Thursday, September 28, 2017


Just a few days ago, the trailer of the year came out.  In case you've been laying low, the GOTTI film trailer debuted online. Much like everyone else, I was impatiently awaiting the unveiling.  In a two minute clip, we are given a lot to digest and and in a hurry.

For mob genre fans we've been waiting for this for a long time now.  It wasn't so long ago that the GOTTI film might not have happened at all.  I'm not going to go back in time to go through all of that, because that's all water over
the dam at this point.  The point is, the GOTTI film is coming your way December 15th.

The film, which is is based on John A. Gotti's book "Shadow Of My Father," is going to be a very inside look at the life of John J. Gotti through his son's eyes.  What's different about this notion in comparison to other biographical films is that you're not only getting an inside peek, but you're going to be fed the very truth.  Many times in biographical films, some of the more tawdry parts are left out.  This is why for example Scorcese's Sinatra biopic never got made.  The Sinatra's didn't want any of the more negative aspects of Sinatra's life on screen.  This is not the case with GOTTI.  It appears that mob genre film goers are going to really like this film.  Your getting served with the cold hard truth about who John Gotti was, and how his legend effectively will never ever die.  It's also a look into the way John Gotti suffered in the end for what he believed was right.  He could have simply gone away, but he fought all the way to the end, even when doctors wanted to dope him up to make things easier, he wiggled his finger and said "no, no truth serum for me."

I watched the trailer probably close to 100 times.  I wanted to make sure, at least from my perspective that I didn't miss a single line, a single frame.  It was important to me to see it from as many different angles as I could.  My opinion seemed to change throughout the numerous viewings.  I never once thought it was bad, but sometimes you have to see it a bunch of times to totally digest everything.  What I saw in the end, startled me.  There is nothing more goosebump-ish then the final scene with a cancer stricken John Gotti, speaking bluntly about what he believed in.  The wardens, the system, could take whatever they wanted from John Gotti but they couldn't take his resolve and his dignity, and that's a point to be taken literally.

I was worried that John Travolta while an incredibly gifted actor, night not be able to pull this off.  It didn't take long until he spoke, and cracked that sideways Gotti grin, and had that bounce that I literally said "WOW," out loud.  While some will say Armand Assante did a good representation of John Gotti the truth is John Travolta IS John Gotti.

It's going to be one hell of a ride, but what to me is ever promising is that this is coming from John A. Gotti.  No holds barred, nothing off limits, just the truth.  I cannot imagine this was an easy thing for the Gotti family, and believe me, if this film is every single bit as good as it looks, pencil John Travolta in for an OSCAR now.  I'm a huge critic of mob films, and especially biographical ones, and even as I sit here now, I find myself marveling at the very idea.  This film, is going to be epic for all the right reasons.  John Gotti Jr didn't have to share his father with us, with anyone.  God knows he shared his father with the Federal Government long enough.  Junior has given us the key, invited us in and doesn't make any apologies for what is.  It takes balls and a giving heart to open doors like this and I hope movie goers reciprocate in form.  After
all there is only one JOHN GOTTI.


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