Monday, November 13, 2017


As the trial of Joey Merlino inches closer and closer(Jan. trial date) it seems like the FBI is releasing more and more information.  Maybe it's disinformation, but the truth is, the foundation of their racketeering/medicaid fraud case in the EAST COAST ENTERPRISE case versus Joey Merlino is fading and fast. 

There is an ongoing internal investigation on federal witness handling, and just how exactly the evidence was handled by mob rat John Rubeo.  This isn't the first time we have seen gross misconduct on behalf of the FBI and their ghouls.  If we go back to Whitey Bulger days and those lack of 302's on behalf of disgraced FBI agent John Connolly is fairly commonplace for the FBI.  This has happened a million times before, the difference is the FBI has been sloppy and are finally being called on the carpet about it.

In the case of John Rubeo, how the tapes were made, when, the full bulk of them, why some of them were half recorded are all questions being asked right now.  What we also know is that the FBI offered plea deals to all 46 defendants, and the four are left but the main two being  Joey Merlino and Eugene D'Nofrio, who asked to have his trial desperate from Merlino.

 What has come out recently is that John Rubeo has been recording everyone for five years now, with hundreds of hours of conversations and even video surveillance.  Making matters worse two FBI agents involved with Rubeo have been under investigation, one being cleared of any wrong doing and the other has been suspended by the FBI, and yet another is now under investigation and this one is an FBI supervisor.

Rubeo's bail has been revoked and he sits in a jail cell as we speak.  His bail was revoked due to his illegal behavior during the investigation.   This further adds problems for the FBI's main witness in Rubeo.

I don't believe that Nicodemo(former mobster now serving 30 years for murder)is willing to become an informant.  In the many people I have talked to say the same thing. "He's a stand up guy, old school."  If we take that as gospel, then the only thing that can sidetrack us here is the mere fact that the FBI moved Nicodemo from one prison, to another prison very close to Philadelphia.  The Breau of Prisons said the move was made to accomodate Nicodemo so he could be closer to his family, and he had been a model prisoner. 

For starters I don't believe any of that.  The truth is the FBI never "accommodates," anyone.  This move was made for two reasons.   The first reason is to make it appear as if Nicodemo had offered up something in order to move closer.  It sends nervous thoughts to Merlino and company and gives the appearance that Nicodemo may be talking.  The second reason is in hopes that Nicodemo can be turned.  Nicodemo if he became an informant could put a lot of people away for the rest of their lives, including Joey Merlino.   With John Rubeo being an epic failure in every sense, the FBI may be hedging bets on Nicodemo to decided 30 years is too much and he can change his life by talking.

I doubt seriously Nicodemo will go that route, but one has to wonder why this move happened.  I think the reality is, it was done as a move to show versus actual action.  It puts doubt in the mind of those indicted.  Its really a dangerous move for Nicodemo too, just because it makes the move look highly suspicious.  However, if Nicodemo does turn informant, Merlino will be in a ton of shit.  That's just the truth.

The FBI desperately needs someone to step forward because the evidence they have currently at best is tainted and the words of Rubeo will fall on deaf ears especially with two internal investigations under way.  I would expect Joey to push towards trial regardless.  It may be too late in the game at this point for the FBI to corral another snitch, but the FBI always seems to have a stacked deck, even if in this case they look effectively lost .

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