Thursday, August 10, 2017


It's been a busy two years for John Gotti Jr.  Not only has he released an exemplary book in "Shadow Of My Father," but has also seen a film made based on his book, which will hit theaters sometime in December.  Add to that, and all inclusive A&E documentary with the Gotti family, and you can expect big things coming your way in the form of everything Gotti.

The other project getting underway is a project called "WITSEC MAFIA."  A little over a year ago John Gotti Jr posted a short blurb on Youtube, detailing his next project. The project will details informants, sweet plea deals, and everything that is wrong with WITSEC in general.   If you are unfamiliar with WITSEC, let's discuss some basics.

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"The United States Federal Witness Protection Program, also known as the
Witness Security Program or WITSEC, is a witness protection program 
administered by the United States Department of Justice and operated by 
the United States Marshals Service that is designed to protect 
threatened witnesses before, during, and after a trial. A few states, 
including California, Illinois, New York, and Texas, have their own 
witness protection programs for crimes not covered by the federal 

WITSEC has a long history of rewarding those who inform, and often times said witnesses are given new identities, a Government check, and relocated.  In many instances, said informants often sign themselves out of the WITSEC program which forces them to cut all ties from their former lives, and they end up with little or no oversight from the feds.

In some other cases, we have seen informants leave WITSEC, and embark on another criminal career.  Salvatore Gravano ring any bells?  The pattern here, becomes these informants spill lies in court, weaving more bullshit than truths, get a pass, then with the help of the federal Government go right back out and associate with old cohorts and miscreants, and do it openly in front of the FBI and their handlers.

Let me make one thing clear here, just so this sort makes more sense. Let me give you  glowing example.  I know of  a guy, who is a rat.  Admitted to curving a story about former friends to appease the FBI.  He gets out, goes right back to the streets.  Is pictured with every single miscreant from his past, the parole division gets a letter regarding his criminal acts, or alleged ones, and they bury the letter.  Nothing is done. Nothing.  This guy continues to make money off of lies, criminal acts, and it's all done in the FBI's face.  They do nothing.  While this is just an example here, one only has to look further to see this is NOT an isolated incident.  Greg Scarpa anyone?  Whitey Bulger?  This is something that has repeatedly happened, and while the Government calls it isolated the fact is this.  Between 1989-2004 nine agents a year were either fired, or charged with crimes for helping informants, or allowing them to re offend with impunity, while they buried it.  Hardly isolated.

What John Gotti Jr's WITSEC documentary will do is show that none of this is ISOLATED.  It's been done and still continues to occur.  I readily admit I don't know a lot about this project, but I do know that many people will be stunned at the revelations.  It's going to call a spade a spade, and I have to admit, it takes balls to make it front and center.  The truth always speaks louder than lies, and it's going to be another fantastic project for John Gotti Jr. 


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