphia LCN.  A small area, the same rackets, everyone if fighting over crumbs.  While the Patriarca's under Ray Sr, had other territories other than just Providence, it appears now that Genovese, Gambino's and others operate in territories once strong armed by Ray.

Ray Patriarca Jr.

They aren't but they are on life support as far as I am concerned.  Once a powerful family, while smaller, they have become more like New Jersey than anything.  It's sad in a way, because when Ray Patriarca was in control, Providence was a great place.  Streets were clean, junkies were sent packing, and if anyone had a problem, Ray would handle it.  He was Cosa Nostra, and he had what so many before him had.  He helped his neighborhood, while for his own insulation and protection, he cared about people.  You don't see that anymore.  It's become a me me world, spun by greed and power.  Gone are the days of old.  Whether or not Providence can ever legitimately be considered "powerful," is laughable.  They have sort of become "The Gang That Couldn't Think Straight."  Time will be the biggest decider on the state of affairs in Rhode Island, but in the end, if you cannot have structure, then all you have is chaos.

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